My Guardian System/C2 Birthday
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My Guardian System/C2 Birthday
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C2 Birthday

Where am I? I looked around and immediately noticed a small lamp of light, I was curious of it so i went to it, and saw a woman in the age of 35, she was holding a gift, and walking towards a child, I guess that's her son.

"Kace, happy 3rd birthday son. This is our gift for you." She greeted her son, she gave her the gift she was holding. "What is this, Mama?" the boy asks. I didn't see much of the child's face but I can see the book, i tried my best to look at what is the title of the book but all i could see is 'System'

The boy smiles and then hugs her mom. I don't know but something is wrong in my heart, am I jealous of that child? I mean I wish my mother treat me like that, Hugs me, care for me, gave presents to me, I just realize that tears are falling from my face, "Get a hold of yourself, Easton!" I cheered myself.

"Son, sorry, Your Dad and I are leaving again, I'm sorry if we can't accompany you to the park and celebrate your birthday," she said to his Child, but the child just smiled as he looked at the book. I don't get it? If I would be that ill cry for sure to have my mother and father just to be on my birthdays.

I immediately hold my head, because its starting to hurt, it was like what happened earlier. I looked at the mother and her son but they disappeared. Where are they? I looked around but I couldn't see anything, I was on my knees with a severe headache, what the hell is happening?

"EASTON WAKE UP!" I sighed as I opened my eyes.

A dream?

"What happened? Earlier you were shouting." Rosetta asked me anxiously.

"No, I just had a dream. A bad dream." I said and hold my head.

"Are you sure, you're okay?" Rosetta asks me again.

I just nodded. "By the way, your boss came here earlier, he said you won't need to open the shop because he's leaving, and he's giving this for you." she handed me an envelope. "What is this?" I ask her as i grabbed the envelope. She only smiled at me, but because she won't answer me I opened the envelope and I was surprised by the amount of money. "That's your salary," she says and smiled. "You deserve that."

I smiled with great joy, I can buy some food so i could celebrate with Mrs. Rosetta. "And since it's your birthday, I'll give you something too," she said and then handed me an envelope. I looked at it and it also contained money, I looked at her with a confused face. "What is it for?" I ask her.

"that's my gift, but don't worry there's more to come.," she said to me with a sweet smile. "Accept that, and I will also leave and buy something at the Capitol," she said to me as she stands. "Won't you come with me? We will eat here, i will buy some food." I said and then followed her. "I'm sorry," she said then left.

The Capitol is far away, you still have to take a train or if you have a Flying-type Guardian you can go there for an hour or two but when you take the train, it will take 8 hours.

Our place is called Mizu, The City near lake Mizu, in this area the water types Guardian and Flying-type are common.

There are three towns before you can reach the Capitol, if you are from Mizu here, you will only pass three towns but when you come from Hill mountains known as Santi, you will need to pass here. But when you live here you can pass Sapporo, then the City of Edo, and finally Mori, The forest, and the Capitol.

"I'M LEAVING EASTON!" Rosetta shouted outside, I immediately left my room and run outside so i could say goodbye to her. "Be careful Rosetta," I said and then hug her. "Don't worry okay? Lucy is with me," She said, "and this old hug won't be defeated easily." She laughs and came over and touched my head. "Just enjoy your day," She said. "Lucy ven-ire!"

I just watched her walk until I could no longer see her back.

"Okay Easton, Let's have some fun," I said to myself and went inside again, I first went to my refrigerator to see if what should i buy later. Milk, Meat, and Beer. What will I eat later? should I buy a cake? but before that, I will take a bath first. I can smell myself, did Mrs. Rosetta smell me? this is so embarrassing! I immediately went to the bathroom to take a shower.


"One of these, And two cupcakes," I said to the shopkeeper.

I'm here now at the Cakeshop, buying a cake for myself, I just finished buying my necessities "that would be 745 pesos, Cash or Magi Card?" she looked at me. "Cash," I said as I give her the exact amount. After that, i leave the shop and decided to go home.

As i passed by i saw the shop called 'Bookshop.' It's not just a Bookshop, in that shop you can buy a book, the Summoners Book, Before, we need to use a magi circle, the Magi circle must be drawn using your bearer dust so you could summon your first-ever Guardian, but we humans find an easier way to summon our Guardians that's why we have this book. called The Summoners Book to summon our Guardian, But you will only use the Summoners book if its your first time summoning your Guardian. And then you can freely summon it without the help of the book.

"Do you want to buy your first Guardian sir?" the salesman asked me, I did not answer him and just leave.

When I arrived at the front door of the building and notice something in my mailbox, I walk there and then saw a paper is, "it's from Yui." Is she or a he? I was confused for a moment, "Gosh, its getting cold" I whispered as the cold wind touches my skin.

I took with me the letter and the things ii brought earlier. I entered the Building and passed Mrs. Rosetta's rooms, "I guess she's not home yet." and as I walk towards my door, I saw a dark old book, as i arrive, the only thing caught my attention the most is the wing sign in the front page of the old book.

"Whose book is this?" I asked and then looked around if someone would come out and then claim this old book but no one came out. I look at the book again, it was like talking to me to get him and bring it with me, so i did it, I took it with me and went inside my room.

As i closed the door i immediately put the letter and book on the center table and then went to the kitchen to sort out my groceries. After a few minutes, i successfully finished arranging the groceries. And walk to the living room and then turned on the TV. When i saw watching the TV, the book and letter caught my eyes, so i get the letter and then read it.

'Dear Easton,

I'm giving you this letter to warn you about the book, By Reading the phrase "aperta systema" and then the book will open. But i warn you, don't you DARE READ AND FOLLOW WHAT THE BOOK SAYS TO YOU!


I looked at the book, my head is telling e to open, I want to feed my curiosity so i said those words "aperta systema!" but as i expected, nothing happen, "HAHAHA it's a prank!" I said and then laugh, "I'm full of this!" I stood up and then throw the book along with the letter in then threw it in the trashcan.


the time is "11:58 PM." It's almost done, and yet Mrs. Rosetta is not home, My birthday will end in 2 more minutes. Should i just put away the dishes and get ready to go to sleep. "Ding Dong!" I heard the clock ticking in the living room.

"It's over-" I immediately closed my eyes because of the excessive light. "WHO'S THERE!" I immediately asked, I turned around to get a dagger. I turned around and slowly adjusted my eyes to the light, my eyes widened to see that the book i threw earlier is floating.

I approached it and examined the floating book. I looked at it closely, and I confirmed that there's no string attach was holding. it was just floating, I was going to hold it when the book suddenly opened and it started to flip the pages to pages, and while it was flipping the pages a word came out and then floated in front of me I stepped back to look at the letters.

'ガ ー デ ィ ア ン シ ス テ ム ,'

"I can't read it" These are ancient letters, I was thinking of it, but there's nothing, I don't even recognize what ancient letter are those. "Wait. This is what was written in the book I read before, Gādi-anshi-sutemu" When I said that, the book came to closer me, and the letters started to change, it moved through the scales and stopped at the drawn a circle.

"Magi Circle?" I ask. It seems like I'm going crazy, I'm talking to myself.

New chapter is coming soon
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