My Domineering CEO Husband/C6 Little Heavenly Master Lolita
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C6 Little Heavenly Master Lolita
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C6 Little Heavenly Master Lolita

In her previous life, she was also known as the beloved Little Heavenly Master Lolita. How did she become such an ugly girl?

She was disconsolate.

Yu Leelee hurriedly closed the mirror and threw it aside. Merely looking at it could reduce one's life expectancy!

"Are you crying because you're ugly?" Tony jeered as he leaned against Zhan Beiting and nonchalantly held on to his arm.

Zhan Beiting frowned in displeasure and was about to say something.

"You should be thankful that I am ugly and dirty so that you have room to show off, okay?" Yu Leelee did not show any anger on her face. Instead, she smiled mockingly. "The uglier I am, the more you have a sense of achievement, right?"

"Fairy?" Tony laughed so hard that his hair was shaking. "I love your confidence!

Because you're so ugly, let me help you improve your appearance."

Yu Leelee grinded the back of her teeth, held back the sharp retort she was about to say, and gave a fake smile. "Then thank you."

First, Yu Leelee was prepped to clean her tattoo with a laser and remove the black Azure Dragon and White Tiger from her arms. Then, she was treated to a full-body care.

Immediately after, he untied all the dirty little braids on her head. The stiff braids were as messy as a chicken's nest. Her hair quality was terrible since it was so dry and dull. Tony's last recourse was to cut off her long hair and the rest of it was taken cared of.

Next, her makeup was removed and had fresh makeup put on. Then new clothes, and accessories were selected for her.

More than two hours later, Yu Leelee, who looked like a completely different person, was escorted out.

"I really admire my talent for turning an ugly girl into a campus goddess, haha." Tony laughed gleefully.

Yu Leelee stood in front of Zhan Beiting, holding her dress proudly and turning around slowly. "Uncle Zhan, how do I look?"

Zhan Beiting put down his coffee cup and looked up casually. He gazed at her intently, and the light in his deep eyes changed slightly.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed that the girl in front of him was the same person from two hours ago!

After removing her ugly tattoos, her skin was as white and translucent as an egg.

The girl wore a fluffy chiffon dress and a purple doll collar. The upper half of her dress was gradually becoming a lighter shade of purple, and there were well-made satin butterflies at the cuffs. The dress was embroidered with delicate and complicated flowers. The blue and green braided belt accentuated her slim waist. Her chiffon dress seemed to carry the wind as she walked gracefully. It was a very enchanting look.

She now had a few strands of bangs. Her soft black hair was cut short and blown into two small braids with curved horns on both sides of her neck. It was extremely cute.

After her heavy makeup was removed, the complexion of her small face was sparkling and translucent, as if it could light up anytime. Her black almond eyes were clear and bright, and her nose was tall and straight. Her lightly shaded lips looked like an orange petal inviting someone to taste it.

"Uncle Zhan?" The girl waved her hand in front of his eyes.

Her soft voice made Zhan Beiting come back to his senses.

Uncle Zhan?!

Was he really that old?

He was only eight years older than her after all!

"Of course you look good! You're simply too captivating." Tony's eyes were filled with adoration. "This is too cute! I really want to take you home!"

"Really?" Yu Leelee stood in front of the mirror happily. At least now, her face was 80% similar to her face in her previous life.

However, this face was sweet and child-like, full of innocence.

"However, I, Tony, have good skills. Little doll, just stand there and don't move. I want to take a few pictures." Tony took out his phone and was about to take pictures of Yu Leelee.

"Take pictures of others." Zhan Beiting stood up and blocked Tony's camera with his height of 1.9 meters.

"Huh?" Tony asked, surprised. "You don't even allow me to take pictures of my own work? You're so stingy!"

"Here, you can swipe my card." Zhan Beiting handed Tony a limited edition black card.

After that, he took Yu Leelee out of the shop and both of them got into the car.

"Uncle Zhan, do you think I look nice?" Yu Leelee touched her pigtails innocently.

The female lead always had such a strong impact on the male lead. What should I do?

Unfortunately, she was not going to fall for the male lead.

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