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C5 I'm not Jealous

"I don't want to go to school..." I mummured as I recalled what occurred between Terry and I the previous day. "And why is that?" Mom asked, placing her arms akimbo. "Uh... We... I... Don't have much to do today" I heard myself say. "Really? And do you want me to believe that?" She asked "Yes" "Alright, I'm going to believe that when I place a call to your teacher now" "Should I do that?" She said. "Uh.. fine I'm going" I grumbled as I climbed off the bed. "Now that's better".

All through the drive to school, my mind was on Terry,and how he'd react when he sees me. I didn't even realize we had already dropped Jo off, and were headed for my school. "Okay... Have a nice day" Mom jerked me out if my thoughts. I looked outside the window. We were in school already. I was more frightened than before. I managed to get off the car, and sighed before I entered the school building. "I'm quite early today" I thought, while I walked up the stairs. As I stepped foot into the classroom, the sight that welcomed me, got my heart broken in a million pieces. Test was sitting, and Gwen straddled him, caressing his face! I thought I was frozen I couldn't move .

"Hi Silvie" Gwen hi-ed, not getting off him. I don't know how, but I managed to find my voice and greeted back. I immediately rushed off to the lockers room. "Whew!" I sighed and rested my back against the wall. I imagined the scene again, and I felt my heart squeeze. They looked really happy together. "Maybe I'm just over thinking this out, God help me" I thought, with my back still against the wall. "Thinking of me?" I heard, with Terry's voice. I thought I was still imagining things, until I opened my eyes. It was him! It was really him, and he just talked to me without bringing up yesterday's topic. "Why would I think of you?" I asked with a very obvious blush. I heard him chuckle "Who wouldn't?" He moved closer to me. My back was firmly pressed against the wall. Each step he took, made my heartbeats faster. Words couldn't come out of my mouth anymore.

While we drove to school, I was feeling cold, but right now, a sweat drop rolled down my spine. He kept coming closer and closer, until his nose almost touched mine. I swallowed hard. "Were you jealous?" He said, looking directly into my eyes. I hesitated for a moment. "Wh... Why... Why would I be?" I stammered "Why won't you be?" He said, this time around placing his left hand on the wall, beside my ear. I thought my heart was going to explode, until I heard the door open. "Terry?" Gwen called out, but Terry didn't move away. He kept the pose on. I didn't want Gwen to meet us like that, but unfortunately, she did. "Terry? Silvia?" She exclaimed, an her hand flew to cover her mouth. "They kissed! They kissed!" She yelled as she ran out if the room "Kissed? I didn't kiss you!" Before I could think, Marla, and a few other classmates rushed in. And all eyes seemed to be on someone.


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