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C1 Feeling

Family is as important as my life. Because with them I know what it means to love without demanding anything in return.

Mardelia Zara Zeanna


Mardelia Zara Zeanne, The woman who was always considered a child by her older brother. A beautiful woman with jet black hair, a sharp nose, a warm gaze as well as a friendly nature that makes everyone like her. Only one there is an oddity of a Zara. She has never had a romantic relationship with a man at the age of 20.far, she is only close to men, namely her brother, Jayden Galandra and also Gavian Arthur Aldevaroa, close friend of her brother.

And as for Zara's parents, they have died since Zara was a child. Therefore, for Zara her brother is everything, her life, her half breath, her heartbeat. Zara really loves her Brother.

Her brother also actually forbade Zara from dating men first. He didn't want to see his little sister hurt by a boy. For Jayden, Zara is a very precious pearl and must be protected with all his heart and his life.

"Jay! Zara is scared...” Zara whined with a worried face. Meanwhile, Jayden, who is currently busy with the paperwork piled up in front of him.

Tonight the atmosphere is so eerie. The wind was blowing very hard outside. The sound of branches breaking in the wind. The sky was also so cloudy with red lightning that it looked terrible.

Zara stands looking in front of her bedroom window. She had been scared all this time even though Jayden was clearly nearby while finishing work.

"Here, come closer to me!" Jayden looked at his little sister as he patted the bed telling her to sit down.

"Don't you want to see the atmosphere outside? This makes Zara nervous. Zara feels uncomfortable. The sound of lightning and flashes in the sky is terrible, Jay."

Jayden just shook his head listening to his little sister's long chatter.

Jayden stood up and walked closer to Zara and hugged her from behind wrapping his arms around his little sister's waist.

"Are you feeling better, Zara?"

"Sure. You should have hugged me like this from the beginning," she smiled sincerely and then kissed her brother's cheek gently.


"This is the time. The owner of the immortal blood must be mine!" Someone wearing a black robe and sharp eyes looked at the three people in front of him.

He is the crown prince of the Vampire Gervinder. Prince Hanson Severus Invader. Prince who is known to be arrogant. He has ambitions to have the power and immortality of the owner of the immortal blood.

"I have great faith in you, my guardian. I have never doubted your loyalty to the Gervinder." His gaze was serious on the man Prince Hanson believed to be the Guardian of the Gervinder.

"I want you to bring the owner of the immortal blood for me!" The crown prince ordered absolutely.

The man in front of Hanson immediately spoke up, he was Wals Hans.

"I'm sure Jeffry will complete this task easily."

Luxion Jeffery Ernest. He is a Guardian of the Gervinder. A vampire who is handsome, cruel, cold, intelligent, and his loyalty to Lord Vampire Gervinder cannot be doubted. His ability to read other people's minds.

The Guardian Vampire from the Gervinder must get out of the immortal world and enter the underworld (human world).

Jeffry was accompanied by two of his friends. Hans and Alcina. The three of them were assigned by Prince Hanson to bring the owner of the immortal blood to him, considering that the three of them had great abilities.

Jeffry was silent and then bowed respectfully indicating that Jeffry agreed to the prince's order. Cold and talkative are the attitudes that are attached to Jeffry. He wanted nothing for her but to protect the vampire Lord Gervinder and the Gervinder.

Prince Hanson smiled a little, looking very scary as he raised a silver glass filled with a thick red drink, Blood.

Lightning flashed in the sky and loud rumbling sounds in the immortal world as well as in the underworld (humans) seemed to indicate that something big was about to happen and the owner of the immortal blood would come.

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