My Detective Boyfriend/C9 Dispatching Ice House
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My Detective Boyfriend/C9 Dispatching Ice House
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C9 Dispatching Ice House

I wasn't sure of anything, but I looked at him automatically.

Lin Weiwei grabbed my hand and cried, "Casanova, you have to help me. I know you guys are investigating this case. Only you can help me now."

After she finished speaking, Lin Weiwei began to cry again.

I looked at Lin Weiwei and fell into deep thought. During the day, Mr. Gu had already said that the man's corpse died of poison. If we combined that with what Lin Weiwei said, it simply wouldn't match.

If he had accidentally killed someone, could it be that the victim had accidentally swallowed poison before dying?

Moreover, the corpse had been frozen for a period of time after death, so it was not easy to determine where the first scene was, and where the body had been taken by the murderer.

If it was really a mistake, how could he have followed the last wishes of the deceased, put on makeup and changed his clothes, and even hung him on the Plaza in May?

It must have been a premeditated murder.

But seeing how Lin Weiwei cried so bitterly, I still decided to help her find that rich second generation.

While thinking, I reached out and patted Lin Weiwei's shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll help you catch that rich second-generation. Now, take me to the bar where you drink at night."

Hearing this, Lin Weiwei stopped crying and looked at me in surprise. "Really? You want to help me? "

"I'm a cop, I'll definitely help you!"

After saying that, I stood up, put on my clothes, and led Lin Weiwei and Tan Li out the door.

Along the way, Lin Weiwei's mood wasn't too stable, so it wasn't good for me to ask any questions. After all, what she said was true.

When they arrived at the bar, Lin Weiwei was standing at the entrance. She didn't want to go in, but from the looks of it, she was afraid of running into those people again.

"Weiwei, don't be afraid, I'm here, they don't dare to do anything to you, and I don't know them, so you can only point them out for me."

Lin Weiwei looked at the door of the bar and hesitated for a long time before nodding while crying.

I wiped away her tears and led her into the bar.

As soon as I walked into the bar, I could clearly feel Lin Weiwei's body shudder, as if she was afraid of something.

I wanted to ask him if he had seen anything, but Lin Weiwei kept holding on to my arm, so I could only suppress the question.

After entering the hall, I whispered into Lin Weiwei's ear, "Did you see that group of people?"

Lin Weiwei curled up beside me, carefully looking at the crowd around her. After a while, she shook her head. "When I woke up earlier, I was in the chartered room. I didn't see them in the hall."

We walked around the bar, but we couldn't find any trace of that rich second generation. It was just that we couldn't enter the room, so there was no way to confirm it further.

After leaving the bar, I told Lin Weiwei to go home first. I would inform her about the results when I found out.

Before I left, Lin Weiwei cried for me to help her capture that rich second generation, so I could only nod my head.

After returning home, he took a hot shower and lay on his bed, thinking about what had happened to Lin Weiwei today.

I kept having the feeling that she was afraid of something, or perhaps she was hiding something, and it didn't seem like she was lying. But why would Lin Weiwei do that?

Just when I was at a loss, Tan Li came in from outside. He looked at me with an aggrieved expression. "I haven't eaten anything today. Aren't you hungry?"

When I heard his voice, I came back to my senses and immediately lit him three incense sticks.

"Don't believe that woman."

While I was eating the noodles, Tanuki suddenly said this.

I looked at him with some surprise, not quite sure what she meant.

Tanuki nodded and said no more, confusing me.

The next day, as soon as I went to the police station, Zheng Nan came in front of me with a document in her hand. "Boss, I checked all the ice storehouses in the city overnight. All the suspects are here."

I finished the document and quickly opened it to take a look.

The biggest icehouse in the city was a company that had been operating frozen food for a long time. There was also a factory on the outskirts of the city that processed food, and the rest were all hospitals of different sizes.

I frowned as I looked at the address at the front of the queue. "Let's go and check the situation!"

Zheng Nan acknowledged and followed me out of the police station.

As we drove, the two of us headed straight for the frozen food company. I didn't have a search warrant, so I could only investigate in a cooperative manner. Luckily, the other party took us to their factory without any problems.

The moment I walked in, I immediately shrunk. The temperature inside the factory was clearly much lower than outside.

The person in charge looked at me and explained with a smile, "We make frozen and frozen. After processing, as long as it needs to be frozen, we have all the common ones in the market."

As he said that, the manager brought Zheng Nan and me into the ice room.

I wrapped my coat around myself and looked around.

There were at least a hundred people in this factory. It was not realistic to hide corpses here. Furthermore, the flow of goods here was huge. If one was not careful, they would be discovered.

I spun around a couple of times, and when I saw Tanuki flying in from the front, I gave him a look. He shook his head at me, but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

After bidding farewell to the person in charge, I sat in the car for a while before feeling warm up.

"Boss, I feel that these two food processing plants are not very realistic. Or should we go to the hospital and check if there are any relevant records?"

I leaned back in my chair and rolled my eyes at Zheng Nan.

It was very possible that the dead were frozen right after they were poisoned to death. If they were in a hospital, the hospital would recommend that they be cremated, so it would be impossible to store the corpse for that long.

Furthermore, the body was slowly thawed after falling onto the Plaza in May, which meant that the bodies had been frozen during the time the murderer had taken the corpse to the Plaza in May.

There was no way he could take out the corpse so easily in the hospital. The murderer couldn't be that stupid.

"I don't think it's possible for the hospital. Let's go to the factory on the outskirts of the city to check out the situation."

Zheng Nan replied and started the car with a shake of her body.

At the factory, I got out of the car and looked at the closed door of the factory, frowning.

Logically speaking, this factory should be ranked number two in terms of ability. It was not even noon yet, so why was it that there was not a single person in the factory and its doors were tightly shut?

I glanced at the man next to me and told him to go in and see what was going on. He nodded and flew in.

Zheng Nan walked around the iron net. Not long later, she returned to my side. "Boss, why do I feel like this factory is going to close down?"

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