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C6 Introduction

Doubt now surrounds me. Between letting go, letting go or keeping you.

Jeffry Ernest Luxion


"I'm so hungry..." Zara suddenly fell silent looking thoughtful. "Emm... from the start I didn't know your name. What's your real name? From the start I just called you a cruel vampire, crazy vampire, strange vampire,..?!"

"You do not need to know!" Jeffry quickly cut off Zara's words. "Have you always been this disrespectful!! If you don't want to tell me your name. What should I call you?!" Zara shouted as she stopped her steps and looked at Jeffry in annoyance.

"I don't want to walk anymore! I can't stand it anymore, I'm so hungry!! I haven't eaten all day!! You kidnapped me but didn't feed me! If I starve to death it's useless for you to kidnap me!!" raved Zara long and wide, clutching her rumbling stomach.

Jeffry , who heard Zara's long chatter, still didn't care about the woman behind him who was already very hungry. Jeffry kept walking without paying attention to Zara's anger which had already peaked. "Heartless vampire!!"

Zara is forced to walk and follow Jeffry again. Of course she would choose to follow her instead of being in a dark forest and many terrible creatures. Immediately Zara remembers the group of Rogues that attacked her earlier.

Now they were both on the edge of a cliff with a waterfall flowing across from it. Zara who saw that stared in disbelief that she was given the opportunity of God to see this beautiful nature. Zara's eyes start tearing up. Jeffry suddenly shot out of nowhere. Zara doesn't even notice it.

She began to step closer to the edge of the cliff so that the splash of the waterfall that flowed from the high cliff opposite the cliff he stepped on.

"It's like a fairy tale. When I was little I always imagined being in a place like this," Zara spreads her hands and closes her eyes.

Without realizing it Jeffry had returned again and his steps stopped when he saw Zara's face which was so peaceful while closing her eyes. "You'll die if you fall," a baritone voice disturbed Zara's calm.

"You always ruin my mood!!" Zara glanced at Jeffry briefly. "Come here!" said Jeffery. Zara who heard that immediately turned her body quickly.

"Food! You found it for me?!" Zara's face looks so happy.

"Yes. Hurry up and eat!"

"Just ordering food you can't be polite!" Zara grumbled as she sat beside Jeffry. "Shut up and eat!"

Zara , who was already starving, immediately grabbed the fruits that Jeffry brought voraciously without paying attention to Jeffry who said curtly.

"What fruit is this? I've never seen this. It's some kind of grape but it's as big as a guava." Zara chewed so fast that her mouth was full.

Until she didn't realize that the cold vampire in front of her was watching her seriously.

"My name is Jeffry Ernest Luxion. You can call me Jeffry. Even if you want, you can call me a cruel vampire or something,"

Zara who heard that immediately jumped in surprise and widened her eyes in amazement with her mouth still full of food.

"For the first time you're talking for a long time. This is a miracle. It's magic!! I'm amazed to hear that...'' Zara's voice didn't even sound clear because she was chewing food but her eyes couldn't leave Jeffry's eyes staring at the waterfall.

Jeffry carved a small smile on his face. It's so small it's almost invisible.

"Your name is very beautiful, Jeffry. If you smile you look very handsome.!" Jeffry didn't think that Zara would notice that he was smiling.

He kept his eyes on the beautiful waterfall and then there was a strange tingle in his heart for a moment.

After that there was only silence between them. Zara is busy with her food. She was really hungry. The water from the fruit she ate was smeared on her clothes. Doctor's uniform.

Zara was still wearing the same clothes as the night of the incident. Short black skirt and white shirt.

While Jeffry was standing looking at the waterfall which was so swift that it created a rainbow there. His long black robe was blown away by the wind and moved in rhythm with the gusts of wind around him.

Zara, who was still enjoying eating the fruit, suddenly stopped and put the fruit down sadly. Suddenly she remembered her brother. She was sure her brother must be so worried about her. Her brother will ignore all her interests in order to save Zara.

"Why stop eating? Do you want to eat something else?"

"Ahh no... I just remembered my brother," Zara shook her head quickly.

Jeffry stepped closer to Zara who was sitting while bending her knees.

"If I'm sick, Jay's brother will take care of me all day long. He will be allowed to work. Jay's brother is always by my side until I recover. He will accompany me to sleep all night so that I am not alone when I am sick."

Jeffry listened to Zara carefully. For the first time he felt comfortable listening to someone's story. "Do you miss him that much now?"

"Of course!" replied Zara quickly. "Why did you separate me from him?" Zara turned her head and her eyes caught a vampire who was also staring at her until their eyes met.

"This is my job! I have to take you to the crown prince," said Jeffry, his eyes now turned to the waterfall again.

