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C3 Oh... No

"...What?!" I thought, wide-eyed. " this can't be happening" I thought, then I burst out if the room. I didn't know where I found the courage to do that, but I did. Luckily, Gwen And Marla wew still there. "Let's go" I announced as I approached them "We thought you weren't ever going to come out" Marla said, and Gwen giggled. "How would she have?... Remember, it's Terry right?" Gwen teased, and they both laughed. I couldn't laugh, I really didn't know how to."And by the way, why isn't your shirt buttoned up?" Marla asked. I didn't give her an answer, but I just walked past "Oh... No what have I done" I thought as I buttoned up and walked down the stairs. We joined the assembly.

Terry came down, and his eyes met mine. I turned away immediately. "How am I ever going to face him again?" I thought as I closed my eyes. Everyone seemed to stare at me the while time, like they knew about what just occurred. All I could do was silently pray for the devotion to come to an end.

Finally, it did. I didn't wait for anyone. I just left the school building. As I walked alone, I felt a hand tap my shoulder. And I turned. It was who I didn't want to see at that moment... Terry! "Hi, again, thanks for waiting" He said. "You seem in a hurry to go home" He added, with the Oh-so-amused look on his face. "Silvia!" I heard from behind. It was Gwen. We waited for her to catch up with us, and finally, she did. "Why are you going alone?" She asked. "Nothing" I replied. "Hi, Terry, didn't see you there" Gwen said, and hugged him. They stayed in that position for about ten seconds, and I stood there staring at them like I had nothing useful to do with my life. I noticed Terry staring at me, while they hugged. "That's enough already" Terry said softly as he pulled away. "Well, Bye" I said, and turned to leave. "I can't believe I watched them hug" I thought as I walked to the school park.

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