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C4 He's vampire

One good deed will surely be rewarded with many good deeds.

Jeffry Ernest Luxion


"Jayden ...!!!"

The darkness took me out of Jayden's grip. I tried to grab his hand again but someone kept pulling me forcefully into the darkness. Until I realized it was just a bad dream. And I'm so thankful it was just a dream."

Zara rubbed her eyes roughly as her consciousness had not yet fully gathered. Her head felt heavy and dizzy. She dreamed that strange white-skinned people had kidnapped her and separated her from her brother.

"Aaahhhhh!!!" Zara suddenly screams really loud.

"What is this place!! And where am I!!!"

Jeffry , who was cleaning his body in the river, was immediately shocked and approached Zara.

"You!! You're the one who kidnapped me in a dream?! Why are you real!" Zara is still not fully aware, staring at Jeffry in shock.

Jeffry just rolled his lazy eyes and headed to the river again.

Zara holds her head which is still in pain and makes Zara's memory come back completely. Yes, Zara remembers everything.

"There were three people who asked me to come with them and then Jay came and tried to save me. But the guy just dragged me into a big vortex and I ended up here.!"

After Zara remembered everything, a small sob could be heard from her sweet lips. Zara cries lamenting her sad fate.

"Why didn't you come after me?! I just want you here, Jay!" Zara buried her face in her knees only fear enveloped her now.


Several hours Zara cried and finally she was exhausted. Her body felt very weak. Zara lifts her face and looks around.

"Where am I now? This place is very beautiful.." Zara muttered in a tone that was still languid.

Jeffry managed to bring Zara to the world of immortals. The world is filled with creatures that are considered mythical by humans.

A world filled with creatures such as vampires, werewolves, elves, and various other types.

Jeffry did not take Zara directly to Gervinder. When he wanted to enter the Dimension hole he got Mind-link from Hans,

"Don't bring the owner of the immortal blood to the palace!"

"Blankhard's army is heading to Gervinder. Alciana told me that she saw a large army heading towards Gervinder's while we were fighting the Vampire Commander Blanchard!!" Hans said.

-Alciana has the ability to see the future.

But after a few hours Jeffry got Mind-link from Hans again that the attack failed after Queen Arcelle asked Lord Jayden not to attack without any evidence that they kidnapped the Lord's sister.

Then where is Hans, the Vampire with a sweet smile has returned to the immortal world too somewhere. He and Alciana managed to get through that night's fight with Gavian. Even if it's in a sly way, Hans makes the surroundings foggy and opens a portal to escape.

"Where is that cruel man?!" Zara tries to stand holding her still throbbing head.

"Where am I actually? I've never seen such a beautiful sight." Zara's eyes start to sparkle.

Jeffry took Zara to a village called Chinhan. They were on the Jinju river, the river that is the source of life for the residents of Chinhan Village. That's right, the scenery is so beautiful. There are green meadows and there are shady trees and a river that flows in the middle of the place.

Zara walked closer to the river and found a man she hated so much standing silently near a shady tree beside the river.

Zara walked closer to Jeffry, "Many questions you have to answer you idiot!! Who are you? And what is your purpose in kidnapping me?!" Zara looked furiously at Jeffry who had his back to her.

"You do not need to know!"

"What The Fuck!" Zara cursed in her heart. "Patience Zara, you have to be patient.." Zara took a deep breath.

Zara left Jeffry still frozen on the spot. Zara comes closer towards the river and starts cleaning her slightly dirty body.

"Wow! So fresh.!" Zara said happily as she washed her face.

"What place is this?!" asked Zara curtly.

"Chinhan Village" Jeffry answered briefly without turning his head to Zara. This made Zara very angry. "If you talk to other people you have to look at them. What you are doing is uncivilized!!!"

Zara stands with her arms crossed in front of her chest. Zara is like scolding a child for being polite to others. It made Jeffry a little irritated that Zara was talking so much.

