My Ex-wife Is An Angel/C1 Chapter One
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My Ex-wife Is An Angel/C1 Chapter One
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C1 Chapter One

Jessica's pov

I just got home from the hospital I'm super excited and yes I'm going to become a mother soon. I'm actually pregnant with twins. I see another car parked in front of the house but i just shrugged it off maybe his friends came over but when i entered i heard the sounds of moaning and groaning. Oh no! this can't be happening Lord please I'm sure there is an explanation for all of this Nicolas would never cheat on me right?.

But when i opened our bedroom door i saw something that would scar me for life Nicolas supposed ex-girlfriend was on top of him riding him. I felt my world shatter completely i couldn't believe it my Nicolas, my husband the one who was supposed to always stay loyal to me was busy cheating on me right under my nose.

"Nicolas" i called out to him

Oh shit I'm so sorry you had to see this jessie but I've been meaning to tell you this for a very long time i never loved you okay sophie is the one i love so please i want you to sign the divorce papers and leave my house immediately.

"B..b..but I..I.. I'm pregnant Nicolas?!!" I cried

Stop lying to me woman sophie saw you paying the doctors to falsify your pregnancy test to make me believe you were busy carrying my kids here are the pictures she took so stop lying please. I looked at sophie and you guessed it right the bitch was busy smirking.

I wiped a stray tear that fell from my eyes and then i signed the papers but before i left i looked over to Nicolas and said this

"One day you will regret this and don't expect me to run into your arms"

Nicolas pov

I don't know why but it feels like i just made the biggest mistake of my life was jessie right would i eventually end up begging her for forgiveness?. Nah...i don't think so i have sophie my first love so why would i ever need jessie she's just busy deceiving herself.

Sophie's pov

Hahaha i finally got Nicolas to leave that stupid bitch now he's all mine well not really he's just my ATM my boyfriend and i will really have fun spending all of his money. He's so stupid he really thinks i love him i never did call me evil but i don't give a fuck.

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