My Detective Boyfriend/C2 Dead Woman Without Uterus
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My Detective Boyfriend/C2 Dead Woman Without Uterus
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C2 Dead Woman Without Uterus

I was so angry that I wanted to hit him. I raised my hand out of habit, but he simply grabbed my hand. I immediately felt my body go numb from the electricity and fell onto his body, as though I had taken anesthetic …

He smiled evilly, "You kicked my job, so I'm your man. You have to take good care of me, take good care of me. I guarantee you that you'll be rich. If you don't take good care of me, and you still want to hit me, then I won't be polite."

Puzzled, I asked him, "I can raise you however I want?"

"Yes." He glanced at me. "What do you want?" I imitated his mischievous smile and said nothing.

He squinted at me as if he were sizing me up. After a long time, he asked, "What's your name?"

"Lu Fengliu."

"Lu what?" He raised his eyebrows, "Your name is quite unique. Do you have another brother and sister called Lu Chengyin? "It's all combined."

I glared at him. "What's your name?"

"Tan Li."

"Oh." I replied indifferently. However, I couldn't find any place to reprimand him …

After a long conversation with him, I learned that he was a wandering, lonely soul. He was not dead, but had suffered a car accident and entered a vegetative state. He could not wake up, and his soul drifted about outside, living in another world. He was so hungry that he could only eat with wild ghosts.

As a matter of fact, I kicked him out of his job, so he naturally followed me.

At the end of July, I regained my fighting spirit. Just as I rushed to the police station to handle the case, Zheng Nan ran over anxiously and said, "Oh no, boss, another female corpse has appeared."

"It appeared again?"

Zheng Nan immediately drove me to the scene of the crime. Mr. Gu had already arrived and was conducting an autopsy. The location of the incident was on the first floor of a high-grade office building. The dead body was placed on the boss's desk like a perfect exhibit for him to see.

As soon as I entered the office, I caught a whiff of the thick smell of blood. As I approached the desk, I could feel the wet carpet under my feet, like a fat leech, sucking blood.

The female corpse was lying on the desk, and there was even a trace of a smile on her face.

Seeing that I had come, Mr. Gu said directly: "The deceased today and the deceased yesterday, judging by the way they committed the crime, it was done by the same murderer. The deceased was also a young woman, and her womb was taken away.

"serial killer murder? What did the murderer take away the womb of the deceased for? "

After giving it some thought, I rushed out the door and handed the scene to Mr. Gu. I pulled Zheng Nan to check out the surveillance cameras nearby and found a man in clown clothes striding down the street with a string of balloons in his hand.

He entered the office building with the balloon. Security did not allow him to enter, and after some questioning, the killer told security that he had come to propose to his employer and would leave immediately after giving the gift.

The security guard was also a romantic person and immediately agreed to let him in. However, the security guard didn't notice that the clown had never come out ever since he went in.

While I was investigating and monitoring the situation, the landlord reported a case to a rented house and found another female corpse. The female corpse was also removed from the womb.

In addition, a luxurious car parked by the roadside had also found a female corpse, and her womb had also been removed!

In the blink of an eye, at the end of the seventh month, three female corpses were found at the same time. Furthermore, their wombs had been removed. What was going on? Various media outlets began to report crazily on the scene. A small city that seemed to be peaceful was suddenly in a state of panic.

The bureau chief immediately gave me a call. "Casanova, we've found four female corpses with their wombs removed. The senior leaders are here to speak up. We need to quickly settle this, especially the last female corpse. We need to solve this case as soon as possible …"

"The last female corpse?"

"The last female corpse is the lover of our mayor. I heard that she was pregnant, but I didn't expect her to be killed so quickly. The authorities are really anxious, they want you to solve this case in three days."

Before I could say anything, the director hung up and threw the hot potato to me. I didn't have time to waste on him, so I quickly checked the identities of the four dead people.

The one who died was a lover of the CEO, named Zhao Miao. The second one was the lover of the CEO, called Qian Yuanyuan, the third one was a young lady from a foot massage parlor, with a regular lover, the boss of the foot massage shop, named Sun Yan, the fourth one was an editor of the editor's club, seemingly unmarried, but with a boyfriend. It's just that no one knows who he is, it's very mysterious, his name is Li You.

I smirked. Of course, Li Jiu couldn't be found. She was the mayor's lover, and she did the job of keeping secrets the best.

I got the information and found a key point: "These dead women are all unmarried, and they are all first-class beauties. They are even lovers …" "Then the killer must be a female."

Zheng Nan was puzzled. "Why?"

"Firstly, the murderer specializes in killing lovers, killing Xiao San, which shows that her feelings were hurt and she hated Xiao San. Secondly, the murderer also removed the womb of the deceased, which is the most important place for a woman. The murderer took it away, which is a form of release of anger, an release of resentment towards feelings and marriage." I immediately said to Zheng Nan, "The culprit is between thirty to thirty-five years old. She has a stern face, is a strong woman, has no children, has a broken marriage, is a rather strong person in terms of life and work. Also, her ten fingers are not touched by the sun and spring water, and she doesn't know how to do anything."

Zheng Nan was very surprised. "How did you know that?"

I smiled. "You'll see."

After that, Mr. Gu came back with the complete autopsy report. Surprisingly, all three corpses died in the same hour, but after calculating the distance between us, it would be impossible to reach this place in less than two hours.

One was a high-class office building, one was a remote rented apartment, and the other was by the side of the road … These places were connected together, it was a very winding road, and if the killer was alone, how did he do it?

After thinking about it for a long time, I came to a conclusion. There were more than one culprit!

In the blink of an eye, it was already evening. I didn't want to go home, but Tan Li kept calling me from my home phone. I had to go back home.

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