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C7 Black dress

Your happiness is my laugh and your sadness is my cry.

Mardelia Zara Zeanne


Throughout the palace corridors the sound of footsteps dominated the silence. The interior walls along the corridor that he passed looked luxurious and charming. A long navy blue robe matched the black clothes he was wearing. This is Jayden Galandra. Lord of the Vampire clan Blanchard. His irises are now black as usual. His white hair looks a little messy covered by the hood of his robe adding to the charisma of a Vampire Lord.

Blanchard . Palace Corridor

His feet are now set in a room that is not too wide with various decorations attached to the walls. The scent of rose-scented candles wafted through the room. There are the God's trusted vampires.

Gavian Arthur, the commander and friend of Jayden, Somi, Jonathan Rico, prince of the vampire clan Blanchard or who is fondly called Rico,

Alexander Mecusrine is a humorous vampire... and also the youngest of them, Edward.

Jayden Galandra sat in his usual place. Beautifully carved wooden chairs. He pulled off his long robe and lowered his hood.

This room can be considered as their base camp. A place to discuss royal matters or just have a chat.

territory Gervinder's!" Alexander Mecusrine leaned against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Calm down Alex, why are you in such a hurry?!" Somi sat on the sofa while crossing her legs.

"What about you Somi? You don't usually act this calm when it comes to Vampire clan matters?! Could it be..." Alex's sentence was cut off.

"Watch your mouth Alex!" Gavian's tone rose slightly and glared at Alex for suspecting Somi, his Mate.

"What are we going to do after this, Lord?" Now it was Edward who spoke up. He sat politely feeling that he was the youngest among his seniors.

Edward is the prince of the northern kingdom of the Vampires. His kingdom includes the territory under the rule of Lord Jayden. "We will save Zara and bring the culprit to the Palace!" Jayden explained.

"Why bring him here? We'll kill him when we see him!" Rico, who is sitting on the table while playing baseball in his hands, looks disapproving of his brother's plan.

"Right! Why would we do such a useless thing?!" Gavian starred in surprise at his best friend's way of thinking.

"This is my commandment! And you guys just have to run without asking for a reason!"

They all seemed silent and couldn't raise their voice anymore. When His Lord said an order it would be absolute and irreversible.

"I want the culprit for a reason! Because I know that Zara will be safe with him?"

Suddenly Alex, who was leaning against the wall, raised his body to stand straight and the others looked at his Lord with a questioning expression.

Jayden clasped his hands on the table to support his head and closed his eyes for a moment.

"I'm sure Zara will be fine!" Jayden firmly held the same position even though he said that too to reassure himself.


Chinhan Village

Now Jeffry and Zara have stepped foot in Chinhan Village. They were at the village market.

"Are they human?" Zara brought her face closer to Jeffry's without turning her head. His eyes were fixed on the crowd of people who were doing buying and selling activities. "Some of them are human,"

"Then some more?" Zara retorts quickly.


"Demon?" Zara imagines what stealth looks like.

"Demons are good or bad? Do I need to cover my neck again?"

Jeffry walked away ignoring Zara's question. Zara, who had gotten used to Jeffry's being too cold towards her, just sighed in resignation trying to hold back her anger. "You're really testing my patience!" Zara grumbled and quickened her pace following Jeffry.

The two of them stopped at a clothing store that looked old-fashioned. Seen from the interior.

When entering it Jeffry and Zara were greeted by a middle-aged woman who curled her hair up and held Buchae's fan.

"This is a big surprise! It's rare for a vampire to come to my shop!" The woman stood up and bowed respectfully.

"Don't talk too much! Serve this woman!" Jeffry left the shop leaving Zara a little nervous because she was so unfamiliar with the place.

"What's your name, beautiful lady?"

"Zara, Madam," replied Zara nervously.

The old lady keeps a close eye on Zara. From bottom to top. This made Zara a little uncomfortable. "Zara, what kind of clothes do you want?" The madam spoke suddenly and sat back down where she had been.

"What kind of clothes suit me ma'am?" asked Zara innocently.

The woman who owned the clothing store shouted for her shop assistant. A beautiful woman who was the same age as Zara came to the old woman. "Yes ma'am?"

"Please choose a suitable dress for our beautiful buyer!"

"Well !"

"Come here, lady! I will choose a very nice dress for you," she smiled kindly.

The beautiful woman took Zara to a room with many beautiful clothes in it.

"What kind of clothes suit me?" asked Zara, a little confused choosing so many clothes and honestly the clothes she saw looked luxurious. He was sure the price must be very expensive. "Did Jeffry bring money? I have absolutely no money right now," Zara muttered.

"What if this?"

"I don't think so. The shirt is too revealing. Jeffry doesn't want me to wear an open shirt like this," Zara said innocently.

"Your boyfriend is very possessive, he doesn't want your beautiful body to be seen by other men."

"No! That's not what I meant. How should I explain it? But he's not my boyfriend. Besides, I just met him a few hours ago."

The shop assistant chuckled seeing Zara who looked disapproving of her words and answered so long. "How about this black dress, Miss?"

"It's really pretty. May I try it?"

"Of course!" The shop assistant smiled and took Zara to try on the black dress she had chosen.


Zara looks at herself in front of a large mirror. Her gaze could not be separated from the black dress she was wearing. "You are very beautiful, Miss, that dress fits your body very well!" praised the shop assistant.

"You are exaggerating. It's not me who is beautiful but this dress is so beautiful...

Did you make this dress yourself?"

"Yes, Miss. We make all the clothes here ourselves,"

"Really! It's so beautiful, you're really talented.!"

"Ah, no miss! That dress looks beautiful because you're wearing it."

"Stop praising me! I'm not that good," they laughed afterward.

"What's your name?"

"My name is Hana"

"That's a beautiful name. I'm Zara Zeanne. Just call me Zara."

"What a pretty name,"

"You love praising other people Hana, are you satisfied with praising me?!" Hana laughed at Zara's behavior which she thought was very funny..

"It's finished?"

A voice familiar to Zara was present between their laughter. "Already. Is this good? It's not open, is it..."

Jeffry just nodded without saying a word. "We must leave immediately!" Jeffry just walked out without looking at Zara. It's no longer the anger that Zara feels now but the sadness that Jeffry seems to be ignoring her again.

"Don't worry about it, Miss Zara. Maybe she's embarrassed to say that you're so beautiful because I'm here."

"That doesn't matter to me Hana, she's cold like that," Zara still stared at where Jeffry was standing.


"How?!! Have you found the owner of the immortal blood?!"

Hans seemed to be holding back his emotions as seen from the growls that were so clearly heard. "We found no sign of them princes!" the soldiers. bowed before Hans in fear of the wrath of their crown prince.


Hans threw a sword at the head of one of the soldiers.

At the same time, there was the sound of the door opening. featuring a man with a burly body and a sword hanging from his waist. Everyone in the room suddenly bowed respectfully to the Vampire Clan Lord Gervinder. Lord Yoshiro

Hans who was about to behead the soldier in front of him failed and stared at his father's arrival in surprise.

"Since when did you come back?" Hans tried to make small talk. He was sure that he would be punished by his father for what he had done. "Hans! I want to talk to you!"

Hans followed his father from behind and prepared to receive punishment from the Lord Gervinder.

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