My Detective Boyfriend/C8 Women Provide Clues
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My Detective Boyfriend/C8 Women Provide Clues
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C8 Women Provide Clues

"This man has a very small frame and no hair on his legs, hands, or creases," explained Tan Li. "Apparently, he has had a cosmetic surgery. Moreover, I suspect that his chest is real. He's raised his chest."


While I was still in shock, Mr. Gu had already cut open the clothes of the deceased. I didn't expect that the two protruding breasts of the deceased would be exposed in front of us … He was indeed guessed right by Tan Li! After a thorough examination of the man's body and looking at his lower body, Mr. Gu came to this conclusion. I immediately sent Zheng Nan to ask for more information.

Zheng Nan was a bit busy and couldn't help but complain, "Every day, I'm being ordered to do it alone. I've already become a top, and I know how to spin on the spot."

I couldn't help but laugh. "Alright, I'll tell the bureau chief tomorrow. Send a few more people over to help!"

Mr. Gu took away the corpse and prepared to go back to the autopsy. Along the way, the two of them didn't say a word, and Yu Man was also concerned that I had overheard their conversation, so he didn't look too good for me.

After they had all finished their work, only me and Tam Li were left to inspect the scene. In many places where I couldn't get there, Tam Li voluntarily floated up to help me, and I watched him dance around as if he were watching a play. I couldn't help praising him, "Raising a ghost is actually not bad, right? Are all those female celebrities raising ghosts like you?"

"No." Tan Li bluntly said, "The ghosts they raise are all evil spirits, so how can they be as considerate as me? Those evil spirits will make them forever young, and they will all have to pay a price."

"Oh, no wonder I raised you faster."

He glanced at me, then suddenly stood by my side and wrapped his arms around my waist. "How about I take you up there and take a look?"

I was eager. "Will you fall to your death?"

"It's great that he fell to his death. Come with me."

I glared at him, but he laughed so badly that he picked me up and carried me to the top like a fairy … This feeling was truly marvelous. What did a little romance mean?

I took a closer look at the top and saw that there was a wheel skating device on top of it. Pulling up a corpse was very simple, but how did it get to this position? And this top is a dead end. It doesn't have cameras, so all the surveillance information is useless. Where should I start?

While I was thinking, Tan Li kept staring at me. I rolled my eyes at him, but he was still looking at me seriously. After that, the look in his eyes became more and more strange … He wasn't looking at me, he was looking behind me!

I wanted to turn around and see what was behind me, but Tan Li sternly said to me, "Don't move. The deceased was behind you."

"What is he doing?"

"He's dancing. Standing on the pole and dancing, it's kind of like ballet, but it's not as elegant as ballet, but it's very delicate, and the skeleton is very soft, very much like the figure of a woman. "

"Then he's definitely the villain."

"Right now, he has changed to a dance that seems like a classical dance. It is very gentle and beautiful, and his slender fingers undulate like a fairy. He has a lot of skill, and then … He fell down and suddenly fell to the ground, motionless. He sees me now and is coming towards us. "

It was too fast for me, but I couldn't see him as he took me in his arms and suddenly I smelled the scent of blood. Tan Li, on the other hand, had already revealed a ferocious expression, tightly holding me in his embrace while hiding. I finally understood that the dead person was killing us!

He wanted to keep him alive, to inquire about the case, but he didn't let us go. He wanted to kill us, so he roared, "Get out of my way! If you dare hurt her, I'll kill you!"

The dead man didn't listen, but continued to attack us. Tan Li had no other way, so he put me down and suddenly flew out, killing the dead man. The smell of blood immediately disappeared, and Tan Li's body was covered in blood when he returned.

I was worried. "What? Are you hurt?"

"Nope." He took my hand. "When he died, he was wearing red clothes and high-heeled shoes, and he was a ghost. He had no mind, and he couldn't stay.

I nodded. "We'll continue our investigation tomorrow and we'll find out the truth. Let's head back now."

When I returned, I found a person squatting in front of my door. His hair was disheveled and he was crying like a ghost. I walked closer and saw that it was actually Lin Weiwei.

Lin Weiwei's clothes were in disarray, and her neck and chest were covered in kisses. In addition, her skirt was torn, and there were even traces of blood on her thighs. When I stopped, how did the school belle, Lin Weiwei, become like this?

My relationship with her has always been bad, so I didn't know how to approach her to ask about it. But when she saw me, she actually rushed forward and cried to me, "Feng Liu..." I... I've been made strong by someone. "

"Huh?" I was stunned. "You..." Come in and we'll talk about it later. "

I pulled her in, and as I did, she looked at him and asked, "Is this your boyfriend?"

I am not surprised that she can see Tanuki, because her grandmother is a master of yin and yang, and she can see these things, and it is by them that she can eat. Lin Weiwei glanced at Tan Li. Only then did she realize that Tan Li wasn't a normal person, but he always liked to peek at him.

She said honestly, "Tonight I was drinking in a bar when I met a fuerdai. That fuerdai kept forcing me to drink. If I didn't want to, he wouldn't let me go. After that, I fainted and woke up in a daze. I was given a drink by him …"

"Then call the police!"

"Aren't you a police officer? "I've come to find you …"

"I'm a cop and I don't have any evidence to help you right now. Did you leave any evidence?"

"I didn't leave any evidence. I have a friend in the bar, and I think she can testify." She paused in fear and continued, "In addition, I also heard from those fuerdai that they mistakenly killed a man. Before he died, that man told them to hang his body on the May Plaza."


Wasn't that the case of the deceased today?

Lin Weiwei mysteriously replied, "I just saw the news too, so I knew something was wrong. I didn't expect there to really be a man hanging from the sky of the Plaza in May, so I came to find you …"

I was momentarily at a loss. The fuerdai accidentally killed a man? The man himself had asked to be hung from the top of May Square? He even wore red clothes and red shoes, turning into a malicious spirit.

What enmity did he have with May Plaza?

Was what Lin Weiwei said the truth?

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