My Lost Family/C3 Chapter Three
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My Lost Family/C3 Chapter Three
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C3 Chapter Three

Klara's pov

Next day i tried to wake up but was hold by two large hands placed on my waist.

Mummy papa

This feeling is what i have been waiting for years. Wake up next to your mom and dad, but i am 14 this should happen to me at the age of i dont know 5-6? . I tried to loose their grip but got only to be tightened.

"No princess let papa sleep"

Hushh!! What do i do .

Without any second i slept again.

What? Don't judge me i am sleepy head but elena never allowed me to sleep.

After some time

"Come on flower wake up"

"Wakey wakey flower"

Who dared to ruin my sweet precious slumber.

And just like that my blanket was snatched away and i was cold like the palace from Frozen.

"Fine i am up" i replied groovily

"Good be down when you are ready"

I recognised this voice as dad so i just nodded.

Not everyday your day is good,

Where i hoped my first will be good

I have pain.

My ribs hurt , my brusies started to fade but are still visible, yesterday i had my pain killers but i forgot to bring it here.

What would they feel when i tell them about my beatings?

They will hate you

What if they leave me? Do i have to go to orphanage

No,they are your family

No shit sherlock i know

Of course you know you are my subconscious.


I left my parents room and went towards my room .

I went into closet and saw my clothes were not even covering half of it,

Maybe i dont deserve to be here?

I am just burden to them.

What if they hate me?

Will they think me as Garbage?

I snapped out of my thoughts and went to bathroom to take a nice long hot shower for the first time, my step father or sir always said that i should call him sir .

I never got hot shower because sir or mam said that hot showers are for worthy people who do something in their life and not for those who just eat .

Maybe i am burden?

I wore a black legging with a tannish sweater. I am too nervous about meeting my family together for breakfast, yesterday i ate dinner upstairs in my room only because i was so tired.

A knock was there on my door and i opened it to see my brother Mario,

"Ready?" He asked with smile.

"Yes" i replied and we both went to dining room , i took my time and admired the house, the house was so beautiful and it was like i was in some royal movie.

A red carpet with yellow border was laid everywhere with white ceilings and yellow chandeliers.

Everything was so unique and pretty.

Everyone were laughing and chatting even grayson, as son as we entered mom came and hugged but i flinched a little bit because of pain but i hope nobody noticed.

"Come on princess eat" dad said

I nodded and sat between twins.

Aiden was continuously poking me and i was poking him too but soon the maid served us breakfast.

It was normal breakfast.

Bacon,toasts,eggs,juice,pancakes etc

I got so big dish that i didn't even ate half of it,back in England i didn't had proper meal and always used to get leftovers.

After half plate i started playing with my food and i guess Aiden noticed it.

"Princess eat your food stop playing with it." Aiden said and this got attention of all my family.

"I am full" i replied

"Very well then come if you are done me and Lorenzo will talk to you about something" dad said .

"Ok" i replied

" mom can i get some pain medicine i think so i got hurt at airport"

Way to go klara.

Seriously you came up with this excuse for your ribs?

Shut up you stupid mind

I am you

Fck you

You-me what are you saying?

"Oh my god are you okay baby? Did you got hurt? Does it still hurt?"

My mom asked

"Mommmm i am fine" i whined which caused everyone to chuckle even Lorenzo.

"Okay,go talk with you father and brother i will take out the medicines"

Mom said .

Dad and Lorenzo were waiting for me. So i guess i have to follow them.

I got up and thanked maid for food and followed them.

Well here it goes.

Dad was sitting at a chair beside Lorenzo and lorenzo was sitting at the head table.

" so princess we would like to talk about something"

Oh my god they know right?

They know about my secret.

Suddenly my hand started to shake and i was feeling nervous.

Seeing my state dad said " we only want to talk about some rules"

Rules? Hmm thats okay i had to follow them at sir and mam's house so that wont be a problem.

" okay the rules are-

1. Always reply verbally

2. No back talks, cussing , sass

3. Always respect everyone and listen to them whatever they say because it's for your safety

4. Bedtime at 9 during weekdays and midnight on weekends

5. I mean never ever go to basement .

6. And absolutely NO BOYS

7. If you have to go out or somewhere you always have to inform one of your brothers"


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