My Domineering CEO Husband/C9 Will You Listen to Me or Not?
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My Domineering CEO Husband/C9 Will You Listen to Me or Not?
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C9 Will You Listen to Me or Not?

"Am I going to get hurt?" Zhan Nanxi smiled nonchalantly. He pulled the lollipop out from his mouth, threw it to the side, and glared at her. "How dare you curse me?"

"I charge a lot for fortune-telling, but I'm not charging you now."

This person is so unappreciative. What a pity!

Zhan Nanxi was so furious that he sneered contemptuously. "Elder Brother, look at this girl you brought back! I heard she's fond of skipping classes and getting into fights. She's known for being a problematic female student in our school. She doesn't deserve to stay in our house. Even when you're kind enough to take her in, she still dares to curse me openly?

"This is already a matter of character. I think we should kick this trash out!" Zhan Nanxi was enraged.

"Sure." Yu Leelee smiled sweetly, "Then you can call Madam Zhan. If she lets me go, I will leave immediately."

"Elder Brother! See, she actually dares to use Elder Sister to suppress me!" Zhan Nanxi clenched his fists in anger. His handsome face was red with fury. "She's too arrogant!"

"Hit me if you dare." Yu Leelee made a face at him.

"Do you think I won't dare?" Zhan Nanxi started to roll up his sleeves aggressively.

"Enough!" Zhan Beiting warned. His face was as cold as ice.

The bickering pair instantly became silent.

Seeing Zhan Beiting getting angry, Zhan Nanxi retreated and took the second lollipop from the servant. He put it in his mouth and started to go upstairs.

"Let's go and see your mother." Zhan Beiting turned to leave.

"Okay." Yu Leelee quickly followed.

Then she turned around and called out confidently, "Zhan Nanxi, you will come back crying soon and beg me to save you."

"You!" Zhan Nanxi was so infuriated that he wanted to grab this insolent girl and beat her up.

However, under Zhan Beiting's gaze, he had no choice but to continue going upstairs angrily and shut the door with a bang.

Zhan Beiting then brought Yu Leelee to see Hee Lan.

The Zhan Family physician had already treated Hee Lan and prescribed her a soothing medicine. When Yu Leelee arrived, Hee Lan was already resting.

After making sure that Hee Lan was fine, Yu Leelee felt relieved.

Zhan Beiting brought Yu Leelee to a room on the third floor.

The room had been renovated and looked very feminine. Yu Leelee loved it.

"I need to rest. Good night, Uncle Zhan." Yu Leelee waved her hand and began to close the door.

However, Zhan Beiting opened the door effortlessly and closed it behind himself.

He then turned around and pressed Yu Leelee against the wall.

"You will be staying here for the next three months." Zhan Beiting's deep eyes were cold. The girl's arrival had caused a commotion in the house and Zhan Beiting had lost his patience.

"You better behave yourself. If you dare to cause trouble for me, I don't mind sending you abroad."

Yu Leelee was originally quite pleased, but when she heard these words, she was immediately furious.

"You forced me to come to your house! I didn't say anything. What right do you have to just take me away?"

He really thought of her as a stray dog.

Who did he think he was? To just bring her home and take her away as he pleased!

"I can because I'm your guardian." Zhan Beiting leaned over and put his arms on the wall beside her. A strong sense of oppression and aggression engulfed Yu Leelee, making her unable to catch her breath.

Seeing his handsome face so close to hers, Yu Leelee could not help but swallow in front of such attractiveness. She avoided his eyes. "Go away."

"Let me ask you, in these three months, will you listen to me or not? Huh?" Zhan Beiting continued to come closer.

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