My Domineering CEO Husband/C10 Young Master Wants You to Get up
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C10 Young Master Wants You to Get up
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C10 Young Master Wants You to Get up

"If I don't listen to you, what will you do to me?" Yu Leelee got up and tried to break free from Zhan Beiting's suppression, but unexpectedly, she used too much force. The moment she regained her balance, she did not break free from Zhan Beiting's restraint, but rather unintentionally pressed her mouth on something cold.

Yu Leelee's almond eyes widened when she realized that she had actually kissed the male lead!!!

What was happening?!

She just wanted to break free from him, so why did she kiss him?

Yu Leelee's tears flowed in embarrassment.

She quickly bent over. While Zhan Beiting stood transfixed, she passed underneath his armpit like a kitten. She covered her mouth and gasped, "I didn't do it on purpose!"

She quickly avoided his gaze and pushed Zhan Beiting out of the door. "Good night, Uncle Zhan!"

Zhan Beiting absentmindedly walked out of the room.

The door was quickly closed with a bang.

When Zhan Beiting heard the sound of the door being locked, he came back to his senses.

He had saved his first kiss for twenty-seven years, but now it had been taken away by the troublesome girl!

Everything happened so suddenly that he was not able to react immediately.

Moreover, he hated it when women touch him.

Any woman's touch would make him feel very disgusted and dirty.

That's why, every time the maids in the villa saw him, no matter how romantic their thoughts were, they knew their own limits and kept their distance from him.

But just now, this reckless little girl kissed him and yet he didn't feel any disgust or rejection at all?

Zhan Beiting was puzzled.

He turned around and was about to go downstairs when he noticed his assistant, Lei Ming, holding a stack of documents around the corner and staring at him in a daze. "Young Master..."

"What did you just see?" The chill surrounding Zhan Beiting's body was in direct similarity to the chill running down Lei Ming's back.

Lei Ming's teeth were shaking, and his voice was trembling as he spoke, "Young Master, I didn't see anything. This is the document you asked me to bring back from the company."

"Put them in the study room." Zhan Beiting snapped and abruptly left.

He walked a few steps and paused. "Investigate what happened to Yu Leelee's blood."

"As you wish, Young Master!"


At the same time, in the girl's pink room...

Yu Leelee was lying on the bed, and kept on turning from side to side.

She, a Little Heavenly Master Lolita, had transmigrated into the dramatic romance novel. Let's not talk about this matter just yet, but she had kissed the male lead on the first day they met!

What should she do?

This was her first kiss!!

This suave guy actually dared to take advantage of her!

Let's see how she'll deal with him when she recovers her wits!

Yu Leelee gritted her teeth in anger.

But when she thought about it, even if she recovers her ability, she would be helpless against the male lead's body of yang, so she was a little discouraged.

Now, she should find a way out of this mess.

Zhan Beiting was right. The original owner was a mere third-year student. In addition, there was also a mother with mental problems. In this world that did not belong to her, the lives of orphans and widows were insignificant.

If only she could recover her abilities. She could earn a lot of money by drawing a few talismans, enough for her and her mother to live on for two years. But now...

Yu Leelee rolled her eyes at the ceiling and sighed helplessly.

At this moment, she must become stronger. Although she did not finish reading the entire dramatic love story, she simply flipped through the matter of the couple and the big ending, but she still remembered the plot of the story.

Generally speaking, this was a world where you're nothing if you don't have money.

Therefore, if she wanted to survive, she had to earn more money. Only with money could she have a sense of security.

Work hard, Yu Leelee. You can do it!

After reassuring herself, Yu Leelee was tired after a day of hard work. She fell asleep quickly.

- -

In the morning, warm golden sunlight rose from the east. The crystal clear dew on the leaves gradually evaporated. The sunlight shone through the thick pink curtains by the pink princess bed and touched its occupant.

Yu Leelee turned over and covered herself with the blanket, planning to continue sleeping.

There was a sudden knock on the door.

The knock was clear and insistent.

"Miss Yu, the Young Master sent me to wake you up."

Lei Ming's formal voice sounded from behind the door.

Yu Leelee covered her ears and continued to sleep.

"If you don't wake up soon, you re going to be late." Lei Ming continued.

Oh please be quiet!

Her eyelids were still droopy from sleepiness...

"Miss Yu..." Lei Ming was helpless against her stubbornness.

"Get the key and open the door." Zhan Beiting's cold voice ordered.

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