My hot step dad/C4 Sprinkle sprinkle
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My hot step dad/C4 Sprinkle sprinkle
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C4 Sprinkle sprinkle

Her eyes met my eyes, she didn't move for a minute, and the shocked, stricken look in her eyes grew more intense but she laughed and walked towards me smiling, " Hey...Baby, what are you doing here?" She asked me and turned to look at Xavier who stood with me.

I kept mute and looked at her and Xavier once again before I spoke." I came to chill, you know see the movies", I feigned a chuckle.

Then I directed the question to both of them "So what are you two doing here?" I said, maintaining a calm voice free of suspicion from my angle.

"Well, I just met Xavier here.. and it's quite a coincidence that you are here too," She said, still smiling at me as I wondered where she got the nerve to betray me, lie in my presence, and still smile while maintaining a poker face.

"Well, it's really a coincidence. Bye," I turned myself and decided to walk out but Jamie grabbed me from behind trying to talk to me.

" Wait, Becky..." She called my real name which she rarely called." Is there anything you want to tell me if you don't mind? I am busy too" I retorted sarcastically with anger burning in me.

Grabbing my hands she said, " Hey, I know that you are pissed up but I didn't go home with my mom again. Like I told you I was busy but apparently.." she began stuttering as if she was thinking about what to say.

I threw my eyes on Xavier who still stood there speechless.

"Apparently, I decided to stop by and coincidentally I met Xavier here and here you are too" She came closer to me and brushed my hair away from my face.

If only she knew how much she had drained me.

" It's okay then so what next, Xavier..? Is there any problem? I mean you look scared or something " I said to him and he took steps closer.

With a nod, he replied "No it's nothing, did you just come in now? "

" No no, I came in here about an hour ago"

" You mean the cinema?"

" No I mean the toilet" I replied and smiled mischievously.

" Well, we just came in now"

"Good for you tho" I replied bluntly and he asked, "Why are you sounding and speaking this way?" He said in a hurt voice.

"Make me understand Xavier or you both excuse me because like I already mentioned. I am busy" I wasn't moved by his hurtful facade.

"Okay then, I mean I am really surprised to see you here," He said and Jamie chipped in, "Me too. We could have fun together then" She replied but I slammed back.

" Why shouldn't you be surprised to see him here? What a pleasant coincidence "

My voice rained with a sarcastic tone then I smiled and let out a faint laugh before I continued.

" Yeah, we could have fun together. Really?" I couldn't contain and control my anger and frustration anymore as I let it out

"It's a surprise to me too because I am seeing you both here and it's a surprise to me in your case Xavier" I paused and walked to him and my face was just a few inches away from his face.

" You told me you were busy right?" I asked him and watched him raise his finger and trace his hair behind his ear and then rubbed his neck.

Hesitantly he responds"Umm..yeah, I finished up the project"

I never knew he was a pretty good liar," okay so.. it took you less than twenty minutes to finish the work and come down here within seconds?" I asked but I never really needed an answer already.

Looking up from her phone Jamie "Umm..Becky.. I think I need to leave now. My mom just texted me to come home for some personal stuff so I'd be running off"

" Shishhh... wait. You ain't running off to nowhere until I am done talking"

I commanded because I knew that story was made up and only an excuse to free herself from the suspense and fear within her.

" Oops, why are you sounding and acting rude?" She asked me.

" Let me finish what I was saying before you leave, I don't care" I smirked

I looked back at Xavier but he broke eye contact.

"And as much as you are surprised. I am more than surprised because surprise is an understatement. I am surprised that you told me you were so busy"

" But I just ex.." Xavier tried cutting me up but I continued talking "Shishhh, let me talk." I could already see that he was sweating.

"I know it's getting hot from the way you are sweating so I would just sprinkle or rather break the ice. I saw... myself." I paused.

" I mean I saw what you did, behind the door. " I asked them.

"You saw what?" Jamie asked but I could feel her heart thumping.

Turning to Jamie now I continued, " You said we should have fun together because of the coincidence but I don't think I need to share in the fun anymore and in case you are wondering why.

You guys have already had a lot of fun and I think you both should rest"

" What do you mean Babe?" Xavier asked me.

" If you dare call me babe again, we'd both land in a cell. What surprises me more is how you guys are covering up and pretending. Well, if you want to understand the parables I am speaking. I'd break it down."

" I saw what happened in there, you guys were making out and you Jamie was moaning from his hard drills," I said almost in a laugh.

" Babe, I can explain"

"Just shut up Enough this pretense" I growled through my clenched teeth puffing and slamming the door close to me

The flames of hell were nurturing the monster of anger inside of me.

A single tear dropped in Jamie's eye before tears started streaming down Jamie's face.

" I am sorry Jamie, I can explain."

" Stop all this pretense Jamie. I am done and as for you Xavier I am done with this relationship."

" Jamie, you are a disgrace to friendship," I said walking away as tears started welling down my eyes.

I wiped it off with my handkerchief and saw that the mascara had smeared on my face.

Anger burned within me and I said to myself " I shouldn't wipe my expensive mascara for no boy"

Sprinkle sprinkle.

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