My Domineering CEO Husband/C7 You're Not Allowed to Call Me Uncle
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C7 You're Not Allowed to Call Me Uncle
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C7 You're Not Allowed to Call Me Uncle

However, the male lead's body was full of Yang energy. If he stayed by her side, she would definitely be able to gain access to some Yang energy. Her ability to recover was just around the corner!

That was why she couldn't fight the male lead head-on right now. She had to follow him and pretend to be an innocent little girl.

However, she couldn't let the male lead fall in love with her. She had to rely on herself to make sure of this.

Yu Leelee mulled it over seriously.

Zhan Beiting glanced at her. This girl certainly didn't look bad.

But what could she be thinking at such a young age?


"Yu Leelee, you are not allowed to call me that."

Zhan Beiting ordered her in a deep voice.

"Then what am I allowed to call you, Uncle Zhan?" The girl raised her head. Her translucent almond eyes seemed able to speak volumes.

Zhan Beiting was speechless.

"If you don't want me to call you Uncle Zhan, what should I call you?" Yu Leelee muttered.

Actually, she called him Uncle Zhan because she had some ulterior motives. She wanted him to realize that he wanted to be with her. It was just an old cow nibbling on tender grass.

After all, the male lead was eight years older than she was.

Zhan Beiting frowned. "You cannot call me uncle."

"It's just a name. Why are you so serious?" Yu Leelee smiled impishly. "Really, Uncle Zhan?"

Zhan Beiting was left speechless again.

He really wished she would stop calling him that!

Ten minutes later, the car passed through the lush forest and stopped in front of a building that resembled a European castle.

The entire building took up thousands of square meters and was situated in a large forest that looked like a wide green ocean. The overall style was medieval European similar to a castle. The edifice was white and magnificent, and it could hold its own against any western palace.

This was even more imposing than the one in the comic book that the little disciple had given her, wasn't it?

Compared to this grandiose villa, Yu Leelee felt that her Taoist temple was not worth mentioning.

Outside the castle, there were two rows of servants standing on both sides. On the left were the servants in black and white maid uniforms. On the right stood the male servants in white shirts, fitted vests, bow ties, and suit and pants.

Seeing them get down from the car, everyone bent their bodies ninety degrees simultaneously and said in unison, "Hello, Young Master! Hello, Miss Yu!"

Yu Leelee thought that she was meekly following Zhan Beiting just like the Emperor's beloved concubine who was worshipped by tens of thousands of people in ancient times.

Goodness, where did this concubine comparison come from?

She did not want to develop an emotional relationship with the male lead.

Yu Leelee followed by Zhan Beiting's side. She was full of emotions. In her previous life, she was respected and famous. Many wealthy and influential people begged her to read their fortunes for them. They served her tea and water.

Now, she had nothing and she was still following him like a lackey.

Yu Leelee, who was lost in her thoughts, continued to walk and did not notice that the people in front of her had stopped.

She unintentionally slammed her head into Zhan Beiting's arms.

Yu Leelee rubbed her head sheepishly. "Ouch! So hard!"

Was this man made of steel? She bumped into him so hard that her eyes were full of stars.

Zhan Beiting's brows furrowed. His face was as cold as frost. "Remember what I said. I am responsible for everything you say and do. Don't get me into trouble."

"Got it."

He was really such a nag!

Yu Leelee muttered in her mind.

Soon, they arrived in the living room.

Yu Leelee was amazed at the size of the living room. It was as big as a basketball court!

The overall design was classic and elegant. The rainbow-colored glazed lamp on top of her head made Yu Leelee squint her eyes. She was not used to the light.

At this moment, the old master of the Zhan Family was sitting on the main seat of the living room. He wore a vintage pair of eyeglasses and was looking so dignified even though he was leaning on a walking stick.

"Lili, this is Grandfather." Zhan Beiting introduced them formally.

"Hello, Grandpa!" Yu Leelee called out shyly. She even bowed in respect like a proper young lady.

"So you are Hee Lan's little girl, right?" The old man stood up unsteadily, "Fu often mentions both you and your mother to me."

Fu was Zhan Beiting's older sister, Zhan Fu, who was away.

"Yes I am, Grandfather."

"You look quite likable." The old man smiled and his white beard quivered slightly. "Since Fu gave you the adults and children, you should take good care of them and do your best as a host."

After he gave this symbolic explanation, the old master became tired. He then went back to his room to rest.

Zhan Beiting looked around searching for someone. "Where is the third young master?"

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