My Lost Family/C2 Chapter Two
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My Lost Family/C2 Chapter Two
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C2 Chapter Two

Leonardo (dad) pov

I was at my home office working and i got a call from unknown number.

"Hello?" I said

"Hello Mr Luca I am officer Bash and i have something important to tell you"

" carry on" i replied while arranging my files.

"It appears that your daughter Klara's step mother and step father died in car crash so would you like to take custody of klara?"

My heart froze.

My bambiana is alive, i am getting her back .

"Of course i would like to take in my daughter, that elena and her husband kidnapped my daughter and i have been searching her for years".

"Very well she will be with you in few hours" with that i hung up.

My Little Klara is coming home.

After 11 years i am happy ,

I texted our family group to come to my office.

Group-De LUCAS

Leonardo-Everyone in my office in 2 minutes

Aiden-yes dad


Everyone saw the text and these two twins only they reply .


Soon afterwards everyone gathered in my office.

"Yes honey you called" Amelia my sweet wife said.

"Our little Klara is coming home in few hours that elena and john died in car crash and now i am the legal guardian of her" i said happily

Everyone is in tears except Lorenzo who just had smile on his face this kid smiled after ages.

"Oh my god my little baby" amelia cried

" my sister" grayson said.

Everyone were very happy .

Come home soon klara.

Klara's pov

I just got landed .

Now what to do ?

I don't have my fathers contact number .

Oh my god ! What do i do?

Just as i was about to call mr officer i saw a black limo ,it stopped in front of me .

A boy of age 20 or 21 stepped out of it.

"Klara?" He said.

" who are you ?" I asked.

A flash of hurt came across his face but soon recovered with blank face.

" i am your third brother Anthony now hop in." He said with a cold face.

Should i trust him ?

He has same blue eyes like me .

God what do i do ?

" how should i trust you? You could be an kidnapper." I said , and he laughed.

Seriously laughed.

He then showed me his phone where there was a text from mr officer saying he is my brother.

" oh okay"

I took my bag and took my seat.

The drive to the house was very awkward and uncomfortable.

He kept on watching me with smile .

That is not creepy at all. ( note the sarcasm)

After few minutes we reached a forest.

Is he trying to kill me ?

Dont murder me please.

I haven't met my future husband please.

Oh my holy crap !

Its a fuckn CASTLE!

I was gawking at it !

My mouth was wide open.

" close your mouth klara or flies will come" he chuckled.

I put my head down in embarrassment.

" is this your house?" I asked

" this is our house" he said and kissed my forehead. I smiled .

Our wow i never felt this type of feeling.

Soon the car stopped and we came out of car.

As soon as i entered the house i was engulfed in huge hug.

" oh my god my little klara, my baby"

An old women said , i guess it my mom .

I remember some of these people because i was 3 when i kidnapped so i remember some memories .

I kinda had an instinct that elena wasn't my real mom because we literally never shared any features and i remember and lady who used to play with me , i guess that's her.

"Mom?" I asked.

" yes honey its me your mom" she replied still hugging me with tears.

I don't know what happened to me but i too soon started crying.

"My chance- hi little flower."

Dad- he used to call me that

" papa?" I asked

" yes baby its me" i dont know why but i straight went to his arms and engulfed him in hug .

He was shocked but gave me a huge teady bear hug.

" i will always protect you little flower, you will never leave me" dad said while crying.

I was snatched away from papa by some stranger?

" oh my little sister i missed you so much" the person said while crying.

"Who are you ?" I asked still hugging?

"You don't remember me?"

He was disappointed.

I shook my head.

I am lorenzo your eldest brother.

LOLO , he always gave me piggy rides.

" LOLO?" I said

" yes flower." He said and i was full on crying now.

Again i was snatched away and got hugged by my rest of brothers except one who was just glaring.

I only remember lolo, papa and mummy .

You might be wondering why?

I always used to get dream of mummy and papa , i thought they were some friends of Elena and LOLO their son.

I hugged Mario,aiden, andrew, Anthony. But Grayson glared me .

What did i do ?

I just shrugged.

Everyone were shocked .

But papa apologised on his behaviour and said that he needs time to process all this information.

Papa then showed me my bedroom and believe me it was best .

I even have En-suite bathroom and walk in closet.

I went to papa and hugged him.

"Thank you! Thank you" i said while hugging me.

"Why thank you Princess, you are princess you will live like go unpack and eat dinner" papa said and kissed my forehead.

Papa left and i went straight to bed and started jumping on it .


"She looks so cute"

"Take some pictures"

There were multiple voices and when i turned around i saw my brothers .


I got down and walked towards them.

"Hiiiiiii" i squealed

" klara you are so adorable" my brother aiden said while holding my cheeks . I hid my face in his chest .

"Aww is our little sister embarrassed?"

Anthony teased.

"Noo" i said

But they laughed.

"Come on bambiana unpack and come downstairs" aiden said .

I nodded and they left.

I unpacked ate dinner and went to sleep with mummy and daddy with smile on my face

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