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C4 What Is Make-up

After Qin Lu joined the film crew, the people in the group could clearly see the difference in Song Qiao. In the words of Huang Fu, a pitiful child who had never been taken care of had finally become a precious baby that had a mother.

After all, Qin Lu couldn't stand Song Qiao coming out for a stroll without any pretense at all. Song Qiao finally started to have some burden like an idol and when she saw the comments from her Weibo fans, she started to kneel down one by one to thank Qin Lu for coming.

"To be honest, Song Xiaoqiao really has a willful face. I've seen her in university before, this road map is no different from the one I've taken back then."

"What is makeup?" Is it edible? I can't, why can't I transform it? "

"Thank you, Sister Qin, for joining the group. Song Xiaoqiao is finally not someone who no one can take care of."

"… …"

Song Qiao felt wronged. Actually, she didn't make any changes, she was just putting on makeup to make a pose, but why did she feel that her previous laziness was so sinful, as if she really had let down her fans? Qin Lu was happy to see that the image she was going to make of Song Qiao was not an easy one.

"Little Qiao, I'm going to kill Qing today. Are you happy?"

Just as Song Qiao finished filming this, he walked out from the arena and was pounced on by Su Luo. Su Luo had a big smile on her face, but Song Qiao was not as happy as she was when she heard this.

"I'm not happy. You've killed someone. Anyone who can play with me is one less person."

"Aiya, don't be so sad. I'm just killing the young. I'm not out on a team, so let's be happy. Tonight, Director Huang even specially organized a small slaughter banquet for me!"

Huang Fu had already taken her in as his disciple when Yu Ji's movie was more than halfway done. This incident had stirred up quite a bit of commotion, and everyone was discussing whether the rookies in the production team of "Queen of Lu" were all that lucky.

"Miss Song, for tonight's Qingqing Bestowal, Mister Shen told me to instruct you to stay by his side the entire time."

"Song Xiaoqiao, stay by Shen Yi's side tonight. Remember not to leave."

When the banquet neared the end of the night, Noble and Qin Lu appeared in front of Song Qiao at the same time. Both of them spoke up for the same reason, and they exchanged a glance before Qin Lu handed Song Qiao over to Noble. When the banquet neared the beginning of the night, Noble and Qin Lu appeared at the same time, and both of them spoke up for the same reason.

"What, you can't get back to your senses?" I've never seen you look at me like that when we were in a play. "

"No …" It's just that you look too good, Emperor Shen Yingdi … I mean nothing else, I'm telling the truth... "It just looks good."

The moment she opened her mouth, she did not surprise the little girl, causing her to jump in fright. Song Qiao did not even come back to her senses, but said what she was thinking in her heart, after saying it out loud, she quickly explained, and Shen Yi, seeing her cute look, raised his hand to pat her head, the little girl did not mutter anymore, and was successfully frozen in place once again.

"If you're so dazed, it looks like I'm not wrong to ask you to stay like this. Tonight, Su Luo will properly stay by my side during the slaughter banquet. Today's banquet is not simple at all."

When she followed Shen Yi into the venue, she finally realized why Qin Lu wanted to hand her over to Shen Yi. Today's banquet, although it was said to be organized for Su Luo's massacre, was in fact run by the investors. Especially CEO Wang who praised Lu Xingran, it was still the biggest.

"Mister Shen, you came early, so this must be the female lead in the group. It seems that she really has a mind of her own."

Song Qiao felt that it was a bit weird, perhaps other than looking at his face, one had to look at his temperament slightly. No matter how one looked at the way Shen Yi held the cup, this person was able to forcefully bring out a greasy feeling, making him look like he was blind.

"Director Wang is too courteous. Ah Qiao, here's to you."

Shen Yi's face had a smile on it, but after he touched the cup, the moment the wine was about to be put into his mouth, he turned the cup around and smiled as he handed it over to Song Qiao. The little girl reacted very quickly, she grabbed the goblet and moved it slightly forward, placing it in front of Director Wang, making a clear sound of it clinking with the cup. Song Qiao carefully took a sip, but Wang Tong's expression was a little gloomy, he could only frown and drink the wine in the cup.

"Emperor Shen Ying, this is the Lu Xin Ran that Sister Qin spoke of …" Backstage? "

"He wants to talk about the potential customer. That's right, he is the safeguard for Lu Xingran to enter the team. The reason why he gathered this bet this time around was not to celebrate the death of a youth like Su Luo."

Song Qiao pursed her lips. She did want to say the word "customer", but the moment the words reached her lips, she changed it to backstage. For some reason, she didn't want to say it in front of Shen Yi, but since Shen Yi had pointed it out, she nodded her head in agreement.

"I know, this bureau is after me."

He raised his head to look at Shen Yi, who was walking a little way in front of him, and softly said, "Shen Yi, on the other hand, was stunned for a moment and stopped his steps. As soon as he stopped, Song Qiao was caught off guard and directly crashed into him, causing Shen Yi to raise his hand to support Song Qiao, who was swaying back and forth.

"So smart. How did you know it was for you?"

"I'm just an unknown actress. I stole Lu Xingran's female lead, and yet... Lu Xin Ran was definitely unhappy about being chosen by you. She's unhappy, so she must have found someone to vent her anger on. I thought we would be at the film crew's slaughter banquet, but who would have thought … It was even brought forward. "

Under Qin Lu's management, Song Qiao had not seen the chaos in the entertainment circle, but this did not mean that she did not understand it. She was not the type of rookie that was afraid of the heavens and the earth.

"So she's not as foolish and cute as she usually is …" That's right, they wanted to make things difficult for you today, but don't worry, Ah Qiao. Lu Xin Ran has a financial backer, and you are not without a backer. Come with me, I want to see who can make things difficult for you.

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