My Hidden Marriage with Movie King/C9 It Was Time to Demonstrate
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My Hidden Marriage with Movie King/C9 It Was Time to Demonstrate
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C9 It Was Time to Demonstrate

The street next to the theater was mostly filled with actors and staff. There were also some staff members here to maintain order. It was a relaxing place for actors.

Occasionally, there would also be some diggers, but not many.

Song Qiao was a step too slow to follow behind Shen Yi. His footsteps were light and gentle. Occasionally, when he turned around to see her, he would feel like he was a kitten.

"Why, are you afraid of me?" Shen Yi suddenly halted his steps. Song Qiao was caught off guard and almost crashed into him. Realizing what was going on, she quickly retreated.

"I'm not afraid." Song Qiao blinked. She did not feel that he was scary at all. She only felt somewhat restrained before him.

"Senior, can you also eat snacks?" She thought of something and asked softly. Afterwards, she felt embarrassed and pulled at the corner of her clothes with a blush.

When she asked what this was all about, she felt that this person deserved to be in a high-class setting where he drank red wine and ate top-notch food, rather than eating barbecue or other snacks at the roadside stall.

The dust was too heavy, and she was surprised but also inexplicably happy.

Shen Yi smirked, "Do you think I'm disillusioned now that I'm here to eat snacks?"

Song Qiao hurriedly shook his head, not knowing what to say. He was so nervous.

He couldn't help but laugh out loud. He wanted to reach out his hand to smooth her hair that had exploded. However, when he touched her head, he quickly retracted his finger. He was afraid that he would scare her.

Song Qiao was like a vigilant and ignorant kitten. She naturally had a favorable impression of him, but she could not endure the teasing. As long as her appearance was too intimate, she would shrink down into the shell on her back like a stimulated little turtle.

It really was … It was difficult to solve the problem, but unexpectedly, it was real.

"Senior, didn't you say you want to eat? "Quickly find a shop to sit down." Song Qiao hurriedly said.

Shen Yi had a pair of long legs. Even though Song Qiao's legs weren't short, she still wasn't able to keep up when he took big strides.

He purposely quickened his pace and stopped to wait for her. After a few times, Song Qiao's face was so red that blood would drip out.

"Let's eat this one." In the end, Shen Yi stopped in front of a rice crossing shop and said with a smile.

"Sure." She was just an ordinary girl and thought that she would have nothing to do with Shen Yi. She never thought that he would also like things that are grounded.

"The actors and even the extras around this street are very fond of coming." Shen Yi said as he walked, "Otherwise, it wouldn't be so popular. It would only be able to survive on this side street to reduce the pressure on the actors."

He was also human and not as unreachable as he had imagined. He did not want Song Qiao to misunderstand.

"Sit inside." Song Qiao chose a seat at the back, pulled open the chair and sat down. She obediently raised her head and beckoned to him.

Shen Yi was sitting across from her, blocking all the sunlight that came in through the door.

Song Qiao's face revealed a smile that came from the bottom of his heart.

"Crossing the bridge, I like to eat duck sausages and chicken gizzards, as well as dried radishes and stinky tofu." She carefully introduced him, "Don't look at the stinky tofu; it tastes really good."

Heavens, what was she saying? She was bringing up smelly tofu in front of Shen Yi!

Song Qiao's hands cupped his face, wishing he could bury his head into the table. Shen Yi snickered, picking up the menu and picking up the menu.

The rice crossing was only served after the rice noodle was served, and the amount of food in each serving was especially small. Shen Yi casually ordered some and pushed the menu in front of Song Qiao.

She stared at him blankly with her mouth wide open. After staring blankly for a while, she asked, "Do the two of us share the same menu?"

No matter how he thought about it, Song Qiao's expression was a little awkward as she bit her lips.

Shen Yi lightly laughed, blinking his eyes, "Can't I? "If we each take half, we'll be able to get more types."

She really was a cute little kitten. If it was anyone else, they would have thought of all sorts of ways to please her, but she …

As if he thought of something, he leaned back in his chair and crossed his hands with a profound look in his eyes.

Song Qiao's stomach rumbled. She really wanted to dig a hole in the ground and bury herself.

Her small hand moved to the side and grabbed the phone, "Erm, Senior, is there anything you can't or don't like that you can't eat? "If I don't want to, then so be it."

"I don't like kelp, seaweed, and lotus root slices …"

As Shen Yi spoke, Song Qiao was taking notes on her phone. She lightly tapped it with her pinky and casually passed the menu to a waiter at the side.

"Ah, you are!" The waiter's gaze fell on Shen Yi. He exclaimed and covered his mouth, bowing and leaving.

"It seems like this place isn't safe either. Let's finish eating and go." Song Qiao whispered as he looked around vigilantly.

Shen Yi's lips curved into a smile as he looked at her, making her feel embarrassed to say anything else.

At the door, a slim figure peeked inside and pulled the person beside her with small steps to enter.

"Isn't this our Queen Lu? "Why, are you out on a date with your majesty?" A girl with a pointed chin beside the slender figure shouted at Song Qiao.

She lifted her chin and snorted.

Song Qiao raised his head and saw a familiar face. If it wasn't Lu Xingran, who else could it be?

She did not say anything, but a stern look flashed in her eyes. However, the young girl beside her felt very indignant for Song Qiao.

"Senior Shen, I'm not targeting you." The young girl had no shrewdness at all. Her eyes were filled with loathing towards Song Qiao, "This woman is too shrewd, you cannot like her!"

Song Qiao was surprised. This girl was speaking in such a straightforward manner. How could she continue to be in the entertainment circle?

"Still, don't say anymore. My matter cannot implicate you." Lu Xingran spoke up and pulled at the young lady.

The young girl stopped talking, but she still had a face full of disgust. Song Qiao pursed his lips but did not say anything. On the other hand, Shen Yi said, "It's none of your business who I like."

The young girl was obviously not convinced and was slightly angry.

Shen Yi's expression was slightly cold. He declined to comment and the atmosphere turned cold for a moment. The waiter brought the side dishes over. When he saw the confrontation, he became a little reserved.

"Bring me a few more dishes." Shen Yi instructed softly.

The waiter stiffly left. After a few small bowls were placed on the table, Shen Yi placed half the dishes into the small bowl.

"Song Qiao." Lu Xingran shouted. She was very beautiful, with very high eyebrows and features. When she got angry, she seemed a bit mean.

It was similar to the young girl beside him.

"Did you guys eat the bridgehead?" Lu Xingran pointed to something, "It's very hot to cross the bridge. If you're not careful and burn your face, you won't be able to put on an act. You should pay more attention."

She shook her long hair, not daring to say anything unnecessary, Shen Yi went to the second floor with the young girl.

This was a demonstration! Lu Xingran did it on purpose. Shen Yi wouldn't have dealt with her just because of a few words.

"Are you afraid?" After Lu Xingran left, Shen Yi asked Song Qiao with concern.

Song Qiao nodded her head in an honest manner. To be honest, she was a little afraid. She had not seen or heard much about the bends and bends in the entertainment industry before.

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