My Detective Boyfriend/C3 Private Male Ghost
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My Detective Boyfriend/C3 Private Male Ghost
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C3 Private Male Ghost

As soon as I got home, Tan Li leaned on the door frame and looked at me resentfully. "I don't think I gave you a single meal today."

I snickered as I entered the room. Just as I wanted to close the door, Tan Li angrily shouted towards the door, "Get lost! You're not allowed to follow behind her!" I looked back, but saw nothing.

However, the serious look on Tan Li's face didn't seem like he was joking at all.

He quickly closed the door and used his hand to touch my back. "When you enter from now on, remember to pat the dust off your body. That way, the dirty items won't follow you in."

I numbly nodded my head. "What did you just see?"

"I saw a lot of women with cut up stomachs behind you. Their bodies were covered in blood."

"Huh?" Then I remembered that the other day, as Tanuki had said, he had seen a woman in my bed, and I realized, "You can see the dead of my cases? That's great, then you can be my supernatural detective. "

After saying that, I pushed Tan Li out of the door. I wanted him to find those women and ask them what happened before they died. This way, it would be very easy to solve the case!

Tan Li had a confused expression on his face. He acted like a wronged little husband. "Why don't you give me a bite to eat first?"

About ten minutes later, Tan Li angrily knocked on the door. The moment the door opened, a bloody smell immediately filled my room. I knew that they had arrived.

"What did the murderer look like? How did he get into their house?" I asked.

"Zhao Miao said that that person came to deliver a courier, dressed like a clown, and gave her a bouquet of roses before running in. There's also Qian Yuanyuan, who was also targeted by the clowns. Sun Yan and Li Long are also like that."

"Clown? Can you tell if the clown is male or female? "

"I couldn't tell. They said the clown was wearing very thick clothes and very thick shoes, and his face was painted very gaudy. He didn't even say a word and I couldn't tell at all, but the clown's strength was too great, so even if they struggled, it would be useless."

Very strong?

Had I guessed wrongly that the murderer was a man?

"The murderer took your wombs, didn't he say anything? Nothing threatening or malicious?"


I really don't know anything, not even the slightest clue. I suddenly felt that these women had body and brains too. "You are all lovers of men. Does your man's wife know of your existence?"

This question really hit the nail on the head. I immediately started to like the existence of Tan Li.

"They said they knew that the wives of the men had talked to them, but they didn't do anything. They just cursed a few times and fought a few times, but they were still stubborn and even a little proud."

I smirked. "Quite proud of myself."

At this moment, Tan Li suddenly said, "Zhao Miao said that she seemed to have smelled Chanel perfume on the clown's body. The others were awakened as well and nodded, saying that she had smelled the perfume."

"Fragrance? "From the looks of it, the culprit is definitely a woman."

After interrogating these women, Tan Li sent them off. However, none of them were willing to leave. Tan Li was very angry and directly chased them out. I saw him as a cynic, and he was quick at doing things.

When they were all gone, I quickly lit three incense sticks for him to eat.

After we had our fill of wine and food, I wanted to go to the scene of the crime to have a look. Tan Li was worried about me, so he insisted on following me. The first crime scene had already been sealed, and there were more ghosts inside than there were people. When he left, Tanuki frowned deeply, saying that there was a group of wild ghosts eating the blood of the dead.

Tan Li blocked me behind him. He went in first to scold me, and then there was a commotion. Finally, he stopped.

I looked at him doubtfully. "How long have you been a vegetable? Is it always living here fighting with these lonely spirits and evil spirits? "

"Yes." Tan Li nodded. "I'm not dead, but I'm more or less dead, I've already been a vegetable for five years. I don't have any incense to eat, so I can only starve or rob those wraiths. Otherwise, I'll become a starving ghost."

"From the looks of it, even if he dies, he still has to make a living. It's the same as living, he still has to put in a lot of effort."

Tan Li didn't say anything and just walked around the room as if he was searching for something. After a while, he suddenly squatted down and looked at the desk on which the corpse was lying and said, "There's a bug here."

I squatted down and saw that there really was a bug. It seemed like this bug had been there for quite some time.

"I know, it's very possible that this bug was installed by the murderer. There must be a reason for her to install it here and then kill someone here. Perhaps, this study is the place that the deceased and her lover liked to stay the most."

Tan Li also said, "The first woman that the murderer killed was the woman she hated the most. The rest of them were only used to make up for their anger. This is the normal mentality of a human."

I looked at him doubtfully. "What did you do before?"

Tan Li smiled. "As a fuerdai."

I thought he was lying to me. The next day, I asked Zheng Nan to check out the name 'Tan Li'. I didn't expect him to be from a rich second generation!

Zheng Nan asked curiously, "Boss, why do you want to investigate this man? Although this man was rich and handsome, he was quite talented, knew several languages of finance, and had even been a police officer for a period of time, but because of a car accident, he and his teammates had all met an accident. His teammates were all dead, leaving him with only his life intact … and became a vegetable and never woke up. "

"How can you say that?"

Zheng Nan shrunk her neck: "Seems like he's really interested in this man. It's rare for him to have such a heart of desire. I didn't think that the one he likes would be a vegetable."

I couldn't be bothered with him. I kicked him into the car. "You talk too much. Hurry up and drive. Let's go find Zhao Miao's lover."

Zhao Miao's lover was an old boss, handsome and rich, but he was not in love with her.

His surname was Zhang, and he was called Director Zhang. In the past, he had started from scratch. Because of his handsome face, he had won the admiration of his wife. She had married him without regard for the objections of her family. From then on, Director Zhang had borrowed her power to support him.

In just a few years, he had his own small company. In addition to the favorable situation at that time, his company had gained a lot. The company's size had also increased, and the number of people raising funds had increased.

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