My Ex-wife Is An Angel/C2 Chapter Two
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My Ex-wife Is An Angel/C2 Chapter Two
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C2 Chapter Two

Jessica's pov:

Two years later

I'm now the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the country. I overcame every single struggles and hardships i had to go through to get to this point I'm very proud of what i have achieved for my kids and I. Oh and yes i gave birth to my angels two years ago. Christian and christiana they are so adorable at a young age christian is already over protective when it comes to Christiana I'm so happy about that.

I snapped out of my day dreaming when my secretary vivian came to tell me it's time for the meeting. All the top CEO'S in the business world are here to discuss how we can help one another to grow and flourish. I'm dressed in a white long sleeved shirt, an orange pencil skirt with an orange blazer while my hair is in it's natural waves.

What I've learned this past two years is to always arrive fashionably late in order to show your importance and no I'm not being proud or anything like that. When i entered i heard gasps from the other CEO'S " whoa damn she's hot" "i could bang that" "is she married" and so on.

But one stood out the voice of my ex-husband Nicolas that cheating b*stard i looked over to where he was sitting and luckily there was an empty seat beside him. He just kept staring at me and it was starting to creep me out maybe he thought i was never hot i kinda understand him i always wore sweatshirts and pants while we were still together i never wore clothes like this or he didn't expect me to be this rich maybe he expected me to live in a tiny apartment crying over him, well he was definitely wrong.

~ 2 hours later~

I was heading over to my car when someone grabbed my wrist oh and guess who it was guys of course it was that idiot Nicolas.

"What do you want" i asked him

"You" was all he said

And then my friends i burst out laughing i just couldn't control it i guess he's become crazy since the last time i saw him. Oh and i gave him a biffiting reply.

"You're crazy"

And then i left him standing by the driveway shell shocked.

New chapter is coming soon
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