My Funny Consort

Historical Romance
200 Chapters
My Funny Consort
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Latest Release: C200
Oct 2nd, 03:01
What are you doing in the palace? When Qian Jiujiu heard it, she suddenly remembered. Seems like it, she patted his head and said, "Indeed, you've been silly since you were pregnant three years ago, I almost forgot about this matter." "It's a good thing I have you, Little Man." Xiao Man covered his mouth and chuckled: "This is my father's wedding, of course I remember, that's right, sister, the
The moment she transmigrated into the royal palace, she would be forced to marry someone even if she was not fond of her father! I heard that the one he was going to marry was the Emperor's favorite prince? I like princes, they are rich! I heard that the prince I'm marrying is a cripple? I like being crippled, I can do whatever I want with it! His brilliant medical skills had returned to its former glory, and he had healed the prince's crippled legs. He had wanted to support the prince, but who would have thought that this prince was actually a schemer! He might be able to say who he was dealing with …