My Domineering CEO Husband/C13 Troublesome Girl Suddenly Became Beautiful
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C13 Troublesome Girl Suddenly Became Beautiful
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C13 Troublesome Girl Suddenly Became Beautiful

In spite of her efforts, Yu Leelee still caused a commotion when she arrived at the school.

"Who is she?"

"Is she a new student? Why does she look so familiar?"

"She looks very cute. I'll go over to talk to her. Don't stop me!"

"Calm down. I think I saw on her school badge that her name is Yu Leelee."

"What? Is this that delinquent girl Yu Leelee? Are you joking with us?!"

"If you don't believe me, go and see for yourself."

Yu Leelee walked around the campus with her backpack on her back.

A few curious boys and girls followed behind her. After a while, a wave of sighs sounded.

"F * ck, she really is the ugly Yu Leelee!"

"Did she undergo plastic surgery? Which plastic surgery clinic could do such professional work?"

"Yes, she looks like a natural beauty."

Yu Leelee stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around.

The boy and girl who were walking behind her immediately stopped talking.

"My name is Yu Leelee, but I am not the same Yu Leelee you knew before." Yu Leelee calmly explained.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They all understood her words. However, they did not quite understand what she meant with them.

"I was born beautiful, I didn't have plastic surgery." Yu Leelee's cool almond eyes looked around the crowd and she smiled, "I just removed my makeup."

Everyone became silent.

"Indeed, she does not look like she had plastic surgery. She was still here in school yesterday. If she had plastic surgery, she would not be able to recover so quickly."

"Yes. If she had plastic surgery, she should be admitted in the hospital now."

"Why did she become more beautiful after removing her makeup?"

"Could it be that she deliberately kept her beauty hidden before?"

A few boys gathered together and discussed in low voices.

One of the girls couldn't stand it anymore, "What's the use of being good-looking if your character isn't as good? Isn't she a scumbag? Why are you guys so shallow!"

Yu Leelee was too lazy to argue with them. Carrying her schoolbag, she slowly walked towards the classroom.


Before she could enter, Yu Leelee was hugged tightly by someone in the corridor.

It was a girl with long black hair and a fresh face.

Yu Leelee looked at her school badge, Yu Weiwei.

Ah, her stepsister, the daughter of her scum father and stepmother.

The plot in the novel was that before Yu Leelee was born, Yu Weiwei's mother had been intimate with the scum father and gave birth to her. Her scum father had betrayed Hee Lan a long time ago.

Adding to the drama was the fact that her stepmother was Hee Lan's best friend. She knew that Hee Lan had been dating Yu Leelee's scum father for ten years.

In the end, her stepmother won with Yu Weiwei and Hee Lan was abandoned.

At a young age, Yu Leelee was framed by her stepmother and Yu Weiwei until she was kicked out of the house.

After the female lead was together with the male lead, Yu Weiwei also tried to sow discord between them. She didn't want the two to develop a romantic relationship. She planned for the female lead to have an affair and let the male lead catch her and agitated the conflict between the couple. Her scheming also became the source of the female lead's tragedy.

The reason Yu Leelee fell off the building was that Yu Weiwei had fallen in love with a male student in school. Yu Leelee happened to be attracted to him as well.

In order to teach Yu Leelee a lesson, Yu Weiwei paid some hooligans to rape the female lead.

She did not expect Yu Leelee to transmigrate to this body now.

"Lili, are you okay?" Yu Weiwei looked her up and down in disbelief. She couldn't conceal the shock in her eyes.

The hooligans had told her that this little slut had fallen off the building and died.

How did she come back to life?

Or did they deceive her and just took the money without doing anything?

Furthermore, how did this idiot suddenly become beautiful?

If she didn't look at the school badge, she almost couldn't believe that this was the same person!

For the first time, Yu Weiwei felt insecure that the current Yu Leelee was dazzling. She was actually much prettier than herself!

"What? You really want something to happen to me?" Yu Leelee smiled wryly.

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