My Human Mate/C3 Three
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My Human Mate/C3 Three
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C3 Three

Instead of going to the bathroom as Ella originally planned, she went to a small patio in the back of the house. It’s facing the dark forest, beneath the gleaming light of the moon. Ella sat on the stainless steel chair and stared at the starry sky.

A bone-chilling howl erupted from the forest. Ella looked around while gripping the chair handle. She couldn’t believe wolves are living inside the dark forest. Ella snapped out of her thoughts when the door opened.

“Ella, why are you here?” Elisa asked her daughter. Ella looked at her and worriedly smiled. “Come inside, and it's cold out here,” she added. Ella nodded her head and followed her mother. The guests were nowhere to be found.

“Where are they?” she asked. Elisa slumped on the couch and started cleaning.

“They went home. Ronaldo said there was an emergency,” Elisa said. Ella glanced outside. The howl she heard won’t leave her mind. She clasped her hands together as tight as she can.

“What is it, dear?” Elisa asked, seeing her daughter’s uncomfortable expression. Ella shook her head and excused herself. She hurriedly went to her room and opened the window. She shivered when the cold wind blew, but she remained staring at the forest. Ella wanted to hear the howl again, but the wolf didn’t howl again.

On the other hand, the new Alpha of the Blue Moon pack ran as fast as he can. His beta reported rogue sightings around the border.

“Fucking rogues! They dare trespassed on my land?” he growled. “Follow me, and we will kill them all,” he said. His large brown wolf stood out among the others because of his distinct Alpha features. Blaze Matthew Reese ran, followed by the warriors behind him.

“They were already in Samson’s house.” The beta running alongside him said. The first ones to reinforce the Samsons family died. The rogues surely know their way around the pack. Blaze's mind linked everyone who was not with him to stay alert of the surroundings. Samson’s house came into view with rogues circling around it.

Blaze instantly spotted the six rouges. The rouge positioned himself, ready to attack the Alpha. Blaze smirked at him. He lunged at Blaze, but he quickly dodged it and bit his neck. The rogue whimpered in pain. Blaze bit his neck hard, and he fell on the ground, dead. The other rouges snarled at the Blue Moon pack’s warriors. The beta known as Caleb attacked the rogues with the help of the warriors.

“Secure the area. Make sure the Samsons are safe,” Blaze ordered. The moon is full tonight. Blaze’s eyes glowed. The rogue, who was desperately crawling on the ground, began howling, but it wasn’t enough to call for the ones outside the border due to his damaged throat. Blaze changed back to his human form and snapped his neck.

“Where is the other one?” he asked as he glanced around the area. They were six of them, but his wolf was telling him otherwise. His beta looked at him with confusion visible on his face.

“There’s only six of them, Alpha,” Caleb said, but Blaze shook his head.

“No, find the other one!” he yelled. The warriors scurried around and ran, searching for the rogues. Blaze glared at the dead bodies of rogues lying around the ground. A warrior handed him clothes, and he easily put them on him.

“Blaze, I feel something,” his wolf said. Since earlier, Blaze felt his wolf becoming agitated. There’s something that tells him to go, but he doesn’t know where.

“What is it, Bas?” he asked. Bas was the name that her sister gave to his wolf when they were younger.

“I don’t know,” Bas answered, and he fell into silence.

“Alpha, the Samsons are safe,” Caleb said. Blaze felt relieved, but because of this attack, three warriors are dead.

“How about the other rogue?” Blaze asked. Caleb, who was now in his human form, shook his head. It means that they were still tracking the one rogue that got away. Blaze nodded his head and marched back to the packhouse.

“Let’s go. Let Mark clean this up,” he said. Caleb followed him back. Blaze couldn’t help but sigh. As the new Alpha of the pack, the elders’ expectation of him was high. His father, Blake Reese, brought achievements and glory to the pack. Now, it’s his turn to do that.

“Are you going to class tomorrow?” Caleb asked when they entered the packhouse. Blaze slumped on the couch and caressed his head. His mother and father are on vacation right now while his twin sister was in Academia. It’s only him and his little brothers.

“Yeah, I need to. Tell Auntie to help me take care of the naughty kids,” he said. Caleb chuckled. His mother, Alice, is the one that helps Blaze with his brothers.

“Then, I need to go,” Caleb said. “Oh, by the way. There’s a human girl that transferred to the University,” Caleb added. Blaze’s ears perked up. He only knows this when his father told him, but he didn’t know that they’d moved in today. Caleb left the packhouse while Blaze rested his back on the couch. He was tired. Running the whole pack by himself was too exhausting, but this is the duty he was born with. As the successor of the Blue Moon pack.

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