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C1 He's Cute

It was a Monday, the 15th day of September in the year 2014. I walked into the school building that day while we were having our usual morning devotion. I walked to the ground and joined my classmates on a row. "Marla" I called out to the person directly ahead of me. "Shh... We'll say hi to each other after the devotion okay? I don't want to get punished! It's just a new term you know" She whispered back. "Fine then!" I exclaimed with a frown. Glancing around with my frowned face, I noticed a strange figure fixated on the boys'line of my class. And like the figure noticed me, it turned to face me. "Wow! That's the cutest guy I've ever seen!" I thought wide-eyed. Every other thing that occurred that day remains mystery, because I got lost. But I can never forget that he gave me a wink that kept me thinking for the entire time we spent there. I prayed earnestly for the devotion to come to an end, and finally it did. "Hey Silvia" Marla greeted with a slight wave, while everyone moved to their various classrooms. "Hi" I replied without facing her, instead, I was looking around for the guy. "You're obviously not interested in talking, who are you waiting for?" Marla asked, as she followed my line of sight. "Uh... Marla, just go in, I'll join you in class" I suggested "O...Kay" Sue replied. Luckily she didn't bug me any longer.

About two minutes later, I saw him walk up to me. "What's he going to say to me?" I thought as My heart began thumping hard. The closer he got, the more my heart wanted to leap out of my chest. "Hi, where can I find Grade 11 classroom please?" He asked Silvia (me) Who was completely lost in his sight. "Hey... I just asked of Grade 11 classroom" He said again with a slight pout. "Oh!... My apologies, Grade 11?" "Yeah ..." "Lucky you, I'm a student of that class too" I said with a joker smile. "O...Kay" He replied. And I found myself staring once again. "Oh!... Sorry follow me" I said and began moving. As he walked behind me, I immediately thought of a new walking step, which I'm sure wasn't nice at all. "You walk slowly" I heard him say "Really?!" I said though I didn't get another reply.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Terry was a tall, light skinned guy with perfect body build. His hair was dark, and a bit curly. He was just perfect.

"What can I call such a feeling?" I thought, as we sat in class. I had been staring at Terry for the past thirty minutes, imagining a future together. "I love this feeling" I thought again.

"Ding, ding, ding" went the sound of the bell. "Do you have any questions?" The teacher asked. That was like the second thing I heard since he started teaching. "No!" The class chorused. "It's time for lunch, enjoy yourselves" the teacher announced and left the classroom.

"So, how was the holiday?" Gwendoline asked me as she pulled out a seat beside mine "It was really fun" I replied as I turned to face her. "How was yours?" I asked. We talked about our different experiences for a while, until...

"Have you seen the new guy in class?" She asked, with a big smile. "Yeah yeah" I replied. "OMG! That dude is heavenly! He's super cute he's my perfect spec" She exclaimed. I was happy we were having that conversation, but I didn't seem to be comfortable with her last sentence. "When I got to class this morning, I saw him with Derek and Alistar. I smiled at him, and guess what he did... He winked! I thought I was going to die!" She narrated to my Jealous self. She was so excited that she didn't notice the look I had on my face. "...and like that wasn't enough for one day, he left them and came to sit with me! Did you hear that? He sat with me!" I endured her story for another ten minutes, until she finally left. I thought she was going to her seat, but she went to sit with Terry and Alistar.

It looked like they were having fun...

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