My Domineering CEO Husband/C14 If You Do Bad Things, You'll Get Your Retribution
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C14 If You Do Bad Things, You'll Get Your Retribution
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C14 If You Do Bad Things, You'll Get Your Retribution

Looking into her clear, bright eyes. Yu Weiwei suddenly felt uncomfortable.

It seemed as if... this little slut knew everything.

But that was impossible!

She did it so covertly that this idiot couldn't possibly know!

Yu Weiwei tried to reassure herself and held Yu Leelee's wrist with a hurt expression, "How could that be? I'm your sister. How could I hope that anything terrible happened to you?"

"I'm sorry." Yu Leelee pulled her wrist back firmly and smiled without humor. "I do not have a sister like you."

"You..." Yu Weiwei squeezed a few false tears from her eyes and looked pitiful, "I know. You're still blaming daddy for throwing you out."

"But you were really going too far. How could you push Mom down the stairs?

You almost caused her to have a miscarriage."

When she finished speaking, the surrounding people's admiring gazes towards Yu Leelee immediately changed.

The first person to stand out and berate Yu Leelee was Gu Xiuze, the boy whom Yu Weiwei and her both liked.

"Yu Leelee, you've gone too far! I only know that you're skipping class and smoking, but I didn't expect you to be that worse. You actually pushed Weiwei's mother downstairs when she was pregnant!"

At this moment, Gu Xiuze pushed Yu Weiwei protectively behind him as if Yu Leelee was going to do her harm. He reprimanded Yu Leelee righteously and looked at her as if she was an unpardonable sinner.

There was a flash of malicious triumph in Yu Weiwei's eyes.

Gu Xiuze was the most handsome boy in class. He got top rank in class, which could be attributed to his excellence in character and learning. He also placed fourth on the male beauty rankings at the university. Add to the mix his good family background, and he was an influential figure in the school.

As soon as he said this, he caught the attention of many students.

"This kind of person is too despicable. She has actually attacked a pregnant woman! Who knows what else she's capable of doing when she grows up. Won't she kill people?!"

"I heard that she and Yu Weiwei have the same father but different mothers. Her mother is a mental patient. She must be jealous of Weiwei's beauty and good academic performance, so she attacked Weiwei's pregnant mother!"

"It's horrible, hell is empty and the devil is in the human world!"

"Weiwei is too kind. If it were me, I'd go up and slap her a few times. Weiwei is actually stupid enough to care about her!"

Their words made Yu Leelee seem extremely evil while Yu Weiwei seemed pure and noble.

It was disgusting.

The smile on Yu Leelee's lips deepened. "Yu Weiwei, you're perfectly aware why your mother jumped off the building.

You also know how my mother got her mental illness."

Yu Weiwei's face turned pale.

"Does she mean that there is something else going on?"

"It sounds like there is more to the matter. Is there a reversal of things?"

"Whose side are you on? I choose Weiwei, who is both good in conduct and in academics!"

The students discussed animatedly.

"Xiuze, I'm not like this..." Yu Weiwei looked at him in distress.

At this moment, Gu Xiuze felt his self-righteous machismo surge into the forefront. He acted protective of Yu Weiwei and gently reassured, "Of course, I will judge right from wrong."

He turned around and looked at Yu Leelee sternly. "I forbid you to smear Weiwei's name here. Weiwei is just too kind in her heart, that's why she is being bullied by people like you!"

Yu Weiwei is kind? What a laugh!

She was good in deceiving hot-blooded kids like him.

Yu Leelee really could not be bothered to argue with him. She did not understand how she actually thought she was in love with this little brat.

As the original owner's first love, Gu Xiuze, when compared to the male lead, was definitely not on the same level as him.

There was a huge difference.

Yu Leelee pressed her ears and thought that it was too noisy. She ignored Gu Xiuze and looked at Yu Weiwei indifferently, "In addition, let me tell you this: if you do too many bad things, you will surely receive retribution."

Yu Weiwei's face instantly became ashen.

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