My Detective Boyfriend/C19 Who Is the Mastermind?
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My Detective Boyfriend/C19 Who Is the Mastermind?
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C19 Who Is the Mastermind?

Seeing Lin Weiwei's pale face, he anxiously explained to me.

I gave a cold laugh at once. Just to be nice to the Qin? She was lucky enough to say this, how could my man be remembered by other women?

Moreover, I don't believe that Lin Weiwei doesn't have an emissary backing her.

Even if she liked Tan Li, with her strength alone, she definitely wouldn't be able to do such a thing.

"Alright, let me ask you, where is the bait?"

Upon hearing my words, Lin Weiwei abruptly stopped her actions. Just as she was in a daze, Qin Lii immediately rushed over. He had a ferocious expression on his face and his body was filled with hostility, scaring Lin Weiwei to the point of screaming.

"I'll tell, I'll tell, tell him not to bite me!" As soon as Lin Weiwei finished her words, Tan Li fiercely bit her arm.

A ghost's strength was incomparable to a human's strength. In addition, Tan Li exerted all his strength, immediately biting Lin Weiwei's arm and causing blood to ooze out. The originally bright red blood also slowly turned black.

This scared Lin Weiwei so much that she hurriedly said, "I say, tell him to let go!"

Seeing that Lin Weiwei didn't dare to play any more tricks, I moved a little closer. Qin Lii immediately let go of his mouth and turned to look at me.

At such a close distance, coupled with the fact that he didn't attack me, I noticed that Tan Li's eyes had already lost their luster. They were like a puppet's eyes.

I don't know how much this bait will hurt him, but I'll have to get him back to normal first.

Having gained her freedom, Lin Weiwei immediately rushed to my side, supported her injured arm with one hand and said, "Walk two hundred meters west outside the dilapidated building. There's a tree stump. There's something buried under the tree stump. Just dig it and burn it."

I frowned. Anything two hundred meters away can let Tan Li clearly smell it. Someone must have done it on purpose!

To ensure my safety, I pulled Lin Weiwei away from the small dilapidated building and asked her to take me to the tree stump she mentioned.

Sure enough, after walking westward for less than two hundred meters, we saw a tree stump. There were traces of being flipped over under the tree stump, so if we didn't look carefully, it would be impossible to find it.

I found a harder branch nearby and flipped open the soil. After a while, I dug out a net bag.

Pulling the bag out, I also smelled a scent, like the scent of bait in the mouth of a mantis.

I took out the spare fire engine in my pocket, lit it up with a pile of branches, and threw the bag into the fire.

Then I heard a crackling sound, followed by what seemed to be a series of screams.

I don't know what this thing is, but as long as it isn't nice to the Qin and does harm to them, I can only eliminate one outcome.

After watching the bag burn to ashes, I turned around and headed back to the dilapidated building.

At this time, Tan Li was lying unconscious on the ground.

I'm not sure if he's better or not, so I can only wait until he wakes up. Lin Weiwei has no intention of leaving either.

This matter happened so suddenly that I didn't give it much thought. The other party kidnapped Lin Weiwei in broad daylight, but Lin Weiwei wasn't hurt at all. It was as if she was deliberately luring me over.

I saw Lin Weiwei change her expression. Lin Weiwei would definitely be involved in this as well.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Lin Weiwei met my gaze and avoided my gaze. She didn't dare to look me in the eye.

"I know you didn't want to harm him, but this thing did harm him. Even now, you're still not willing to speak the truth?" I looked at Lin Weiwei with ice-cold eyes.

Lin Weiwei's body trembled, but she once again fell into silence.

She didn't speak, and I didn't press her.

After an unknown amount of time, the sky gradually darkened. Only then did Tan Li slowly open his eyes. "What happened to me?"

Seeing that he had woken up, before I could open my mouth, Lin Wei rushed up to him, grabbed his hand and anxiously asked, "Are you alright?" Are you feeling better? "

Qin Li pulled his hand away from Lin Weiwei and floated to my side, sticking to me as if he had forgotten what had happened.

Seeing that he was fine, he stood up. "Since there's nothing else, then let's go."

Lin Weiwei pursed her lips and followed behind us. However, Tan Li just stuck to me with a slightly guilty expression, causing me to raise my eyebrows. It seems that he remembered what happened earlier and didn't want to admit it in front of me.

After returning home, I first gave three joss sticks of incense to Tan Li. After he finished eating, I asked, "What exactly happened today?"

Tan Li paused, floating to my side and smiled ingratiatingly. "It's because my vigilance is too low, I didn't expect that I would fall into her trap."

I raised my eyebrows in a frank and open manner, and he had to explain.

"If I didn't guess wrongly, that thing should be the Soul Absorbing Incense. It's something made from vengeful spirits, and that thing can make ghosts completely lose their consciousness. I've never come across such a thing before, someone must have intentionally left the Soul Absorbing Incense there."

I nodded. Indeed, if it wasn't for Lin Weiwei telling me about it, it would have been impossible for me to discover it.

"Then what harm does the Soul Eating Incense do to you?" That's my biggest concern.

Tan Li hurriedly shook his head. "There's no actual harm. It'll only temporarily cause me to lose my consciousness. You've already seen what will happen."

As he spoke, he lowered his head in guilt.

I reached out to stroke his hair. I was relieved that it didn't hurt him as long as it didn't hurt him.

However, once again, I was caught in the middle of my doubts. Someone had obviously left this thing there on purpose, using Lin Weiwei to lure me over. Who exactly is the mastermind behind this?

Then a person came to mind, but I quickly denied it.

If it was Young Master Xue, he would have been impatient and appear on the spot. Moreover, he had disappeared without a trace since he left the police station.

Could it be Zheng Hongdong? After some thought, I realized that Zheng Hongdong technically speaking, he was a victim as well. Furthermore, I had never had direct contact with him before, so it was impossible for him to know about the existence of ghosts beside me.

Could it be Young Master Xue's father?

Thinking about this, I immediately turned on the computer and searched Young Master Xue's father. Previously, Zheng Nan told me that I wasn't too concerned about it, but now it seems that the possibility of it happening is too high!

Xue Kun, 53 years old, a citizen of this city who inherited his clan's property and possessed 46% of the Xue Clan's shares, was now the Xue Clan's Executive Director.

Such a successful person would normally not have done such a thing, but I did not ignore the grudge between him and Zheng Hongdong when he was young.

That actress, Zheng Hongdong's wife!

It seemed that if he wanted to make any further progress, he would have to start from her.

The next day, I went to the police station and called Zheng Nan. "I asked you to investigate the relationship between Zheng Hongdong's wife and the deceased. How did you find out?"

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