"Will your crown prince do something to me? Will he hurt me?" Jeffry who heard that immediately gasped.

"I hope he doesn't hurt you." Now their eyes met again. Created each other's inexplicable feelings.

"Are you going to run away from me?" Zara shook her head weakly. "I don't even know where I am. How could I escape!!" Zara snapped.

"Your nose is always red when you're angry. Is it always like that?" Jeffery smiled as he lowered his gaze.

Zara reflexively covers her nose. "Shut up! You always annoy me Jeffry!" Zara punched Jeffry's arm lightly while looking at him furiously. "Are you afraid if I hurt you?"

"I don't think I'm afraid. To be honest Jeffry. I feel protected with you. Just like if I was with my brother, But won't you hurt me and will take care of me?" asked Zara curiously.

"I will always take care of you until..." Jeffry's words hung. He didn't know why it hurt him to take care of Zara so he could hand her over to Hanson. It's like making Zara his prisoner.

"Why? You will always take care of me, right?" Zara looked at Jeffry who had stood up from his seat.

"Yeah. I'll take care of you. We have to leave soon. Looks like the Rogues are starting to smell our presence."

Zara who heard that immediately stood up quickly and aligned with Jeffry's steps.

"Where are we going now?" asked Zara curiously. "To Chinhan village. You should change your clothes. We will buy clothes there."


"You want to wear clothes like that all the time? The clothes you're wearing are too revealing. Your scent can spread everywhere. It could put you in danger."

Zara looked at Jeffry with a cute smile. "You talk a lot. Now you are imitating my speech," Zara nudged Jeffry's arm with a mocking smile.

"Shut up!"

"But I like it," a strange tingle suddenly hit Jeffry's feelings, again.

"You are very good Zara," Jeffry thought, turning to Zara who was already walking ahead of him and looking here and there along the way, making her behavior so adorable in Jeffry's eyes.


Palace Gervinder

Now Crown Prince Hwang Hanson is in a large room in black and little lighting, adding to the chilling impression of Gervinder's. He sat on a chair made of silver and there were two bodyguards standing on either side of him, his long black robes hanging down onto the tiles.

"Immortal blood is only mine! I won't let go of it until I get it!!" Hanson was furious because his desire to get immortal blood had to be delayed.

Also yesterday's attack made him even more anxious if he failed to obtain immortal blood. "Give!" The waiter beside Hanson handed him a glass of blood.

Slurrp ...

The door was loudly opened by a woman who was none other than Queen Arcelle. Hanson's mother.

"What are you doing Hanson!!" Arcelle snapped furiously. Even his screams were so loud and echoed that they filled the room.

"Why did you lie to Mother!!"

Hanson tells Arcelle that the reason he sent Jeffry to kill the traitors who fled to the human world. After hearing that Jeffry was ordered to kidnap the owner of the immortal blood, Arcelle was furious with her biological child's behavior.

"You risked Jeffry's life for your selfishness!! If anything happens to Jeffry, Mother will never forgive you!"


Hanson threw the glass in his hand to the floor.

"I don't care, Queen Arcelle! Even if Jeffry dies it doesn't mean anything to me!!" Hanson smiled lightly.

"Watch your mouth, Crown Prince! Remember who you were talking to!" Now the royal advisor is also Hanson's uncle who has spoken out loud.

"Shut up uncle! Don't think because the King isn't here, you feel powerful!"


Arcelle threw a vortex of wind from her hand to Hanson's body so that Hanson was flung far into the palace wall with such force that cracks appeared on the wall.

Arcelle can control the wind element. No wonder the vampire nation can control an element. Whether it's fire, wind, water.

As Arcelle can control the wind she easily blows Hanson's body with her strength. Because his son had crossed his line by yelling at the uncle and younger brother of the Lord Vampire clan Gervinder.

"I emphasize once again!!! Find Jeffry now and don't let him get hurt!! It's your fault. You're so obsessed with power and power that you sacrificed your own brother!"

Arcelle walked out feeling shrouded in confusion. He was very worried about Jeffry's condition. Anything can happen to Jeffry now that the owner of the immortal blood is with him. Arcelle shed tears along the palace corridor towards her residence.

Hanson who tried to stand up with limping steps towards his throne. His mother hit him so hard that his stomach hurt.

He realized that his mother's power was terrible. He had seen Arcelle fight a pack of werewolves with just one hand because one hand was used to hold onto little Hanson's hand.

Hanson sat back on the throne and drank another glass of blood then glared at him. Don't forget the blood that flows down his right temple because he hit it earlier.

"I only want the owner of immortal blood! If Jeffry dies I really don't care, because that's what I want!!" Hanson took another sip of blood.

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