My Domineering CEO Husband/C4 The Boss Is Going to Get Angry
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C4 The Boss Is Going to Get Angry
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C4 The Boss Is Going to Get Angry

The moment the bodyguard approached her, Yu Leelee moved her body agilely and quickly evaded him. She rushed towards Zhan Beiting like a small whirlwind!

She positioned herself in front of Zhan Beiting and pressed on his shoulder. She intended to throw him over his shoulder and teach this arrogant male lead a lesson.

Zhan Beiting looked at her thoughtfully. With a smooth movement of his arm, he threw Yu Leelee over his shoulder!

But he knew how to control himself. He threw the bemused girl onto the soft sofa.

"Damn!" Yu Leelee became dizzy from the fall. Her body bounced on the sofa several times.

As expected, the male lead was powerful. He possessed some skills.

Did he think that this would be enough to defeat her? No way!

Yu Leelee sat up and used her fingers to wipe the blood off her body, making it look like a lotus flower. "The heavens, the earth, come and bring down the Ancestral Master! Freeze for me!"

With that, she quickly stood up and pressed down on Zhan Beiting's black suit.

Zhan Beiting's eyes instantly filled with anger.

The bodyguards broke out in cold sweat. They fearfully thought to themselves, "It's over. Boss is going to get angry!"

Seeing that Zhan Beiting did not move, Yu Leelee stood up and smiled mockingly. "Do you think you're so great just because you're the male lead?

You're still under my control!"

"Hurry up and hand her over, or I'll teach you a lesson!" Yu Leelee made a face, balled her hand into a fist, and gestured with it. However, before her fist could even get close to Zhan Beiting, it was grabbed by a large hand.

Zhan Beiting's large hand firmly wrapped around the girl's small fist. His expression was so cold that it could freeze people and things. Under Yu Leelee's stunned gaze, he ordered his men, "Get her out of here!"

What's happening?

Why doesn't Little Heavenly Master Lolita's immobilization technique work on the male lead?

What's the problem?

Two bodyguards came forward, one on the left and one on the right, and both held on to each of Yu Leelee's shoulders. They used little strength to lift her up.

She refused to give up and poked Zhan Beiting a few more times with her bloody fingers.

Even though he already had a few red smears on his impeccable suit, Yu Leelee observed that he still looked unaffected.

The bodyguards were all dismayed, "This Miss Yu is really pitiful, and so foolish at such a young age."

Zhan Beiting thought grimly that maybe he should have this girl's brain checked.

Then Yu Leelee felt her feet leave the ground and her entire body floating. Before she could react, she was already lifted into the air by someone else.

"Don't touch me, do you hear me?!" Yu Leelee twisted her small body anxiously.

What on earth is going on?

Not only did her immobilization technique fail, her strength was also not what it used to be!

This original owner's physical fitness was just too poor. She simply could not beat a few strong bodyguards.

The bodyguards completely ignored her and Yu Leelee could only watch helplessly as she was carried out like a doll and stuffed into a million-dollar luxury car while curious passers-by watched.

When she was settled in the car and buckled into her seat belt, Yu Leelee then realized:

The male lead had a body of pure Yang so that none of the demons could get close to him. Unfortunately, this also meant that all of her spells had no effect on him whatsoever!

She was powerless to control the male lead!

What was even more terrifying was that Yu Leelee felt that the energy she had cultivated for so many years was almost zero in this world. This meant that the Yin Yang Eye was gone and the spell was no longer effective. The runes she wrote were like white paper and wouldn't be able to sell for much money. Not to mention ghost-hunting. If she really met a ghost, she would be lucky not to be killed by one.

Apparently, other than knowing some theoretical knowledge, such as reading other people's faces and fortune-telling, she couldn't use anything else.

Yu Leelee was beginning to feel desperate.

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