My Lost Family/C1 Chapter One
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My Lost Family/C1 Chapter One
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C1 Chapter One

Klara's pov


That's what i feel right now, its like my life has been shattered and i have been broken into thousand pieces.

Today again i got the beatings from my step father Josh , he always come home drunk and beat the shit out of me and my mom well she just watches and say harsh words to me .

Today i didn't made breakfast so i got the beatings . From the last night beating i got tired and didn't even got to realise time so i forgot and now i am late to school .

I went up to my room or you can say attic , i sleep on mattress and just have one small cupboard, I never asked mom or dad why i deserve this because whenever i ask something i get harsh reply or beating

She always says that its my fault.

My fault ?

About what?

That i too don't know .

I looked myself in the mirror and i only see a girl with Broken heart, scars,deep bags , broken ribs.

I look life lifeless soul. I have been alive just because of FAITH. I believe that somewhere out there i have people who love me , someone who cares for me .

I quickly wore my black sweatpants and black sweater so that my scars,brusies are all hidden .

I have to always walk to school and the walk is too long, i always have to get up at 5 am , and start my life .

My life is simple-

Wake up at 5 am

Make breakfast

Go to school

Eat lunch

Practise football

Make dinner

Get beatings

And sleep

I never get to eat dinner , because during practice of my football i eat snacks and my mother says 'we are allowing you to play that should be enough' .

I hate my mom and dad they are the reason why i am so broken,scared,naive .


I arrived at school and watched my friend Sarah , waiting for me .

"Hey klara how are you" sarah asked.

Sarah knows everything about me , when ever i tell her something she gets so angry because i never complain it to the police because once i told my father caught me and beat me till hours and from then i never went to complain.

"I am good how about you" i replied while smiling because she is the one who can make me smile .

"Klara i know you are lying why are you lying , atleast move in with me leave your so called home , how many times do i have to tell you".

"No sarah, they will get me and again it will be same story now lets go we have class"

I love school , well why would you guys hate it ?


I love school just because i get to escape that hellhole.

As i got into class i went straight to back seat because i dont like attention .

"Good Morning class today we are starting with chapter five" Mr Grindy said he teaches us maths and i literally hate maths like hell.

In between the class i was called to Principal's office

"Klara dobrev report to principal's office now"

Now what did i do ?

I didn't got into fight.

I didn't pranked anyone.

Everyone's attention was on me .

I packed my bag and left the classroom.

When i got into principal's office ,the secretary gave me pitiful smile.

What happened to her ?

"Take a seat Miss Dobrev" principal said.

"Am i in trouble? I didn't do anything this time" i asked .

He too gave me an pitiful smile .

"Klara um its about your parents"

Please tell me they are dead so that i can escape from them .

"They died in a car crash"

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Oh my holy bonkers

I started my fake tears .

"What-what happens to me -me n-now?" I asked , i dont want to go to orphanage. I have heard miserable stories about orphanage.

"Mr officer you can come in" Principal yelled

Entered a police officer,

"hello miss klara , i am sorry for your loss.i know you have so many questions. But i will give you all details"

I nodded so that he can continue.

"We have found your biological family,it appears that you step mother and father kidnapped you and your biological family have been searching for you from many years so you are going to Italy and stay there with your father mother and six older brothers"

What the actual fuck ?

Kidnapped me?

Biological family?

And freaking SIX BROTHERS

Kill me .

"Umm when do i leave?" Both of them were shocked by my reaction but police officer answered.

"Your flight leaves in two hours so i suggest that we should go and start packing and then i will drop you at airport sounds cool ?"

I nodded.

We left the school and i told him the directions to my -i mean elenas house .

I packed my 3 hoodies 2 sweatpants and few undergarments and some essentials.

"Is that all you have?" Officer asked .

I nodded.

After sometime officer dropped me at airport and i got my ticket and boarded the plane.

Here starts my new life.

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