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C1 Replacement Person

"Ka!" This one is invalid, so let's do another one! "

"Ka!" Something's wrong with your mood, let's do it again! "

"Ka!" Something was wrong with his expression and tone! Again! "

"… …"

"Lu Xingran, what happened to you!?" "Lu Zhi put on the queen's clothes and walked in front of Liu Bang. How on earth did you perform such a grand scene?"

Huang Fu stood behind the camera, his face turning red from anger. Lu Xingran was recommended by the investors, and he knew that his acting skills would be lacking, but he really didn't expect Lu Xingran's acting skills to be so poor that he could only glare at her and fake a smile.

"Aiya, Director, don't be angry, I didn't mean to do it. I just took a few breaks after filming the entire morning. I'm a little tired, and I'm not in a good condition. Please give me another chance."

"Tired? You've rested three or four times in the morning, and you're tired? Shen Yi has been acting for the entire morning and has always accompanied you. He has never once complained that he's tired! "Breathe in your emotions and shoot a new film!"

Lu Xingran pouted as if he was acting cute. When his expression fell on Huang Fu's eyes, he did not even know how to repent. Just a moment of rest and the sentence almost reached his mouth. He made a sudden twist and allowed Lu Xingran to regain his composure and continue filming.

Shen Yi stood in front of the plane and watched coldly as Lu Xingran was coaxed by his agent into the makeup shed. As he fixed his makeup, he seemed to be unconvinced as he muttered something.

"When did Lu Xingran become so popular? How come I've never seen her perform any good TV shows before?"

"It suddenly became popular. There's nothing much to show for it. This time, the female lead was forcefully pushed in by the investors. Such people are either rich or powerful."

Shen Yi slightly frowned. He was good-looking, but he was the type of guy that looked hard and straight. Today's scene was a huge play by Liu Bang after he ascended the throne, his makeup added a bit of the aura of an emperor. His frown really gave off the feeling that he was dominating the world.

"Will Huang Fu allow this kind of person to destroy his life's work?"

"Director Huang has been dissatisfied with Lu Xingran since a long time ago. So he didn't play with you. When he was acting with that actress you saved, Song Qiao, his acting skills were simply beaten up. Director Huang was so angry that he blew his beard and glared at her, but there's nothing he could do about it. The investor gives him a gift, so he can't use it."

Song Qiao... Hearing this name, Shen Yi's eyes suddenly softened. That little girl's spiritual qi rich acting skills leapt into his mind.

"Go and tell Director Huang to call Song Qiao over to give it a go. Since some people can't take on such a big responsibility, then don't ruin a good script just because of her."

The news of Shen Yi and Song Qiao playing a matchup quickly spread throughout the crew. Lu Xingran, who was about to make up half of her makeup, dropped the sky-high price cosmetics in her hands, but she didn't have the guts to find Shen Yi for a reason. She was just a young lady who had just gotten popular.

When Song Qiao arrived at the scene of the filming, Shen Yi was already there. This time, Huang Fu looked a little happy and explained the scene to her while Song Qiao was being put on makeup by the staff member.

This was the last scene in the first half of "Queen Lu", and also the most important part of the entire play. Liu Bang won the world and kept his young promise, Qing Ying was hired as a matchmaker, and Lu Zhi was conferred the title of Queen. From the start of this battle, the Emperor's Queen slowly centrifuged, Lady Qi entered the palace, and the Crown Prince's position was on the verge of collapse.

"Don't be nervous on stage, Little Qiao. Don't be scared by the title of Shadow Emperor Shen Yi. There's no need to be polite with him. Use your acting skills to crush him."

"Director Huang must be joking. I'll do my best. I'll do my best not to be afraid of the stage."

She had already been simplified by the staff member into the makeup of Lu Zhi. Most of the makeup of the Han Dynasty was quite mild, but this type of light reflected the grandeur of the Han Dynasty. Song Qiao was worth a lot, in the current entertainment industry, it was very difficult to find a female celebrity who was even better than her. What was difficult about her was her gentle and modest temperament, which was very likeable, but this was something that Huang Fu was most worried about right now, because gentleness and modesty ran counter to the role of Lu Zhi.

"It wasn't easy for me to not get a set. I was able to take a break, but I was called in on a whim. You don't blame me, do you?"

"That won't happen. The actors who took a rest with me and worked together with Shadowgale are especially envious of me. I'm just a little worried that I won't be able to keep up with your tempo."

But everyone in the entertainment circle looked up to Shen Yi. This man was simply too outstanding, not even thirty years of age yet he had already become a double star, and behind him was a company like Tiansheng Media. The most important thing was, this man's acting skills were truly unquestionable.

"Don't be nervous, just display your normal level."

"Everyone, get into position!" One by one, the enclosures begin! "

The moment Huang Fu's words came out, everyone was shocked because Song Qiao, who had been bashfully smiling just now, had instantly lost his gentle temperament. Song Qiao's face was pale, but the moment the corners of her lips curled up, she made everyone present feel the aura that Lu Zhi should have. This woman had accompanied Liu Bang to fight in the world, and before long, she would become the woman with the greatest power in the Han Dynasty.

"Lu Family's E, holding the position of Central Huixian, in the future, we will grant you the Middle Palace's Great Seal, and we will bestow you the title of Great Empress!"

Song Qiao wore the empress's big makeup and the Nine Phoenix Court Robe as she walked step by step towards the emperor on the stage. This was the man whom she had loved since she was young.

Everyone outside the arena was shocked by Song Qiao's acting. Huang Fu watched excitedly as Song Qiao walked step by step towards Shen Yi. This was a genius, a person who was born to eat.

When he was explaining, Song Qiao asked him what Lu Zhi looked like in the play. He replied with a simple sentence about how Lu Zhi should look like in the play and how the flowers were even more beautiful and he only said it casually because that feeling was too hard to find. However, when he saw Song Qiao's smile, he knew that this little girl had completely understood Lu Zhi's mentality at this moment.

"Chenqie, the Lu family pays their respects to Your Majesty. Your Majesty will live for tens of thousands of years."

"Love your wife and rise."

He let go of his frown and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his eyes. He extended his hand towards Song Qiao who was kneeling on the ground, the empress accompanying him, accepting the worship of the officials.

"Ka!" Very good, very good! Little Qiao's acting is too perfect! "

Huang Fu shouted for them to stop. Everyone looked again and saw that the domineering Lu Zhi had disappeared in an instant. Song Qiao was still Song Qiao, the shy and gentle little girl. She stood beside Shen Yi with a trace of shyness.

"You did well, Director Huang. You've tried out the role of Lu Zhi. Is it a renegotiation?"

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