My Domineering CEO Husband/C15 The Ghost Seat
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C15 The Ghost Seat
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C15 The Ghost Seat

She wanted to chase after Yu Leelee and ask what she meant, but she saw that she had already walked into the class without looking back.

"Huh? Why did she go in before she was done?"

"What did she mean by that last statement?"

"Is she cursing Weiwei?"

The crowd continued to chatter.

Yu Weiwei's face was pale and she forced a smile. "You guys, don't lower yourself to Lili's level. She's been like this since we're young."

As she spoke, she shrugged helplessly. "I have gotten used to it."

"Alas, Weiwei, you're too pitiful."

"In the future, you better leave her alone. People like her are too bad!" Gu Xiuze comforted Yu Weiwei.

"Yes, class is about to start so don't think too much about it," another student chimed in.

"Thank you." Yu Weiwei deliberately squeezed out a bitter and resigned smile and followed them into the class.

She got in just in time before the bell rang.

Soon, the class teacher Teacher Ma came in.

"Students, pay attention. According to the results of the last entrance exam, the students who are in the top 20 of our class have the right to choose their own seats."

"Now, let's assign the seats."

The teacher began to read out the names.

"First place, Gu Xiuze, second place, Yu Weiwei..."

"Teacher, I want to be seated beside Yu Weiwei."

"I'm willing, too."

The two of them looked at each other, the sparks of love noticeable in the air.

"Isn't this too dramatic? The first and second place are very ambiguous!"

"Let's get them together! I'm optimistic about the two of them!"

"Hey! Have you heard that these past few days, Yu Leelee seemed to have confessed her feelings to Gu Xiuze?"

Pfft, hahaha. She's simply making a fool of herself. Where did she get her confidence from? Yu Weiwei and Gu Xiuze are so compatible, what right does she have to confess to him?"

"Don't say that. I notice that she's much prettier than Yu Weiwei now," someone whispered.

"So what? She's poor in academics and has a mentally ill mother. What kind of future does a person like her have? On the other hand, Weiwei is the Yu Family's beloved eldest daughter. Besides, if she and Gu Xiuze really end up together, that would be a good story for the wealthy."

"I'm so envious. If I could marry into the Gu family, I wouldn't have to work hard for the rest of my life."

Some of the girls were chattering.

Yu Leelee did not care in the slightest. Instead, she wanted to laugh in amusement.

Are all high school students nowadays so gossipy?

She just wanted to find her assigned seat and quickly lie down on the table to take a nap.

She was not able to sleep well last night.

Yu Leelee yawned drowsily.

When the teacher called the names one by one, she was almost asleep. Until the teacher finally called her name.

"Yu Leelee!"

"Huh?" Yu Leelee lifted her head in a daze.

"You sit there!" Teacher Ma irritably pointed to a seat in the corner.

"No way! Yu Leelee is just too unlucky. This seat is a ghost seat!"

"Yeah, I heard from a senior that this seat was taken by the top student of the previous batch. Later on, she failed her college entrance exam and committed suicide. Later on, whoever sat on this seat would be in trouble. For the first few who sat on this seat... Some of them have gone crazy. Some of them quit school..."

If it were me, even if I didn't have a seat, I wouldn't take this one..."

A few female students were deep in discussion.

"Be quiet!" The teacher impatiently knocked on the table. She pushed her glasses up her nose and scolded, "You are people who have received higher education. Why are you so superstitious? What era is it now?

Where is the education that I have imparted to you?!"

Only then did the students keep their mouths shut.

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