My hot step dad/C2 Sweeteners and cinnamon
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My hot step dad/C2 Sweeteners and cinnamon
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C2 Sweeteners and cinnamon

I was made to believe in love, Xavier made me madly in love. I loved him so much and guessed he loved me as much as I loved him.

After all the love and sweeteners and cinnamon, I caught him cheating on me on this blessed day. I did not believe my eyes because it seemed unbelievable.

It may sound unbelievable to you or maybe not because maybe you have been in my position before. LOL, cry me a river because of some child called a boyfriend.

That blessed day, I suggested that we should go meet up and at least have fun because I missed him and badly wanted to see him, which he obliged.

He said he was busy and wouldn't have the time for the fun I needed. When I asked him what was keeping him busy, he hesitated for a while before telling me that he had an academic project to handle and that the deadline was close.

That answer he gave and the way he hesitated before answering made me feel he was lying and making up because maybe I don't know. It's all past, dead and gone.

But still, I persisted " Xavier darling.... Babe" I called him flirtatiously and blushed from my angle.

While I spoke, I was already dressing up and was drawing the mascara on my eyelid while looking at my face in the mirror and holding the phone.

"Okay, can I at least come over you know? Since you are at home already. It would be better if I came. You know?" I giggled silently and wiped off the mistake I had made while drawing my mascara.

He replied " No, there's absolutely no need for you to come over. Like I said, I am busy already and I don't need any distraction " He said bluntly, I noticed the tone in his voice but I attributed it to the stress coming from his project.

On one hand, I was hurt by the way he spoke to me, mostly the way he put it to me.

" Babe, I would just love it if you come though ...but you know you are my worst distraction," He said with a chuckle, maybe he sensed that I was hurt because I never said anything back to him when he paused.

I giggled slightly from the intoxication of love and because he said I was his worst distraction. The pickup line and hypotonic rejection of my coming worked pretty well on me.

I slouched on the chair in my room and replied "Okay.. there's no problem. You have to finish up your work right? It's nothing. Good luck with your work."

"Babe, I hope you are not sad or mad at me?" He asked with a sweet calm voice that made me smile but I never knew it was a form of manipulative skill he had.

" I was but no more hunny pie, I understand that you are busy so… I don't have to be a reason why you'd get distracted. I am not mad, '' I replied.

"Okay baby, I love you. So much " He said to me and my stomach fluttered. The butterflies in my belly danced and almost chewed my stomach up.

"I love you too baby boy. I love you more. Mmua" I said, kissing the screen of my phone as I hoped the kiss would get to him on the other end.

"Mmua, I love you morest. Bye. Talk to you later" He hung up on me before I could even say bye too.

I took a deep breath and decided I was not going to waste my makeup and the way I looked all ate up. I decided to call my best friend Karen.

I dialed her number and she picked up her phone.

" Hello baby girl," She said in her sweet voice.

" Hello, hunny bunny." I paused and continued " I was bored and I thought maybe if you are free, I mean..we should hang out right now if you don't mind?" I said calmly expecting a yes answer because she loves outings.

" Ummm.. Becky.. I am really engaged right now, like really really busy. I would have loved to come, you know, but I am really engaged though. Let's make it up another time and I'll be there" She explained, more like rejecting my invitation.

Second rejection in a row, and I am gasping for breaths.

" Are you at home, if you are that busy? I mean I could just come to stay, maybe help but I won't disturb" Becky was not backing down on her request.

They say never back down never what? Never give up.

" No hun, I am not at home right now…I went out with my mom." She said to me as if in a hurry.

"Okay then, there is no problem. We'll talk later." I said to her before I hung up.

I wouldn't love to be rejected on a row and also be hung up on a row too. Like they say once bitten twice shy.

I threw my phone beside me on the bed, I got up from the bed and paced around my room for a few seconds. I needed to keep myself engaged and busy.

I sank onto my bed like a log of wood and screamed at the top of my voice. Luckily my mom was not home. Even if she was, I don't care.

I got up from the bed deciding to take myself out to anywhere my spirit would lead me to.

I stepped down, my feet landed on the Crocs. I put it in and picked up my face cap. I wore it and checked myself one time in the mirror again before going out.

I was proud of what I saw. Beauty runs in my genes like a waterfall. I blew a kiss in the mirror, don't think I am crazy. Oh well, I am a crazy weird girl. I opened my door.

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