My Domineering CEO Husband/C2 The Male Lead Is so Handsome
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C2 The Male Lead Is so Handsome
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C2 The Male Lead Is so Handsome

In the small, cramped room stood two rows of men in black suits. They were tall and straight, and looked to be bodyguards.

"Are you Yu Leelee?"

A low and mellow male voice came from a corner of the room. The voice was like the slow playing music of a violin.

Yu Leelee turned her head towards the sound. At the end of the two rows of bodyguards, a tall man stood by the window with his back to her.

He stood with the light on his back. His well-cut expensive suit outlined his well-built figure. He had wide shoulders and a slim waist. The evening sky gradually darkened. The warm yellow sunset sprinkled over his body, casting a layer of holy light on him. His demeanor was as noble and arrogant as a god.

Standing in the small room, he was like a king who was trying to conceal his true identity by wearing civilian clothes to experience the life of a commoner. He made a house that was not considered shabby by any standard look very shabby indeed.

Wasn't this the first time that the male and female lead of "Uncle CEO, Please Let Go" had met, and the male lead had been entrusted by his sister to pick up the female lead and her mother?!

It was indeed a love story in the making. She had transmigrated into the book, and she had met the male lead within an hour. Things were happening quickly and it was exciting!

Sensing Yu Leelee's gaze on him, the man slowly turned around.

When she finally saw his face, Yu Leelee's eyes widened.

My goodness! This male lead is too handsome!

Irresistibly handsome!

In her previous life, Yu Leelee had traveled both to the human world and the spirit world and seen countless beautiful men, but none of them could hold a candle to this man!

He had exquisite features that were like a piece of art lovingly molded into perfection, a clean-cut aristocratic profile, cool deep-set eyes that were difficult to fathom like a bottomless pond, with the formidable aura of a Combat King that was mighty and awe-inspiring even without being angered. His entire body seemed to be covered in a layer of ice that was difficult to melt in a thousand years, and he moved with a controlled grace that was nevertheless powerful and intimidating to others.

Based on his appearance and striking facial features, he was blessed with a pure Yang body. He was the beloved child of God and a person with an extremely valuable destiny. If he was placed in an ancient chaotic world, he could be an emperor. He had such an imposing figure that even Ghosts would be afraid to get close to him. Otherwise, they would turn into ashes and wouldn't even be able to reincarnate.

However, there was something bad about it as well. His fate was too noble and savage, and it belonged to the Heavenly Fiend Lone Star. It would cause his loved ones--his father, mother, and wife to die very early.

When he noticed the girl's stare, the man's eyes met hers.

His gaze was deep and cold, full of aggressiveness. It was like a sharp arrow that could pierce right through a person and tell what he or she was thinking.

Yu Leelee felt like she had nowhere to hide but fortunately, she already knew the development of the plot. She would not tolerate unreasonable treatment. She intended to make the male lead hate her and not care about her at all!

Yu Leelee put her hands on her waist and glared at him. She was brave and defiant. "So what if it is?"

The suited assistant who was closest to the man walked forward and respectfully said, "Miss Yu, allow me to introduce you formally to my family's young master, Zhan Beiting. He is the young master of the Zhan Family."

In the setting of the novel, the Zhan Family was one of the most affluent and respected families in the capital. They had a long history and true noble bloodlines. Their wealth and status belong to the top echelons of society not only in that city but in the whole country.

The Zhans' financial group was involved in various industries and monopolized some of the economic lifelines of the entire Zhan City and even overseas.

Zhan Beiting had been a major player in all of this.

It could be said that Zhan Beiting was an important figure in the whole Imperial Capital, or the entire country for that matter. Even a small action from him could put the economy to a standstill.

Zhan Beiting was handsome and rich. In fact, he was more attractive than the star actors of the entertainment industry.

It was no wonder that in the novel, so many girls were after him.

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