MY GUARDIAN VAMPIRE/C2 Carry the mission
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MY GUARDIAN VAMPIRE/C2 Carry the mission
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C2 Carry the mission

For me, our life will be much more valuable if we can see other people happy because of us.

Mardelia Zara Zaenne.


In a magnificent and very spacious room dominated by bright red paint combined with charming decorations and the fragrant smell of roses that bursts add to the splendor of the room belonging to the Queen of the Vampire Gervinder clan.

"Take care of yourself Jeffry Luxion. I don't want you to get hurt," Queen Arcelle looked at Jeffry lovingly.

Arcelle considers her son's Jeffry guardian to be like her own son. From childhood, Arcelle herself took care of Jeffry when Jeffry's mother and father died during the great war several years ago.

Jeffry gently held the hand of the woman who Jeffry considered as his own mother.

"Did you underestimate the strength of your own son?!" Jeffry made an annoyed face. Only to Arcelle was Jeffry able to act like a child like this. In an instant the cold attitude disappeared when he was with Arcelle.

"You know Jeffry, I already consider you as my own mother's son. For mother, Hanson and you are both mother's sons. Even mother loves you more than Hanson," Arcelle looked at Jeffry sadly.

"Your child will be fine Mother, believe me" Jeffry hugged Arcelle tightly and was returned a loving hug by Arcelle. It was hard to let her beloved son go because of the task given by his son, Hanson.

Jeffry has often participated in wars, there is no need for a Guardian to doubt his prowess, but for Arcelle this is Jeffry's first time to the underworld. Human world.

Like a mother, a feeling of great worry enveloped her feelings.

"Jeffry..! You must immediately find MATE !" Arcelle puts emphasis on the word mate.

Mate: eternal partner.

"Don't talk about it just yet, Mother,"

Jeffry always avoids when his mother talks about Mate. The thing that made Jeffry himself sick of hearing that word. Because Arcelle has been trying to find Mate Jeffry lately. "How many centuries are you waiting for your Mate, son?!" Arcelle looks annoyed with her son's stubborn attitude.

"Many more centuries maybe," Jeffry answered casually and then looked away, leaving Arcelle just like that.

"Start looking for your Mate. Your mate could be a human," Jeffry who heard that immediately stopped walking and glanced at Arcelle.

"I'm sure! You will soon meet your Mate, Jeffry." Arcelle thought with a happy smile.

After saying goodbye to the Queen, Jeffry and Hans and Alciana immediately went to the underworld through a dimensional hole or they used to call it Portal. A means of transportation commonly used by demons who have magical abilities. Vampires don't like this, they only use it when the situation is urgent. To do it. Vampires need demonic powers that have magical abilities.


As usual early in the morning, Zara was already getting ready to go to work. Her brother had left for work in the afternoon because he had to finish something.

At home, Zara lives with her Brother Jayden and a maid who is considered family by Zara herself because since she was a child, Zara has been with her. the maid named Aunt Choi. The woman who has a motherly face is for Zara, aunt Choi is like a mother and a friend.

Choi has already prepared food for Zara. However, Zara even chuckled when her aunt was busy preparing food for her.

"Can't you just shut up for a moment? Just have breakfast with Zara once. In 20 years, you haven't eaten with Zara. It upsets Zara."

Choi looked at her lady with a gentle smile.

"Hurry up and eat your food, Miss Zara. Master can be angry with me later,"

"Jay has already left, how can he scold you?" snapped Zara.

Again Aunt Choi just smiled and continued her work.


Zara set foot in a building that is so large dominated by white paint. Lots of people are walking around there. People wearing all-white clothes are seen greeting Zara.

"Good morning Doctor!" Some nurses greet Zara warmly.

This is Zara's profession. She is a doctor. At a relatively young age, Zara received a doctor's degree. Zara is indeed a smart and hardworking woman. But her childish nature still hasn't left her until now.

It actually made some people feel comfortable with Zara because of her warm demeanor and easy smile to everyone. Patients at the hospital also feel happy with this young doctor because of her hospitality and her beautiful face like a Goddess.

Zara enters her office space and puts her bag on the table. This is Zara's life which makes her life more meaningful because she can help others with her abilities.

Zara works all day long to treat patients who can be said to have chronic diseases. The hospital where Zara works is the biggest and nicest hospital in her city. No wonder, if the Doctor is very busy all the time.


It's time for Zara to go home, it is almost midnight now. The atmosphere in the hospital was also quiet with dim lights throughout the room.

Zara has come out of the hospital in a doctor's coat which she slings over her shoulders. Zara has not had time to open her cellphone, Zara's face looks worried seeing 25 missed calls from her brother.

"You're so stupid Zara. Jay must be worried about you," Zara grumbled while waiting for a call from her brother.

As usual, Zara is waiting to be picked up by her brother. Suddenly Zara sees a black shadow on the road.

The sound of the telephone ringing clearly broke the silence in the quiet night. Zara is still trying to call her brother who is very difficult to contact.

"It's not usually, Jay picks up the phone from me for a long time.!" Zara grumbled with feelings raging for fear of the shadow she saw earlier.

Zara is shocked when next to her is someone wearing a long black robe and a hood, standing a few meters away from Zara.

For fear of something happening Zara chooses to walk away from where she is standing, away from the mysterious person nearby.

"Are you sure she's the one we're looking for?!" two people were standing on top of the building watching their prey... it was Hans and his best friend, Jeffry.

"I'm sure she's the one!" Jeffery answered confidently.

"You're right. The smell of her blood is very intoxicating. That woman must be the owner of immortal blood.!"

An evil grin was plastered on both of their faces. His long cloak was revealed and fluttered with the gust of wind.

"Why does he keep following me?! That person must want to hurt me!"

Zara is really scared, that mysterious person just kept following her steps.

Zara starts running a little bit with teary eyes wanting to cry.

"Stop running!" Zara instantly froze on the spot. her hair quivered instantly, her body shook violently and tears began to fall.

The mysterious person earlier suddenly whispered in Zara's ear and was now right in front of her. Fear mixed with shock because the mysterious person was a beautiful woman with pale white skin and...

Long fangs on both sides of the girl's teeth.

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