My Detective Boyfriend/C7 Hanged Body
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My Detective Boyfriend/C7 Hanged Body
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C7 Hanged Body

About seven days later, the cleaners found a female corpse in the sewers. It was Ethan.

Ethan was dead.

This was how the case came to an end. After that, many of Ethan's online novels with the same name were circulated online. Some people wrote that Ethan was a "woman who steals the womb", while others described him as a "woman who loses her humanity".

After a while, when the city was quiet, when I was sitting at the police station shaking my feet, I was quite free.

During this time, two nameless female corpses were delivered to me by the river. I recorded them as usual and then sent them to Mr. Gu's side. When I arrived at the medical examiner's office, I saw Mr. Gu and Yu Man talking.

Yuman was Mr. Gu's right-hand man, and had been with him for a few years. He seemed to have fallen in love with Mr. Gu, looking at him with a bashful look. Mr. Gu, on the other hand, was frowning.

Mr. Gu said bluntly, "Yu Man, when you came in, I had already told you not to tell me anything that has nothing to do with the department. Have you forgotten?"

Yu Man looked aggrieved as she typed for him to see. I didn't know what Yu Man had said, but Mr. Gu's face darkened. "I won't like you."

Yu Man was so angry that he shouted, "Why?!"

Mr. Gu understood her words, so he poured a bucket of cold water over her. "I already have someone I like, but that person isn't you, it's that simple."

I'm surprised. This old Mr. Gu, what about the people I like?

Seeing that they were about to argue, he hurriedly prepared to run. Who knew that Mr. Gu had long discovered my presence. He called out to me, "Lu Fengliu, if there's anything, come in and talk about it."

Embarrassed, I walked in. Yu Man was so angry that her eyes turned red, like a little rabbit. She glared at me before running away. With an innocent expression, I passed the file to Mr. Gu and typed: "A nameless female corpse has been sent over for an autopsy."

Just as I was about to leave, he took my hand. "Where are you going? "As my assistant, I will dissect it now."


"It's you. You pissed off my assistant. If you aren't a substitute, then who is?"

Who was the one that ran away in anger?

I protested, but all I could do was stand there and be his assistant, and then I stood there and cursed him for a long time, and he couldn't hear what I was saying anyway. When my mouth was dry from scolding, he looked at me and said, "You scolded me quite a bit."

I blinked and said nothing.

When I came home at night, I could smell the blood on me. He quickly stuffed me into the bathroom and took three baths. I was about to go to bed when the phone rang.

The moment the phone was picked up, Zheng Nan was shouting loudly on the other side, "Boss, hurry over and take a look! Another murder case has occurred!"

I quickly got up and prepared to go out, but he just sat there on the sofa without moving. I looked at the night sky and pulled him out to bring him in.

"I finally understand. You purposely sat on the sofa, and even played a game of captivating others."

He followed me to the scene of the crime. The crime scene had already been cordoned off. There were a lot of people standing around to watch, and the security guards and police could no longer hold them back.

The crime scene was in a bustling shopping mall that had just been set up. It was named after the recently completed May Plaza. May Plaza had just opened, and many shopping malls were having activities, so it attracted a large number of people.

I quickly asked Zheng Nan, who was maintaining order. "What's going on?"

The deceased was hung from the roof of the shopping mall for who knows how long, but no one noticed. The shopping mall was open for business for a day, and in the evening, the cleaning lady and many customers complained about the blood dripping down.

I followed Zheng Nan's instructions, raised my head, and indeed saw a corpse hanging from the top of a dozen meters! It was a woman in a red dress, tied around the neck like a doll.

"There's something wrong around here," he whispered to me as he stood in the crowd. "There's a lot of people around, but there are also a lot of ghosts."

"Did you see the dead man?"

"I can't see what the dead woman looks like, and I don't know what she looks like."

Thus, I immediately urged Mr. Gu to come to the scene, and together with Zheng Nan, we evacuated the customers there, leaving behind the store manager and the security guards. The security guard was a bit worried. "Then what if the culprit is hiding among the customers? Wouldn't that mean he's been released?"

"Impossible." I confidently said, "The culprit wouldn't have hidden himself among the customers. He was able to hang the corpse on the top of his head because he wasn't afraid that he wouldn't be able to escape. He wouldn't be mixed in with the crowd."

Not long after, Mr. Gu arrived. Unexpectedly, he wasn't looking at the corpse, but at me. He gave me a meaningful look before he left. After he left, Tan Li came over and said, "He seems to have seen me."

"Huh?" I pointed at Mr. Gu. "He can't hear anything with his ears. Could it be that his eyes are very good?"

We all went to the top floor and put down the corpse. When we all put down the corpse, our heads actually fell off! I flinched and almost kicked the dead man's head off. Mr. Gu looked at the corpse and confirmed the first step: "The deceased was a male, from twenty-five to thirty years of age."

"Men?" "Then why is he wearing a woman's outfit?" I asked.

I took a closer look and found that not only was this man wearing a skirt, he was also wearing a bra, underwear, stockings, nail polish, makeup, and even a heel pasted on his high heels. This detail was really exquisite.

The deceased died of poisoning, his lips were blackened, his mouth was festering, and even his throat was festering. He had been dead for some time, and his skin had started to show corpse spots, and there were even signs of decay. Judging by the degree of aging of his skin, he had been frozen for a period of time.

Frozen by someone?

I looked at the dead body and said, "The joints of the corpses are moving freely, and they aren't stiff. This means that they weren't stuffed inside the fridge and frozen, but were placed inside a huge ice chest. Zheng Nan, immediately check out all the ice storage in this city."


At this point, Tanuki added to me, "By the way, check out the city's villain."

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