My Detective Boyfriend/C4 In the Middle of the Night a Dead Man Cries out for His Soul
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My Detective Boyfriend/C4 In the Middle of the Night a Dead Man Cries out for His Soul
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C4 In the Middle of the Night a Dead Man Cries out for His Soul

When the company of Chief Zhang improved, he put his heart and soul into it. After struggling for 12 years, he managed to turn the company into a large and famous company.

After eighteen years, both he and his wife had grown up. There was no longer any novelty between people in their thirties. However, there was an unending stream of young ladies outside. Zhao Miao was one of them.

Zhao Miao was a very intelligent woman. Her image, temperament and EQ were all first-rate. She had become Director Zhang's honey. With just a little trick, she had conquered this man who was still in his thirties. She had obtained all the material she wanted.

Director Zhang's wife, Ai Sang, gradually realized that he had sparred with Zhao Miao several times. When I saw Ethan, I noticed that her hair had turned a little white, and she looked much older than she actually was. She was obviously rich and powerful, but she didn't look like she was still beautiful.

"Zhao Miao is dead?" Ethan smiled sarcastically. "Serves her right. This kind of woman is not the best kind of woman to die. I don't want to lose face here."

I understood her feelings, but I couldn't let them drift. I asked her the key question with a cold face, "Where were you on the day of the murder?"

Ethan stared at me. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing interesting, just a routine inquiry."

She seemed hostile to every woman. "What does it mean?"

I sneered, "Are you giving the test to the old man? Are you talking with a tongue twister? "I'm asking you exactly where you were on the night of Zhao Miao's death. If you say that you don't remember, I can bring you back to the police station."

Ai Sang was unhappy as soon as he heard that. "I went to the movies with a friend that night and came back late. I'm still holding onto the tickets. I'll get it for you."

I nodded, but I didn't feel good.

In the trash can beside him, there were several shopping lists, express lists and invoices, proving that Ethan didn't have the habit of leaving behind any notes. However, she went to see a movie a few days ago, but left a ticket stub behind.

Were they waiting for him to investigate?

When she took out the ticket stubs, I found that the time and date were correct. I smiled and nodded, then left. After leaving, I immediately told Zheng Nan to stay near Ethan's house and let him watch his every move.

Zheng Nan felt a bit wronged: "I still have to go out with my girlfriend."

I was pleasantly surprised. "You have a girlfriend?"

"Yes, he's my university classmate."

I nodded. "That's great. With this job, your girlfriend will be gone very soon."

Zheng Nan's face darkened from anger. He wanted to say something, but my mind was preoccupied. I repeatedly told him to look after the person, then left. After leaving, I went back to the police station and called for people to investigate the situation of Director Zhang. But strangely, there was no news of him since the incident, it's as if he disappeared from the face of the earth.

If he wasn't wrong, he was in danger.

When I returned home with the investigation fruitless, Tan Li was already waiting for me on the sofa. The hunger in his eyes made me unable to bear it any longer. I quickly lit three incense sticks for him to eat to his heart's content.

Just as I finished ordering the incense, the bureau chief called me, alerting me, "Casanova, there are still two days left. We have to hurry and solve this case."

I ignored the director and hung up. "He has a temper, and he even dares to hang up with the director."

I said listlessly, "The director is my cousin."

"Oh." Tan Li nodded his head in embarrassment. "Take it as if I didn't ask." Seeing that I wasn't in the mood to joke, he asked me, "Why are you so upset?"

"Where do you think Director Zhang is now? Was it locked up by the murderer? "

Tan Li smiled, "Didn't you already guess that the culprit is Ethan, if it's Ethan, then Director Zhang is definitely not dead right now, he must be locked up by Ethan, Ethan is going to torture him, if we can find Director Zhang, then the culprit's identity will be broken without us needing to find any other clues."

I was enlightened. "Your words are quite useful."

"Right?" He was smiling, but he had never mentioned his role as a police officer. I curiously asked. His expression immediately changed and he didn't say anything. He just looked at me with a fierce expression and said, "Don't mention it in the future."

I quickly pulled on his hand and softly said, "I got it."

I was shocked by him, but after that, I knew that the reason why he became a vegetable was because he didn't want to wake up. What happened during his time as a police officer was an unforgettable pain for him.

Then he thought of something. "Do you know how to shout?"

I was stunned. "Yes."

"Maybe we can use this method to find Director Zhang."

"Can you scream?"

"I won't, someone will." He told me to go outside and buy some paper money and incense and a small censer and a handful of rice. He prepared his things and said, "Use a red pen to write Chief Zhang's name on this paper money. Then, light a fire and place it in this small incense burner. While you burn it, add three handfuls of rice into it."

I did as I was told and burned the paper money to ashes. After we were done, Tan Li took me out of the room with the small incense burner. It was getting dark outside. There were people on the road, but no one was paying attention to us.

Tan Li scattered the ashes from the censer onto the ground. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew. I didn't know who he was talking to, but I followed them out of the room …

I tugged at his sleeve and whispered, "Who are you talking to?"

"It's a dead grandma. She used to specifically call out her soul, but now she's bringing us to see Director Zhang."

I stopped talking and looked around. We had passed a puddle of water. I casually turned my head and found three footprints on the ground … But in fact, I was the only person on the main road, and the driver of the passing Mo warmly asked me, "Little girl, it's not safe to be alone on the street, do you want to go?"

After a long walk, we were out of the more boisterous area and started into a small alley. The alley was long and deep and the walls on both sides were high. And inside, there was only a light that was a little brighter than a mobile phone.

I followed Tan Li in, but met a little hoodlum who was coming towards us. He wore a cap and looked at me with his ghostly eyes. We had already walked past each other, but he suddenly turned around and wanted to hug me!

Realizing the danger, I grabbed his arm and threw him over my shoulder, slamming him to the ground!

Tan Li was shocked by me. "You aren't even giving me the chance to save a beauty like that?"

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