My Domineering CEO Husband/C12 I Just Want To Be A Low-profile Little Fairy Maiden
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C12 I Just Want To Be A Low-profile Little Fairy Maiden
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C12 I Just Want To Be A Low-profile Little Fairy Maiden

Yu Leelee secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

So old Uncle Zhan actually liked this!

Her attention was caught by the food on the table and her eyes lit up.

The breakfast table was filled to the brim. It was a grand, formal banquet, and the plates were quite exquisite. They seemed to be made of enamel porcelain.

This was completely a gourmet's delight.

Oh no, her mouth was watering and saliva was about to flow out!

Yu Leelee swallowed her saliva and daintily wiped her hands with the sterile tissue handed over by the maid. Then she rubbed her hands in anticipation and picked up the golden chopsticks to eat.

Suddenly, she noticed the people around her looking at her strangely.

Yu Leelee self-consciously touched her face, "Why aren't you eating?"

Zhan Nanxi snorted in disgust. "Well, your saliva is about to drip into the plate."

A crude country bumpkin who had never seen the world!

"Really?" Yu Leelee quickly touched the corners of her mouth and found that it was still dry.

She had already swallowed her saliva.

At that moment, Zhan Beiting, who had changed his clothes, went downstairs.

He had changed into a British suit and looked even more impressive than before.

Yu Leelee kept the male lead's image in her heart.

After Zhan Beiting's reappearance, everyone began to have breakfast together.

Yu Leelee savored the food contentedly. In her previous life, she had cultivated to become a Heaven Master at such a young age and suppressed her nature. For the sake of cultivation, she could not eat meat. Now that the cultivation had disappeared, and she had been reborn, she didn't need to worry about so much.

She ate meat ravenously. In fact, she had actually eaten two-thirds of the entire table's content!

Nanxi had just picked up the knife and fork and had yet to react. Before he knew it, the plate of breakfast that he wanted quickly disappeared into Yu Leelee's stomach.

He was so enraged that he slammed the knife and fork on the table. "Yu Leelee, did you come out of the slums?

Have you never eaten meat before in your life?"

She was not afraid of eating to death.

"How did you know that I've never eaten meat before?" Yu Leelee mumbled with her mouth stuffed full of meat.

Zhan Nanxi was speechless.

He originally thought that he was elegant and noble, but now he could not help losing his temper with this girl.

He had a nagging suspicion that she was intentionally brought here by his Elder Brother to torture him.

After breakfast, he was still incensed. Finally, he carried his backpack and asked the driver to bring him to school.

Yu Leelee acted as if nothing had happened. She took another plate of roasted pigeon. The flesh was soft on the outside and tender on the inside. It smelled heavenly!

Just as she was about to take a bite, a large hand cruelly snatched the plate in front of her.

"Stop." Zhan Beiting's face was dark.

"Why?" Yu Leelee kept licking her lips in anticipation. She did not hide her desire for meat at all.

Actually, she had not tasted the meat yet.

So why couldn't she eat it?!

"Too much breakfast isn't good for your digestion." He picked up his knife and fork and elegantly ate the roasted pigeon that Yu Leelee was intending to eat.

Yu Leelee was annoyed.

The male lead actually ate her beloved food?

A dignified CEO actually snatched her food from right beneath her nose?!

He was so petty.

Her impression of the male lead was abruptly reduced by 10 points!

Next, Zhan Beiting only left her some plain porridge. Not long after, he asked the maid to remove the remaining food.

Yu Leelee stared at all the food that was being taken away and felt indignant.

But under the maid's guidance, she could only tidy up herself and carry her small schoolbag to school.

However, she asked the driver to drop her off 300 meters away from the school gate.

According to the novel's settings, the ugly duckling female lead was dropped off in front of the school gate by the male lead's luxury car, which attracted the envy and hatred of her female classmates. Some people even spread false rumors that the female lead was adopted by a rich man, which caused her a lot of trouble.

All she wanted was to be a quiet, insignificant little fairy.

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