My Lost Family/C4 Chapter Four
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My Lost Family/C4 Chapter Four
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C4 Chapter Four

Klara's pov


" umm okay i don't have any problems with these rules but i have one question why can't i go to basement? I asked

I dont sass until and unless i am provoked, i always respect elders, well boys ..

what can you expect from your SIX BROTHERS

And bedtime and all is okay..

They won't constantly check up on me Right?

"We do business there and we have clients so we don't like to be disturbed okay ?" Said Lorenzo.

To which i nodded but remembered rule no 1

So i. Said " okay"

" you can go take your medicine princess" dad said

I got up and left.

" momyyyyy" i yelled

" i am here honey ! Come take this"

She handed me the medicine which i quickly took .

" come on klara we are going shopping , i am gonna get you spoiled and i want to hear everything about you"

" aie-aie mommy" i mocked saluted her.

She just laughed.

"I am just gonna go tell your dad about us going shopping."

Mom came back with five guards?


" mom who are these people?" I asked

" oh nothing to worry , they are for our security."

I wanted to ask , why security? Why would we need security?

But i let it slip because i just got mom and i dont want her to be upset.

So i just simply nodded.

We both got into a black SUV and driver drove us to Mall.

As soon as we entered the mall everyone started staring.

Who wouldn't you have guards and black cars just like from some action movie.

But this is not a movie so shut up you mind

How can i shut up? These are your thoughts.

"Lets go klara, now tell me everything"

Mummy said excitedly, i can understand how much mom wants to know everything about me. If i was in her position i would have also tried to know my daughter, how she grew up? How did she got her first cut? How much she believes in love and everything.!

To be over-rated was less, Mom and i literally bought the whole mall (note the sarcasm) We literally bought so many pants, shirts, cute dresses, frocks, jumpers and even makeup .

And everything was from top brands i told mom what is the point of going to Gucci, Louis Vuitton , Prada,Chanel etc but mom just said i have to be treated like princess. I enjoyed my time with mom so much because i never got to feel this.

"So klara baby you hungry?" Mom asked while i dont know what now she was purchasing.

"Yes mommy please can we go" i said giving her my puppy dog eyes.

She just chuckled and we left.

We got into McD and a guard ordered our food , mom and i talked so much and enjoyed a lot , i told mom so much about my myself like i am very good at football, then i love to paint , i love hamsters, i have best friend sarah and all.

We ate and left for home.

After few minutes we got into castle.

I can never get tired of watching this view, i dont know why but i have always been the girl who is into fictional characters so when i was watching vampire diaries with Sarah i was in love with Klaus Mikaelson .

I know many people choose Damon but i am always up for the badboy types.

Then sarah and I watched Reign, the one with queen of scotland and king of france and all.

After watching Reign i was literally in love with Royalty.

What would my life could have been if I was grown up with my family instead of those monsters?

Would i have been able to buy nice cakes, pastries,donuts?

"Come on princess, you zoned out" my mom chuckled.

I quickly apologised and we entered house.

Mom told me that one of my brothers will give me house tour and told me that this is not our permanent house, apparently dad has 'business' worldwide so we have to go on moving , so mumma told me that we have mansions in almost each country.

I wonder what my dad's business is?

Only if she knew that dad's business will get her the best thing in her life.

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