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C5 Beautiful girl

Every time with you that feeling of security is now there. Can you tell me, what kind of feeling is this?"

Mardelia Zara Zaenne.


When there is a heated debate. Suddenly a very graceful woman appeared. Her long gown stretched across the tiles present in their midst.

"You don't have to worry! Zara is with the perfect person!"

Suddenly all the Vampires who were there bowed their heads.

"What do you mean, Mother?" Jayden immediately stood up with a confused look.

"Yes Mom, how can Zara be with the right person?" This time it was Jonathan Rico who opened the voice. -The vampire who has the sharpest sense of smell in the Vampire Blanchard clan is also the Lord's younger brother.


"Why take me to the forest!!? What if we get lost?! Is there no other way!!" Along the way Zara never stopped talking for a second. Jeffry who just silently listened without commenting. That's Jeffery. The vampire who has a cold and indifferent attitude that has become his trademark.

"Actually where are we going. I'm tired. I'm hungry too!" Zara grumbled in annoyance as she pursed her lips. They had already entered the forest area. The forest was dark with little light from the sun and the towering trees.

Zara is still faithfully trailing behind Jeffry.



Zara held her forehead which hit Jeffry's hard back. For some reason Jeffry suddenly stopped and looked around sharply.

"Why did you stop suddenly. You always hurt me!" Zara rubbed her forehead wincing in pain.

"Shut up!" Jeffry tried to sharpen his sense of smell. His eyes had turned red. Jeffry closed his eyes and sniffed again.

"Why are you doing this!! Apart from being crazy, cruel, you are also weird!" shouted Zara furiously.



Jeffry pulled out a sword from under his black cloak.

A terrifying creature appeared in front of them. The large Rogues came to Jeffry and Zara. They are really terrible. Zara was wide-eyed and suddenly screamed.

"Aaaaaaa!!" That rogue was so scary indeed. The weapons they carry are so sharp that they look shiny, their bodies are so big, and they smell bad.

"Cover your neck and hide behind me!!" Jeffry said quietly, almost a whisper. Zara immediately obeyed what Jeffry said. She put her hair forward to cover her neck and immediately hid behind Jeffry's stout body.

Rogue does not rarely appear in the forest. They love to riot. The Rogues smelled Jeffry and Zara came out of hiding.

Jeffry smiled lopsidedly as the Rogues started to run and attack Jeffry. Killing the Rogues was easy for him. Zara who was behind Jeffry tried to peek from behind Jeffry's shoulder.

Zara closed her eyes as the Rogues began to approach Jeffry.


Rogue's head rolled right in front of Zara.moment Zara glanced at Jeffry who still didn't change his flat expression. "This vampire in front of me is dangerous! But why is he nice to me?!" Zara thought.

Jeffry's sword was covered in Rogue's blood which was black as mud. The other Rogues who saw that growled loudly in anger. Made five more Rogues come over to them. Jeffry who saw that immediately readied his sword and took a ready stance. The Rogues surrounded Zara and Jeffry who were in the middle.

Jeffry raised his sword in front of his body and a pair of long fangs appeared on either side of his teeth.

The several Rogues attacked simultaneously and Jeffry swung his sword skillfully in an instant two Rogues died together with their heads separated from their bodies.

Jeffry kicked and parried Rogue's attack swiftly. Jeffry, who was busy fighting, didn't notice that Rogue was attacking him from behind. Zara who saw that immediately screamed and closed her eyes tightly because the Rogue was about to attack her...

Fortunately Jeffry realized it and immediately turned around and parried a punch from Rogue which hit Jeffry's arm so hard that it bled.

Anger enveloped Jeffry now. He stabs the sword right in Rogue's Heart which is cunning by attacking him from behind and almost injuring Zara. The rogue was dying in agony as could be heard from its very pitiful scream.

Jeffry who had been overcome by anger immediately finished off the remaining Rogue quickly and brutally. Jeffry beat them without mercy and compassion. The Rogues lay covered in blood. Zara who saw that swallowed her saliva and looked at Jeffry both scared and amazed.

Jeffry drew closer to Zara who was still frozen and clenched her fists tightly trying to neutralize her fast heartbeat because she saw the gruesome murder scene that she witnessed live. "Are you alright?" Jeffry asked, putting his sword back in.

Zara was still looking at Jeffry who was already in front of her in fear. Until something woke him up. "We have to clean your wound!" Zara says half scared.

"No need!"

"If left unchecked will make the wound worse. I will clean it.!"

Zara tried to look around and a smile appeared on her face when she saw a medicinal plant that could heal Jeffry's wounds. "Wait here!" Zara ran a little leaving Jeffry who was still pensive seeing Zara that was so kind to him.

His white hands immediately plucked the medicinal plants he had memorized that were there, quickly and skillfully blended them. Zara smiles contentedly to see her medicinal concoction is ready. Zara then approached Jeffry in his original place.

"Come sit down!" Zara just sat on a big fallen tree and told Jeffry to sit down. Jeffry complied and sat beside Zara. "Does it hurt?"

Zara put her medicine mixture into Jeffry's arm. Zara herself even felt pain when treating Jeffry's wound as if she could feel it. Zara presses a little on the wound. However, Jeffry did not budge as if he was numb. If a normal human being is certain to scream in pain because the wound on Jeffry's arm is indeed quite deep.

Zara , who was busy with her activities, didn't realize that Jeffry had been looking at her with a look that was difficult to interpret. "Beautiful," Jeffry muttered quietly.

"What did you say?!" Zara suddenly looked up at Jeffry's face.

"No! Hurry up!"

Jeffry looked away everywhere and Zara quickly finished it.


"What do you mean Mother, why saying that?"

In a magnificent and large room Jayden was talking to a woman who had come in the middle of the meeting earlier in the hall. She's the Ellevine. Mother of Lord Jayden.

In the Hall just a moment ago.

"What do you mean, Queen Ellevine?" Somi also doesn't understand what Ellevine.

"Jayden my son! Can you meet me in the garden Gazebo where you live?"

"Of course mother!"


"You don't have to worry about Zara, she will be fine." Queen Ellevine was sitting in the garden gazebo sipping a drink in a luxurious silver cup.

"Fresh animal blood is delicious," he said as he put down the cup.

"I don't understand what you are saying. How do you know Zara will be fine. While she is in enemy hands."

"But has that person been taking Zara until now?" Ellevine looked at her only son who was very nervous.

"Not yet. If it is certain that a major disaster has occurred by now."

"If you wanted to. Of course the Vampire would have killed Zara from the start."

"That doesn't guarantee Mom," Jayden looked at his mother intently. "Calm down my son. Trust your mother."

"I can't Mother. Zara as my real sister. Zara 's life is my life too." Jayden already looks furious. Queen Ellevine smiled and drew closer to Jayden and hugged him tightly.

Jayden's body instantly froze and stared in disbelief as his mother whispered something while hugging him...

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