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C11 I Love You

Yu Leelee was still half-asleep but her ears perked up at the sound of his voice.

Soon after, the door was unlocked.

Zhan Beiting burst through the door.

"Are you going to get up by yourself, or shall I send someone to pull you up?"

Yu Leelee had not slept enough yet. She stubbornly covered herself with the blanket and rolled herself into a big pink cocoon.

She looked like she was challenging him, "I don't want to get up. What can you do to me?"

Lei Ming was aghast.

Zhan Beiting walked forwardslowly. He bent and used his steel-like arms to wrap the girl up. He carried her across his shoulder and went downstairs.

Lei Ming was disconcerted but secretly cheered on his Young Master.

Yu Leelee was carried down the stairs in a daze. She immediately opened her eyes and was now wide awake.

"Damn you, what are you doing? Put me down!"

Yu Leelee's small arms and legs started struggling to be set free.

However, the blanket was tightly wrapped around her body. Her arms and legs could not move at all, only revealing two white delicate feet.

Her little feet kept flapping helplessly.

"Let go of me, you scoundrel!" Yu Leelee kept twisting her small body and cursing.

"If you keep on struggling, you better believe that I will throw you down." Zhan Beiting warned.

Yu Leelee immediately stopped moving.

She knew his temper very well. If he said he would throw her down, he would definitely do it!

Furthermore, they were on the second floor. Although there was a thick wool carpet underneath, she would definitely be injured if she fell down.

A wise person knows when to retreat.

She immediately behaved herself.

Hence, Zhan Beiting was able to carry her to the large European table and he let Yu Leelee sit on the seat.

Zhan Beiting then sat beside her.

The maid immediately came forward and helped Yu Leelee pull the blanket away. She offered an exquisite porcelain cup to her and said, "Miss Yu, please rinse your mouth."

Yu Leelee looked at the pink liquid inside and picked the cup up to drink, "Is this juice?"

"Pffft, hahaha!" Zhan Nanxi, who was watching from the side, mocked Yu Leelee mercilessly. "Indeed, you are so ignorant. This is for rinsing your mouth."

Yu Leelee originally intended to swallow the sweet drink, but when she heard that it was just for rinsing her mouth, her round eyes widened. "Pffft."

Pink mouthwash came out of her mouth and sprayed on the ground. Some of it even splashed onto Zhan Beiting's impeccable striped pants.

Instantly, the entire living room became silent.

Everyone was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Fury began to rise from Zhan Beiting's handsome features.

Lei Ming silently said a prayer for Miss Yu in his heart.

He was such a germaphobe.

Miss Yu actually sprayed the liquid from her mouth onto Young Master's pants!

She's good as dead.

Zhan Nanxi, on the other hand, barely stopped himself from laughing out loud. But he was even more pleased and gloating as he shot a glance at Yu Leelee. That triumphant look of his was saying, "Country bumpkin, you're finished.

It took some time for Yu Leelee to react.

She suddenly remembered how much of a germaphobe he was.

If he got angry, then...

"Yu Leelee!"

Zhan Beiting gritted his teeth as he was on the verge of becoming furious.

"Hehehe." Yu Leelee grinned sheepishly. Her hands formed a heart shape in a conciliatory gesture. She laughed until her eyes turned into crescent moons and she giggled placatingly. "Uncle Zhan, don't be angry. I love you."

As she said this, she pouted and kissed him.

Then she looked straight at Zhan Beiting.

Everyone was stunned.

Yu Leelee was the very first person who dared to dirty Zhan Beiting's pants.

Yu Leelee was also the first one who dared to smile and act coquettish when Zhan Beiting was angry.

Granted that she looked very cute and innocent.

However, Zhan Beiting was famous for his refusal to get close to women.

This scene was somewhat surreal. The maids quietly resumed their work while Lei Ming and Zhan Nanxi obediently ate their rice.

Zhan Beiting was indeed burning with rage. In the next second, he was going to pick up this reckless little girl and beat her up.

But then he saw her soft delicate face, as well as her beguiling dimples. There was also this strange reaction. For some reason, Zhan Beiting felt as if his heart was fluttering in his chest.

His anger dissipated in an instant.

In the end, he snorted. "Hmph."

Then, he went upstairs to change clothes.

Only then was Yu Leelee able to heave a sigh of relief.

Everyone had astonishment marked on their faces.

What was happening?

Yu Leelee's act of coyness actually worked?

Was this a dream?

Everyone was bewildered.

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