My Detective Boyfriend/C18 Fall into a Trap
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My Detective Boyfriend/C18 Fall into a Trap
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C18 Fall into a Trap

After confirming that there was no one around, I also relaxed. Turning my head, I saw that Lin Weiwei was still greasy in her arms, so I immediately rushed over to pull her away. Qin Li took the opportunity to float up to prevent Lin Wei from touching him again.

"Lin Weiwei, what's going on?" What about those people? Why did you have to be kidnapped? "

Lin Weiwei was crying so much that she couldn't control herself. She shook her head and said, "I don't know either. I don't know them, but I seem to have met one of them before at that rich second generation's side."

I frowned and helped Lin Weiwei up. "Don't worry about it for now, hurry up and go home. I need to take a look around."

Seeing that I was about to chase her away, Lin Weiwei immediately tugged on my sleeve. "Don't leave, I'm scared. They won't let this go easily."

I exerted a little strength in my hand and pushed Lin Weiwei away from me. "It will only be more dangerous if you stay here. You should leave first."

"No …" Before she could finish, I gave Tan Li a meaningful glance, telling him to take me directly to the second floor. He didn't even give Lin Weiwei time to speak.

When I went up to the second floor, I discovered that there was actually some surveillance equipment in a room here.

I checked and found that the monitoring equipment was perfect, and some of it was in use.

I pointed to the monitor. "What do you think of all this stuff?"

"The people here must have just left not long ago. I smell something strange."

A strange smell? I looked at him in confusion, not sure what he meant by that. I sniffed carefully, looked around, and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I didn't smell anything strange in his mouth either.

Seeing that I had been sniffing around, Tan Li couldn't help but laugh. "Normal people can't smell this smell. In the past, when hunters were hunting, they would put a bait in the trap to attract prey. This is the smell of bait."

I raised my eyebrows. Why does this sound off?

Tan Li couldn't laugh anymore as he laughed. He surveyed his surroundings as if he had thought of something.

"This is bad!" After saying that, Tan Li rushed over and carried me in his arms. He wanted to fly me out of the broken building, but he bumped into something. He protected me and fell onto the ground.

Startled, I quickly got up and helped her up. "What's wrong?" I asked worriedly.

"I …"

Before he could finish his sentence, Qin Lii unexpectedly revealed a vicious expression towards me. My heart tightened as I hurriedly let go of his hand. I took two steps back and distanced myself from him.

I was sure there were no other ghosts around, because I didn't smell the pungent smell of blood.

As I watched him, avoiding his pursuit, my mind raced.

Earlier, Tan Li said that he smelled a scent of bait, but I didn't smell it. That means this thing is only useful to ghosts.

As I dove past him, he seemed to react, as if he were struggling with something, and his face began to twist.

I took advantage of this time to take a quick glance downstairs. I didn't know when Lin Weiwei had left.

That means that there are only two people in this small, dilapidated building, me and Tan Li.

There must be something here, the smell of the bait. If the beast didn't fly out of the small building, it meant that it was only targeting him. I carefully observed the change in the beast as I walked to the window and stretched out my hand.

As expected …

There wasn't anything that could stop me. This small building had already been rummaged through by me and Tan Li, and the only thing in sight was the surveillance equipment. Could it be that the bait that Tan Li was talking about was outside the small building?

When I saw that he was about to pounce on me again, I quickly turned around and jumped out of the window.

Indeed, Qin Wentian had blocked his path. Qin Wentian wanted to rush out, but a transparent prison had locked him in. No, it should be locking down the entire building.

If I wanted to save Tan Li, I could only find the bait in his mouth and destroy it!

As I thought about it, I shouted to Tan Li, "Hold on a bit, I'll come back later to pick you up!"

After saying that, I gave Tan Li a deep look and hurriedly looked around the small building.

I didn't miss a single hint of suspicion, but after searching through everything around the building, I couldn't find anything.

Just as I was standing at the entrance, looking at the furious Tan Li in the small building, I was at a loss. Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming from behind me.

I turned my head warily and saw that Lin Weiwei had returned.

When Lin Weiwei saw Qin Lianshan standing outside the small building, her expression changed. She immediately smiled at him.

Seeing Lin Weiwei's change, a bad premonition arose in my heart. "Lin Weiwei, didn't I tell you to leave?" Why are you back? "

"Someone asked me to come back here and take a look, afraid that something might happen." As Lin Weiwei spoke, she lifted her hand to smooth her hair. Then, she brushed past me, headed straight for the building, and walked in.

What made me even more baffled was that Tan Li didn't attack Lin Weiwei.

Seeing this scene, my forehead twitched, and I clenched my hands into fists. What the hell is this?

The hell I'm raising, I've been targeted by another woman, and I'm actually helpless, I can only watch with my eyes?

Tan Li floated over to Lin Weiwei's side and sniffed her surroundings, as if he was trying to figure out who she was.

Seeing that Tan Li didn't attack Lin Weiwei, I gritted my teeth and charged into the small building again.

It was like entering a wild beast's territory. The moment the strange aura appeared, Tan Li immediately showed me a ferocious expression.

Seeing this, I seemed to know something.

Lin Weiwei must have something on her that I don't have, such as a smell!

Otherwise, Tan Li wouldn't have tacitly agreed to Lin Weiwei's appearance. Ignoring Tan Li, I rushed to Lin Weiwei's side and threw her over my shoulder onto the ground.

By the time she reacted, I had already found a perfume bag on her waist.

I stretched out my hand and pulled the scented sachet out. Gripping it tightly in my hand, I smiled at Lin Weiwei. Sister, you're too inexperienced! "

If the last time I wanted to hit Lin Weiwei, I couldn't help but hold back, then this time, I won't hold back!

I held the scented sachet in my hand. As expected, Tan Li no longer showed any signs of malice towards me. As I stuck close to Lin Weiwei, Tan Li only circled around us.

"Did you plan all this? Or is there someone behind you? " I stood up and put the scented sachet away in my bosom. Right now, I have a life-saving talisman, but Lin Weiwei doesn't.

Just as he pulled away from Lin Weiwei, her expression changed. She wanted to grab my scented sachet, but I dodged and dodged.

"Lu Fengliu, return the scented sachet to me. I only wanted to get back at the Qin Qin, I did not do anything to let you down!"

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