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My Domineering CEO Husband/C20 You Have Too Much Money At Home
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C20 You Have Too Much Money At Home

Zhan Beiting threw the folder on the table. His face was so that it could freeze everything within a hundred miles. "This meeting is adjourned."

Then, he grabbed his car keys and turned to leave.

All the senior managers stared in astonishment. They have no clue what was going on.

Lei Ming came back to his senses. He quickly followed his boss. "Young master, what's going on?"

"I'm going to the school." Zhan Beiting's eyes were cold.

"Did Third Master commit a violation in school?" Lei Ming asked quietly.

"It's Yu Leelee."

Lei Ming was speechless.

He could already feel his young master's anger simmering beneath the surface.

His young master was a workaholic. At the age of 28, he was addicted to his work and had no intention of falling in love. He had never even touched a woman's hand.

Moreover, the young master hated women and considered them to be troublesome creatures.

Then his elder sister asked the young master to take care of a problematic girl. She was the kind of person who kept causing trouble.

Now, the school actually let the big boss of the Zhan's Conglomerate go there to deal with the problematic girl's mess.

The young master had always been a impatient person, so one could imagine what is bound to happen.

Lei Ming once again lit a candle for Yu Leelee in his heart.

The limited edition Bugatti Veyron was traveling at lightning speed on the road. Zhan Beiting was frowning heavily.

Now he only wanted these three months to be up as soon as possible to get rid of this troublemaker.

Lei Ming silently handed over a black mask. "Young Master, I'm afraid your identity will cause a commotion in the school. Please put this on. "

Zhan Beiting glanced at him coldly. In the end, he took the mask and wore it on his face.

Ten minutes later.

The car arrived at the front gate of No.1 Imperial High School.

Lei Ming accompanied Zhan Beiting all the way to the Education Bureau.

The moment he pushed open the door and entered, Teacher Ma felt like a fire burst out in her stomach. "You are Yu Leelee's parents, right?"

Lei Ming's face was stern and solemn. "Teacher, please watch your words."

"What's wrong with my words?" The more Teacher Ma spoke, the more agitated she became. She sat down on the seat and drank some water. "Come, now I'll tell you about her situation in school."

"You've already said it over the phone. Get to the point." Zhan Beiting took off his mask and glanced at the pitiful little girl in the corner.

Lei Ming quickly found a seat for his boss. After wiping the seat with a silk scarf, he threw the silk scarf into the trash can and motioned for Zhan Beiting to take a seat.

Zhan Beiting only looked at it indifferently but didn't sit down.

"Why did you throw away such a good thing?" Teacher Ma asked unhappily. What could be on this stool? He even used such a nice silk scarf to wipe it.

She quickly stood up and picked up the scarf from the rubbish bin. She wiped it and put it on the table.

This scarf looked like a designer brand. Looking at their clothes, it was apparent that they were rich.

She could surely ask for compensation.

"As a teacher, I regret to tell you that not only is Yu Leelee in trouble now but even as parents, there also seems to be a problem with your thinking and style of guidance!"

"Not to say about anything else, let's take a look at this scarf first. It's such a good thing to just wipe the stool with then throw away. Why are you putting on airs here? What are you trying to do?

Do you have too much money at home that you can't use it all up?"

Lei Ming said quietly. "Yes."

Well, in South Africa, they do have tens of thousands of meters of ore mines.

Yu Leelee thought to herself.

Teacher Ma became choked for a moment. She had only wanted to educate them. She did not expect that they would be so disrespectful to her. She became angry out of embarrassment and slapped the table forcefully.

"As a parent, do you know what it means to respect a teacher? As a teacher, I only have good intentions to remind you to be thrifty, and yet you oppose me?"

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