My hot step dad/C3 Xavier
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My hot step dad/C3 Xavier
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C3 Xavier

Chapter three

As I stepped out of the house, I had this feeling of weakness to go back inside and sleep or maybe watch TikTok videos or read a book.

As I stepped into the hood with no place in mind to go, I decided to go to where my spirit would lead me.

I took steps as I walked along the alley. I finally decided to order an Uber. I clicked on my Uber app and ordered a ride.

A few minutes later the Uber arrived and I hopped in. Still without an idea of where to go. I finally decided to go to the Cinema to watch a movie and chill down with an ice cream or popcorn.

The driver drove really fast and soon we arrived there. I stepped into the Cinema, bought a ticket, and jolted down into the Cinema seat.

At first, I didn't notice that everyone was in two's. As I looked around, everyone at the Cinema sat with partners making me remember Xavier.

I immediately pushed away the thoughts, after all, he was busy.

After thirty minutes of watching the movie, my belly started sprouting with pain.

I decided to use the restroom and maybe try to ease myself or defecate if it would ease the pain.

Standing up from the seat, I hurried to the restroom and immediately I got there. I didn't reach the toilet seat as I felt my feces almost leaking from my ass.

I immediately sank into the toilet seat and freed myself from the pain

After releasing myself, I stood up and walked out of the toilet where I was. I decided to go back to watch the movie but paused by the mirror to make a video.

While I stood there making videos, I heard sounds of groans. That groan sounded like my boyfriend's voice whenever he cums badly. I waved off the dirty mind building in me.

But still, the thoughts were still coming as the sounds came too. I listened closer, the voice was still coming louder, in gasps and screams from strokes that seemed really hard on the lady being hammered.

I tried to close my ears and then, I also wanted to trace where the sensual moans were coming from and maybe peep through and watch them enjoy.

Like I said, I am a crazy, weird girl. I mean who doesn't like such scenes?

I stopped the video I was making, taking steps to find where the noise was coming from. Finally, I reached where the sounds came from as I got closer to where the moaning sound from the thrusts.

The sound became louder and clearer, and It was toilet number sixteen the sound came from. As I peeped in through the hole to figure out who the two people were. The figures I saw there were looking like people I know. My eyes first landed on the lady's hand.

The bracelet she wore was a black pebble and green pebbled colored bracelet and a strap. My heart started palpitating faster and I could feel my head spin.

Even though I couldn't see exactly who they were because they were backing the door and it was a doggy position they were in, making the lady in front and the guy standing at the back give hard and deep thrusts making her scream and shiver.

About the bracelet that made my heart beat, it was only my best friend Jamie who usually wore her bracelet that way and she rarely took it off.

I hoped it was a coincidence and looked closer, trying to see who the guy behind me was. There was nothing bad if my best friend had sex, I mean that was her personal life.

What made me scared was the bracelet and the voice that let out the groins. Immediately the universe decided to answer my question and they changed the sex position.

They stood straight and turned to cuddle and the guy began smooching her breast. Though I couldn't still see their faces well, I could see beneath their faces.

After ten minutes stranded there to watch them, I couldn't stand anymore and I got tired so I decided to leave because my feet hurt me.

At the same time, they were rounding up, so I waited a bit.

The guy jerked off the remaining cum of his d**k and put his Pen**s back into his trouser while the girl watched.

I decided to move away from the door because they were getting ready to come out. I went two feet apart from the door and pretended to be on my phone.

As I opened my phone, I could see that my boyfriend's location was still at the Cinema.

"What he told me he was having lectures, or is he done?" I said silently to myself when I heard the door creak open.

The door opened revealing two figures that seemed familiar and we're now familiar. The guy with the hoodie stepped out first and lifted his head as he turned in my direction.

My soul left my body for a split second as our eyes met. That person was no one else apart from my boyfriend Xavier who told me he was busy with his academic workload.

The shock on his face was evident with unease as if he saw a ghost but he quickly smiled and walked up to me. " Oh babe, what are you doing here? " He asked, acting all innocent.

My mouth felt heavy to talk, because what my eyes saw and heard was wild for my mental health. I didn't say a word to him and immediately the lady stepped out and jiggled in her jean trousers before zipping up.

Finally, to satisfy my skepticism and bad feelings, she turned her face to check which direction my boyfriend was and she called out his name,


My soul left my body again and the lady was no one else than my best friend Jamila whom I trusted.

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