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C8 Bleeding

This time, Song Qiao was unable to walk out of the play that quickly. What Lu Zhi had just asked was something that she could not understand. If Qi Ji was innocent and Liu Ruyi was innocent, then would Liu Ying, who was about to be abolished as Crown Prince, be innocent? Was Lu Zhi, who had accompanied Liu Bang on a campaign against the world for most of his life, innocent of having to subjugate his husband to someone else?

She only knew that her husband did not love her. All the promises she had made in the past had now turned into illusions. If she did not hate him, it could only mean that she did not love him enough.

"If you can't, then don't. Let's continue with the filming."

When he returned, he realized that the little girl still hadn't come out of the show. He frowned slightly and signaled the staff member who wanted to go over to warn her. He slowly walked over and patted the little girl's head.

She did not have the nerve to tell Shen Yi that his words were too gentle, instantly bringing him out of the play. Shen Yi was Shen Yi, he was not an emperor with a dregs like Liu Bang, so similarly, she was not Lu Zhi, and did not have the qualifications or need to stay in their story.

The camera turned on and the two of them quickly entered the scene. The cold words of Lu Zhi had completely brought Liu Bang's life to an end. Even at the moment of his death, he was unable to see Lu Zhi smiling at him.

"Oh, you..." You have to be good... "I wish you will never meet Liu Bang again in your next life …"

The moment he closed his eyes, the tear drop that was still in the depths of Song Qiao's eyes finally fell. Huang Fu, who was standing outside, frowned; Lu Zhi no longer had much love left, so how could she cry?

However, he relaxed his eyebrows after that. Song Qiao had only left behind a single tear, and once that tear flowed through, she no longer moved, nor did she show any other expression. She just quietly knelt on the ground, casting a shadow over her camera.

"Aggie, you have so many women in the harem of your life. Besides me, who else would be able to provoke such a person like yourself? "I will be fine. I will let your mountains and rivers reappear in my hands. I will let the Great Han Dynasty experience a hundred generations of peace …" I will be fine, and then in the next life... You and I are strangers, we will never meet again. "

Lu Zhi slowly kowtowed. Then, he indifferently stood up and another tear rolled down the corner of his eye. This was to say goodbye to Lu Zhi in the past. She no longer had her young man.

Watching her leave safely, Qi Ji could no longer hold back her tears. Lu Zhi's calmness told her that Liu Bang had already passed away, and her last backer had already been thrown into vain. She could already imagine what was waiting for her.

"Qi Yi, this river and mountain are mine now. Your life is mine as well … Someone come, escort Madam Qi back to the palace and call for the Minister to enter the Proclamation Room. Your Majesty, collapse! "

Song Qiao bent down slightly and whispered a few words into Madam Qi's ear. Madam Qi's legs were so weak that they couldn't even be described. She tremblingly kowtowed, almost being carried back by the court lady.

Sixty-four death knell sounded. The ministers rushed over from the Phoenixcloud Palace while Lu Zhi stood on the steps, watching the hundreds of officials coming over. He lightly smiled, turned around, and knelt down, crying loudly.

"Ka!" Take it! "

He had always thought that the female artiste at the peak of her acting skills should be the shadow defender Yao Yao of the previous fire. Zhang Chi was able to keep her acting well, but after watching the two scenes played out by Song Qiao, he realized that Wei Yao had played the part of that person, while Song Qiao had lived the rest of Lu Zhi's life again. If he put on makeup, she would be Lu Zhi.

"Director Huang, let's just let it go when it's done."

Shen Yi changed his clothes from the inside and walked beside Huang Fu. These two scenes of Song Qiao's acting skills being perfect, if he did not make full use of them, it would be too much of a pity. Huang Fu nodded his head in agreement and hurried over to the producer to see if he could put out a few pieces.

"Why are you following me? Shall I take you to dinner? "

"Ah?" Oh, no, no... I... "I didn't know, so I came over. Sorry …"

He turned around and supported Song Qiao, who was about to collide with him again. The latter was a little confused, but after reacting to it, she began to explain in an adorable manner, how could she be so cute? Just now when she was acting, her domineering air leaked out.

"What are you apologizing for? Follow me. They'll be busy for a long time and won't be able to shoot the next scene. I'll bring you to the food street next to the theater to eat something."

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