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C3 Dimension hole

"Who are you? and why are you following me?!!" Zara dares to speak up.


Two people suddenly come to Zara. They are dressed the same as the women in front of Zara.

"Alciana, you like it. Stop it! You can make her cry." sneered one of the two earlier who was none other than Hans.

"I did cry, you idiot!" Zara cursed in heart.

"What do you want from me?! Do you want money? I can give it to you. Don't hurt me… please!" Zara screams in frustration.

Jeffry came closer to Zara's position and slightly bent his lips close to Zara's ear. He then whispered "Come with us!"

Instantly Zara's body trembled… shriveled with fear felt a great thumping in her heart when Jeffry whispered a sentence that could make Zara unable to think. “I don't want to!!! I don't know you guys. You must be a bad person!!”

Zara stared blankly at Jeffry with a bit of courage that was still left with tears that had already flowed to make a small river flow down her cheeks.

"We're not asking for your opinion! You just have to come with us or something you never imagined would happen!!" Alciana starts to get emotional because Zara is very stubborn and talks a lot.

"Who the hell are you guys!! Why do you look weird! why are you so pale and why are your irises red!!"

Zara can only surrender now. the presence of three people in front of her makes Zara unable to think of a way to escape… Her only hope is for her brother to come and save her.

"You don't need to know who we are beautiful! You just have to come with us!" Hans grabbed Zara's hand and was about to take her but,

The sound of footsteps with grinding teeth that sounded so clear made them turn around at the same time.

"Jayden!!! Zara is scared!!" Zara struggled trying to release Hans grip.

Jayden looks very angry to see someone dare to grab his little sister 's and make Zara cry. Jayden's irises turned red __ red as blood.

"Let go of Zara! or you will die!"

It’s Gavian's voice he also came to save Zara.

Hans let go of Zara's hand and ran like a shadow to Gavian. He hit Gavian hard in the stomach. But Gavian didn't budge a bit. Instead a hideous smile appeared on Gavian's face when Hans hit him.

"You will die in vain, you bastard vampire!!!" Jaehyun grabbed Hans by the neck and threw him lightly and so hard that he hit a street lamp post and made a cracking sound.

Jeffry immediately pulled Zara in his grip and carried her away and sped away as fast as lightning. Jayden, who saw that, smiled lightly. "You don't know who you're playing with." Jayden was about to chase but Alciana quickly blocked his path.

"I can't hurt women. Better get out of the way or you'll regret it!" Jayden's eyes were so sharp, it was undeniable that Alciana was also a little scared to face Lord Vampire Blanchard , who is famous for his strength which has been recognized by the inhabitants of the immortal world.

Jayden Galandra. The Lord of the Blanchard vampire clan. That handsome godlike vampire has terrifying power. Even if Jayden wanted to, he could easily destroy the Gervinder. The clan that had been the great enemy of the Blanchard vampire clan.

He was in the underworld because he wanted to hide his little sister who had immortal blood. The blood that the immortals desire so much because it can give them unparalleled power if they drink it.

Every time Jayden has to go back and forth to the immortal world to take care of his kingdom. Therefore Jayden is very busy every day. When he got a mind link from Gavian that his little sister was being targeted by Vampire Gervinder, his blood immediately boiled.

"Akkhhhh!!" Alciana's scream was so loud. She was thrown several meters away due to Jayden's attack. Not an attack. Because Jayden just pointed his hand and suddenly Alciana was thrown away.

"Don't serve that woman Lord! Go after Zara!!" Gavian looks worried now that his sense of smell smells of Zara's fading blood.

Jayden with the blink of an eye was gone and left Gavian with his two toys.

"Tonight I'm going to have fun!" Gavian smirked...


"Let go!! Why are you holding my hand tightly? This hurts you know, you idiot!!" Zara continues to rebel against Jeffry.

Jeffry still ignored the screams of the Lord Vampire Blanchard's younger brother.

"Stop there or you want me to melt into ashes!!!" Jayden's scream made a thunderous roar in the sky, even nature also bowed to Jayden's power, the Vampire Lord.

"Older brother!" Zara is still trying to get off Jeffry's grip.

Jeffry stopped for a moment and turned around.

Zara herself was shocked to see her brother's appearance was so terrible. A black aura surrounded Jayden's body. His irises were now red and the other blue. Also what really surprised Zara was a pair of long fangs sticking out of Jayden's lips.

Jeffry turned around and pulled Zara towards Jayden. Zara's hand is pulled back and locks it.

"If you just take a step forward," said Jeffry, stifled.

"I will kill her!"


Jeffry pulled out a sword from under his cloak and aimed it at Zara's neck.

It wasn't that Jeffry didn't have the guts to face Jayden, but he knew facing such a powerful God would be difficult for him and Jeffry didn't want to take the risk.

Don't ask Zara's feelings now. She can only cry and hope for a miracle to save her life from the terrible creature behind her who is ready to stab a sharp sword into Zara's neck at any moment!

"If you do that, it means you are ready to meet your end!!" Jayden tried to calm down even though his heart was already raging seeing his little sister helplessly with tears in her eyes.

"I'm willing to die at your hands!" Jeffery glared at him.

Jayden was silent and could only stare at his little sister who screamed begging Jayden to save her.

A large, bright blue glowing hole that was extremely dazzling like a vortex suddenly formed near Zara and Jeffry. The portal to the immortal world is now open again and drags Zara and Jeffry into it.

Zara PoV

Who is this crazy man who kidnapped me, dragged my body into a vortex and after that only darkness I could feel.

"Jayden!!! Help Zara..."

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