Zara jumped in surprise as Jeffry quickly turned his body to look at her. "Why are you bleeding? Did someone attack you?" Jeffry was stunned for a moment with Zara's attitude. How can Zara still care about herself when it is clear that she almost killed Zara.


"Then why are there blood spots around your mouth? Are you sick and vomiting blood??" Since then Zara asked a barrage of questions. Jeffry looks very annoyed looking at Zara with a flat and cold expression.

"I've been drinking blood!"

Zara rolls her eyes. "You drank blood!" Could it be you!" Zara's voice was cut short. The one word she wanted to say caught in her throat.,


Jeffry could n't understand it. Was this innocent woman in front of him really not aware of that or was she just too stupid.

Zara reflexively held her neck and looked at Jeffry with a scared look. "You must want to drink my blood!! Stay away from me or I'll hurt you!" Zara steps back because she feels very scared when she finds out that Jeffry is a vampire.

Jeffry started to walk towards Zara. Zara is getting more and more scared making her steps faster until Zara doesn't realize that there is a tree root behind her.


Zara was stunned for a moment.

Jeffry swiftly moved places as fast as we blinked. Jeffry stood behind Zara and Zara's body automatically crashed into his stocky body.

For a moment Zara was stunned to see Jeffry's handsome face. Realizing from her daydream Zara quickly pulled her body away.

"Why did you help me?!. Why don't you let me fall, that way I might die from hitting a tree root!" Zara did not think that the man she considered cruel actually helped her.

"I won't let you get hurt"

Zara's heart skipped a beat after hearing Jeffry's unexpected narration. Zara gets flustered by herself and it shows.

"I just want to see my brother again! If you wanted me not to get hurt, why did you kidnap me?"

"I'm just carrying out orders,"

"Why does the person who ordered you want me??" Zara is now getting curious.

"We have to go!"

Jeffry just walked away ignoring the questions Zara asked.

"You need to be taught basic vampire manners!!" Zara catches up with Jeffry and trails behind him. Zara still looks annoyed and wants to get rid of this vampire in front of her.

Jeffry realized that now his life was in danger. The annoying woman behind him will become the target of immortals for wanting her. Jeffry's goal now is only one,... to bring Zara to the palace and hand her over to the crown prince.

Jeffry realized it would take a long time to reach Gervinder which was still very far away. Jeffry could be running fast but that would drain his energy, it would make it easier for other creatures to get to Zara. Jeffry didn't want to take too big a risk.

It seems he has to be patient with a woman like Zara who talks a lot compared to Jeffry who rarely even talks and his cold demeanor is as cold as ice.

"What can I do now? I have no other choice but to follow the vicious vampire in front of me. I don't know why. But I feel protected being around him. Even if I wanted to run away, I didn't know this place at all..." Zara resigned herself to her fate. She just hoped that her brother would come and save her. She was sure that Jayden couldn't just stand by when his little sister was in danger.

And Zara's guess was right...

At Blanchard Palace.

"I believe in God. Gervinder is the mastermind behind Zara's kidnapping!!" Gavian's voice rose and his gaze was sinister.

They were in the palace hall. After the attack on Gervinder, the commander-in-chief of Blanchard Jung Gavian was really angry and ready to throw a tantrum at any moment.

Some of the vampires in the hall shuddered at the sight of their commander-in-chief's aura like a lion wanting to pounce on its prey.

"The problem is that we can't carry out an attack without evidence. Meanwhile, Zara isn't in Gervinder."

Somi, a tall woman who is a Gavian mate, interrupts their conversation.

"But we can't just stand by and watch our Kingdom's precious crown be taken!!" Gavian was getting more and more emotional. Makes his mate a little jolted.

Meanwhile, Jayden, who was sitting on his throne, was silent. The cry for help from his little sister still rang in his head. It made Jayden's mind torment.

"You don't have to worry! Zara is with the perfect person!"

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