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C1 Guardian

"Hey!" a shout from a boy who is now blocking my way out. "And where do you think you're going?" he sarcastically asks me.

Easton swallowed up, he was in an alley, with two boys, blocking his way out.

"Will you give us your money or do you want to get beat up?"

"Bailey ven-ire!"

Spirit particles gathered beside him. After a few seconds, Bailey, A human-sized Bear, his Guardians, appeared on his left.

"What now?" he said while holding my shirt, "Oh right, I forget that you don't have a Guardian!" he laughed. "So give me the God damn money! or."

"Or what?" I ask him, I think I made a mistake of questioning him.

"Just Give me the Goddamn Money!" the tone of his speech changed, he looked me in the eyes, I could see that he was desperate of getting my money but. "are you stupid? I don't have it.”

"ARG!" he shout right in my face, I could feel his saliva sticking in my bear feet. He looks at me again and he suddenly punches me in the stomach.

"Bailey, you know what to do," he said once turning his back on me, he leaves me with his human-size bear. I can't defend myself. He's too big and too powerful.


I felt every blow, kick, in every part of my body, it hurts, each part of my body hurts, and some of the wounds are so sore that I wanted to pass out. "Bailey rit-orno!" the human-size Guardian disappeared.

"Tch." he looks at me with those angry eyes, but before he leaves me he kicks my stomach causing me to throw up, and then leave me.

I slowly stood up, "Ouch." I whispered.

As I was walking, I came across a broken glass and saw my reflection, My clothes are torn and have some bloodstain on it, I have a lot of bruises and wounds everywhere on my body, some of it looks okay but some looks deeps and it hurts.

"I'm useless," I said to myself, I'm so disappointed in me, I don't care anymore.

As I continue to walk people were looking at me, even kids, maybe they were wondering why I look like this

I just ignored them and hurriedly walked, I saw a mother and his son walking in the park, "Mom, can I hold Fuji?" the boy asks while holding his mom's hand. She just smiled and then, spirit particles gathered and a small bird appeared. "Wah, he's really cute," he said and hugged his mom.

this world I live in right now is filled with spirit particles but we call them Dust, where you can call your Guardian. Guardians are powerful spiritual beings, and loyal to their Bearer. They appeared in the years 2012 before Guardian show up. There is a species of Alien and we call them Divians, they started to appear in the year 2008 and The war starts to begin, Human Races we're in great danger because of Divians, Humans thought that Divian can easily defeat but they were wrong, And then that's where Guardian appeared.

Guardians and Humans Make a Contract, A contract that until now is Active, and that's why we humans have Guardians, You see, one person, one guardian, some people can summon 2 guardians but they are super rare these days.

"Oh, What happened young man?" an old lady asked me, she walked in my direction and when she arrived at me, she was shocked to see me with a lot of wounds and bruises.

"Don't move okay," she said, she looks at me, and then she pointed her hands in one of my wounds, "Remedium vulneris magnanime preist sana vulnus mederi posse mihi!" Oh, I see, she is a User, aside from Guardians we humans have abilities, but not all humans can be a User you must be born to a family of Users. But unfortunately, I'm not born in a family who is a User, And I don't even have my own Guardian.

"You're so lucky to have such abilities." I praised her. "Let me guess you have the ability to heal." She nods's "But i can't heal all wounds, my Ability is only for basic wounds or injuries." she explained, "But how did you know such things," she asks me. "Oh wait let me guess, Mind reading?" she looks at me with a smile on her face.

"Sorry to disappoint you I'm not a User nor a Guardian User," I said straight to the point. "But how did you know such a thing?" she looks confused. "I study a lot about guardians and User.," I answered, while looking in my wounds, she really did heal them.

"Well, you poor thing. I want to do this but I hope mother's okay with this." i can't really hear what she saying because my attention was on a pack of Army walking towards us.

"Gloria esse suum esse verum repraesentat, dona suo velle, da ei the Power in pulveris, o mater!" She stopped and then looked at me, "ARGG!" I cried out because of a severe headache. "What did you do to me?" I immediately asked, She smiled "Ms. Spell man, You must follow us or we will use force.!" A deep voice and a well-mannered man appear in front of us, But i can't look at them because my head hurts, it looks like my head wants to explode. "I'll always watching you, Easton," she said, and then she stands and followed the Army.

"My head hurts so bad, what did she do to me?" I forced myself to get up and walk.

I lived alone, I grew up in an orphanage, but when I reached the age of 17 I left it because I got a job. And this is how it is. When you turn 15, you can live on your own and get a job or live your life as you want. "What happened to you again Easton? Why are your clothes torn again?" that was immediately what I heard when I entered the building where I live now.

Meet Mrs. Rosetta, she helped me a year ago. she is the one who let me live here in her Building called Motel. "Come here and we will fix your clothes." "Lucy ven-ire!" and white spirit dust gathered and then a few minutes a Small Mouse appeared. "Take off your clothes first and iron them first," she said as she handed me her old clothes. "Go to your apartment first and take a bath, I will return it after I fixed it"

"Thank you very much, Mrs. Rosetta," I said sincerely. "Didn't I tell you not to thank me, I will always help you. So leave before I change my mind." she teased me.

I didn't tell Mrs. Rosetta about what happened because it is a very long day, when I got to my room, I immediately went to bed to sleep. I ignored the bloodstain on my arms and face and immediately fell asleep.


"EASTON! EASTON!" I immediately woke up when I heard Mrs. Rosetta's loud voice. I immediately got up to open the door for her. "WHY DON'T YOU ANSWER-" she sighed when she saw me. "Are you sleeping? I'm sorry," she said while laughing softly. "Yeah, sorry to scared you, Mrs. Rosetta," I said. "Don't worry, I'm done fixing this," she said once handing me a bag. "Thank you so much, Mrs. Rosetta," I thanked her.

"By the way, your Birthday is tomorrow, right? What is your plan?" She asks me, "I don't know yet, and besides I have my work tomorrow." I said while yawning, "All right, I'll take a bath, And please do have plans for your Birthday, see you later." She just smiled before leaving.

I Closed the door and then went to the living room to sit down and look at the clothes she had Fixed, and everything look new. I put it on the center table and looked outside the window.

Lots of flying Guardians, birds, dragons, owls. They are with their Bearers, This world where you can rely on your Guardian. Sometimes I wonder why did I even be born if I don't have a parent nor a Guardian? Is this the destiny you gave me? Do I have no chance of having a Guardian? Will I ever get to know my parents or now if there still alive?

A place where Guardian is everything, A place where only me, without a Guardian and not a User. Without a parent, poor, How can I live in this place? A Bearer who doesn't even have a Guardian.

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