My Domineering CEO Husband/C16 Little Heaven Master Vs Sinister Ghost
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C16 Little Heaven Master Vs Sinister Ghost
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C16 Little Heaven Master Vs Sinister Ghost

Yu Leelee rubbed her eyes sleepily and walked towards the seat.

As soon as she got closer, she became fully awake. She had an intense feeling of uneasiness.

There was indeed something wrong with this seat.

This table was enchanted!

This table had been enveloped with a type of magic that would make people unable to see what the exact problem was.

Ordinary people wouldn't be able to notice what's wrong with this table. When she took a closer look, she could see the black gas surrounding the table.

Yu Leelee reached under the table, felt around, and finally found a small piece of yellow paper.

On the paper, there was a spell written in black.

How dare anyone try to harm her with such a little trick?

Yu Leelee smiled nonchalantly. With one hand, she tore the yellow paper into pieces and threw it into the pencil case.


She was still so sleepy.

Yu Leelee leaned on the table and listened to the teacher talk about the teaching plan for the new semester and the scores of key universities. She did not understand and was not interested in this kind of thing. She just lay on the table and dozed off again.

While she was asleep, she felt someone blowing cold air into her ear.

Yu Leelee slowly looked up. She saw a female ghost wearing a school uniform. Her face was white and covered in blood. She was standing in front of her.

The cold air just now was the Yin Qi from her body.

Are ghosts nowadays so bold?

How dare they actually wander around right under her nose?

But then Yu Leelee remembered something else.

Her magical ability didn't work now.

Wasn't this ghost a bit too shameless? It came to provoke her when she was at her weakest. Was it trying to hurt her in broad daylight?

"You tore apart my witchcraft!" The female ghost in the school uniform accused Yu Leelee angrily. Her long black hair was stretched out towards her. A fog-like black gas surrounded her entire body.

Her hostility was quite strong.

"You must be the senior who jumped off the building after failing the college entrance exam." Yu Leelee had also heard some of the students' gossip while she was still in a drowsy state.

By this time, the classroom was dead silent.

Everyone's eyes were on Yu Leelee.

They saw her turn her head to the side and say something to the air.

"I'm warning you, don't touch me. I was a Heaven Master in my previous life so you can't afford to offend me." Although Yu Leelee did not have the ability now, she still had the aura of a Heaven Master.

The female ghost in the school uniform sneered, "I want to curse everyone who would sit in this seat! Why should I be the only one to suffer? I want them to experience the same pain as I did!

Since you dared to tear my charm, I will tear you as well!"

As she spoke, she lunged towards her with ferocious teeth and claws.

Yu Leelee closed her eyes and steeled her heart. Since she lacked ghost hunting tools, she could only bite her index finger and let her blood flow out. She then touched the ghost's body with her finger...

She originally thought that, since she had lost her ability, this move would lose its effectiveness. This move was only used to intimidate that female ghost, but she did not expect what happened next.

The black fog in front of her instantly dispersed. The evil aura on the female ghost also disappeared. She opened her eyes wide in fear. Seeing that her body was about to be completely corroded by the blood bead, she threw herself on her knees in front of Yu Leelee.

"Master, please don't hurt me!!"

"I still have wishes to fulfill!"

Yu Leelee took back her finger in surprise. The blood in her heart was still useful?

Didn't her ability disappear?

Just now, she seemed to have gotten back some of it.

What was going on?

But now was not the time to wonder about this. She said with a stern face, "You relied on your sinister powers to dare to come and hurt people during the day. You are too arrogant. As a Heaven Master, I have to teach you a lesson."

With that, she reached out her hand again.

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