My Detective Boyfriend/C6 Skinning Cat
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My Detective Boyfriend/C6 Skinning Cat
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C6 Skinning Cat

I was so angry that I wanted to throw my slippers at them, but the two of them seemed like old friends who hadn't seen each other in years. They sat on the sofa and chatted for half an hour before they remembered that I, Lu Fengliu, still existed.

After we finished chatting, Lu Qingze walked over and reminded me, "You have a bad temper, but you're not a bad person. Now that there's someone to take care of you, I'm relieved. Your attitude towards them is better."

"People?" I pointed to Tanuki. "Is he a man?"

Tan Li rolled his eyes at me, but he still stood behind Lu Qingze like a little wife. Lu Qingze hit me once to indicate that I don't want the Annihilation ceremony. I angrily chased Lu Qingze out, "You exchanged your eyes with a dog, your brain also switched with a dog, right?"

"How can you talk to your brother?"

Only after Lu Qingze left did he remember that he was here as a lobbyist for the Bureau Chief's cousin, so he sent a message to me on WeChat to advise me. I couldn't be bothered with the two of them, so I directly rejected both …

Time passes by very quickly. Seeing that there's only one hour left before the three days deadline, I thought to myself as I took my car keys out the door. Tan Li didn't trust me, so he followed behind me. The two of us strolled down the street, and when he saw that I was anxious, he took the initiative to say, "How about I tell the old lady to call out her soul again?"

"Why didn't you say so earlier!"

We called out to each other again, and the old lady led us to the bottom of a large water tower. Then she disappeared without a trace. The two of us stood under the water tower for a long time and looked around, but didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

Then I looked down at the manhole cover. "Is it down here?"

Before Tan Li could say anything, I squatted down and lifted the lid. This lid seemed to have been opened frequently recently, so it was very easily opened. The moment the lid was opened, Tan Li immediately protected me from the impact and hugged me tightly.

Following which, I heard the sound of ghosts wailing and wolves howling in the sewers. Tan Li ferociously roared a few words at them before calming down.

"What's wrong? What's inside?"

"Nothing, just some wandering souls living here. I'm just afraid of scaring you."

I nodded, liking his attention. I took him down to the sewer and found another cave. Inside was a sewage disposal center with many large water pipes that looked like the intestines of the city and were working.

There was also something special inside, it was a woman's clothes.

I walked along the woman's dress, deeper and more stinking. The dirty water at my feet dampened my shoes, making me feel uncomfortable, but I held my tongue. Tan Li knew I loved cleanliness, so he picked me up without saying a word and carried me away.

As we followed the women's clothes, we noticed a faint singing sound coming from the front... It was as if he was coaxing a child. From time to time, he would even say, "Does this look good on your mother?"

She hummed a little tune, as if she were dancing. I was anxious. I quickly got Tan Li to run a few steps and found that there was a woman living in a slightly wider area in front of us!

The woman was Ethan.

When Ethan heard this, he felt like he was going crazy. He threw off his clothes and ran. She threw her high heels like a wild man and dived into the dark tunnel. He did not know where she went. We didn't catch up for a while, because there were so many sewers in front of us, and they were so complicated that we didn't even know where she was.

It seemed that Ethan was familiar with this sewer.

We came back to where Ethan was hiding. We found out that she had brought a lot of beautiful clothes with her, and she was trying on them here, as if she had gone mad.

"What is this?" he asked me, pointing to a large ball hanging in the air.

I looked at it and took a few steps back.

That big round ball was sewn together with needle and thread. The thing that made that big ball was a piece of flesh that was badly mutilated. Blood was still dripping from it, and it was emitting a terrible stench. Right now, the weather was scorching hot. That giant ball's entire body was beginning to rot, and there were still many mischievous maggots crawling about. Some of them even crawled and fell down, and there was a small pile of helpless maggots below.

I wanted to vomit and quickly sent a message to Mr. Gu, "Come to the sewers under this water tower in the suburbs and find something."

Afterwards, I carefully looked at the big ball of flesh before realising, "This is the womb of those women!"

"Ethan sewed up their wombs and wrapped their things in them …" He frowned and said, "The womb is the symbol of life. She wants someone else's womb to show that she can't give birth to it. This self-made womb also has something inside, so it's probably a child."


He tried to open the meatball, but I held his hand and wouldn't let him touch it.

Not long after, Mr. Gu arrived with Yu Man. When she saw him, she started retching. Mr. Gu hurriedly put on gloves and a mask to remove the meatball. Once the meat ball was taken off, the water inside it splashed out. It was exactly as Tan Li had said, the meat ball was filled with food.

However, it was not a child. Rather, it was a skinned cat.

Mr. Gu looked at it and said, "A cat has the most similar face to a baby. This killer might have lost his own child, so he used the cat to pretend to be his child. But the cat had too much fur, so she skinned the cat, put it into a pouch, injected water, and disguised it as a child."

Soon after, Zheng Nan also arrived with the police. They immediately went to each of the sewer exits to search for Ethan's whereabouts.

In the last hour, I saw the murderer. The case was solved, but the murderer ran away.

Inside the insides of this city, she was running around in all sorts of dirty corners. I didn't know what she was going to do, so I thought about it and immediately called the director, telling him to guard every sewer outlet. One day, Ethan would come out.

The process of waiting was very long. In the process, I interviewed CEO Zhang.

"A few years ago, Ethan and I had a child, but the child was born with a congenital heart disease, and she couldn't have a child anymore, but it didn't matter, the child's illness wasn't very serious and could be treated surgically, unfortunately, the child died accidentally under the quilt, it was Ethan's carelessness, but I didn't tell her, I just pretended that the child died suddenly."

Zhang always loved her.

However, what Ethan didn't know was that when this pain burst out in his heart, it was all because of Director Zhang.

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