My Hot Stepfather/C6 Chapter 6
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My Hot Stepfather/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6


It was a freaking nice day at school and for the first time in my life, I got a boyfriend. I was in a relationship and I didn’t think about what would happen if we broke up soon.

Seriously, who cares about the future? He might be a good guy after all. Or what if he was a playboy who fell head over heels for me? After all, the demon was an angel once.

Maybe I could turn the devil and angel angina or something. I’m not so powerful and I have zero experience in taming the bad guys. But being in a relationship even for a day was something great.

I don’t care if we ended everything the next day because it wouldn’t leave me with a broken heart and rainy tears on my cheeks or anything.

For me, falling for someone was definitely the toughest thing ever.

Maybe because I subconsciously made some borders around my heart or maybe my brain refused to fall in love with someone else.

Or maybe I’m truly in love with my father! Yeah, what if that was the truth? What shall I do then? He was my stepfather! My dad. The one that I can’t live without.

It would be a pain in the ass for me. I couldn’t just betray my mother by even thinking this way of her husband, who obviously and clearly was the one who considered me his own daughter.

Even though being treated like a princess in school was something incredibly hot. Jack was the most popular guy at school, so being around me and next to me and eating with me during the lunch break made all the eyes twitch and all the mouths playfully started gossips.

But we honestly didn’t give a shit. We just enjoyed the moment and it was going great until we finished the day and he was supposed to drive me home as we discussed previously.

There was someone who didn’t accept that obviously and just showed up waiting for us at the gate of the school. Dave commanded me to get inside the car and to be honest, I couldn’t ignore that scary tone or object. I just obeyed quietly.

“Dad? What are you doing here?” I blinked, staring at Dave who was only mumbling with unsounded words and fuming angrily.

Jack stared at me and whispered, “What’s wrong with your father? I told you he hates me.” I guess he was right.

Dave pointed his fingers to his car. “Get in the car now Vanilla. And yes, I hate that guy and I don’t trust him.” Dave threw Jack killing looks.

Jack gulped nervously and he almost lost the ability to say any word. He shrugged after eyeballing me and Dave for a second then said, “Okay vanilla, I guess I will see you tomorrow. I will call you later.” He then leaned to kiss my cheeks to only get pushed away by Dave.

Dave rounded his fist and I had thought his veins would jump out of his arms. “Get off my sweetheart now. I don’t want you to come close to her again. Ever!” Dave said sternly to Jack then gestured to me. “I said to go inside this fucking car now Vanilla! Don’t make me show you the worst face ever! Trust me you won’t like it.”

I couldn’t say if it was a warning from Dave or if he was threatening me or was just angry because I didn't follow his instructions. But it was so scary for me.

I lowered my gaze to the ground then I rushed to the car and slammed the door after me.

Dave followed me and leaned closer, buckling my seatbelt as If I was a baby. But something happened to me when his body touched mine, something different. His breath. His body scent. His touch was innocent but it distracted me and sent me into a weird daze of desires!

Even my heart was not working normally! It didn’t happen to me ever before with anyone else.

Not even with Jack. Jack’s lips on my skin didn’t give me more than red cheeks. It just made me feel shy but Dave gave me something stronger.

Dave found out that I was staring at him and I didn’t notice that. I didn’t feel even that we were almost near our house. “What? Are you thinking of your fucking boyfriend?” Dave smirked.

I cleared my throat. “What?”

Dave halted the car in the garage and then glared back at me. “I don’t like that guy,” he said out of blue.

I blinked nervously. “I need a boyfriend. He is good to me and I need driving lessons and he will teach me. Stop being so protective.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

Dave opened the door of his car and said, before slamming the door after him, “I’m not protective Vanilla. I’m possessive and obsessed. Can’t you get it?!”

And he just stormed inside the house, leaving me in his car, shocked by his words.

What the fuck was that for God sake? That’s so insane. No, I’m not imagining weird things this time. That can’t be happening.

I needed a boyfriend and that’s obvious. Yes, I should end this. I’m going insane.

I planned to go visit a psychiatrist tonight because I needed one and tomorrow I could start driving lessons with Jack.

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